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Using Jiffy pellets makes it easy to sow the tomato seeds. Plant 2 seeds in each pellet. This is done for 'insurance', just in case one doesn't grow. Place the Jiffy pellet in a clear plastic punnet (eg strawberry punnet) and place it in a warm spot where it stays warm all the time you can grow your own, it's eas

While you can purchase seedlings, it's just as easy to start your own tomatoes so that they are ready to plant when the ground is warm enough. The simplest starter method is to plant tomato seeds.. My basic method for starting tomato seeds in peat pellets. You can do the same with pepper seeds. Peat pellets are best used for growing single plants. It is.. 4paws: The jiffy pellets being discussed look like large checkers when purchased and expand greatly when warm water is added into a complete planting unit held together by a fine plastic netting. No planting mix has to be added but the plastic netting sometimes inhibits root penetration into the soil so some people remove the netting before. I show you how to use peat pellets for your indoor seed starts.I realize everyone isn't staring 75 or 100 tomatoes. There is a way to cut out a step or two a.. If you have planted seeds in peat pellets and they haven't sprouted, you might take a toothpick and dig around in the pellet and see if the seeds are still there, or if they've rotted. Assuming you planted normal vegetable, herb or annual flower seeds they should be up in a week to ten days

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Using Jiffy pellets for germination offers the grower many benefits. These pellets hold enough moisture to germinate the seeds while draining well so the seedlings do not drown. The netting around.. With Jiffy Peat Pellets you just place the seed directly into the hydrated pellet. There is no need to buy soil or use plastic garden planters - the pot and the soil are contained in the one handy disc. In this way, peat pellets are much cleaner, easier than planting in containers. There is no need to get your hands dirty at all When the pellets are watered, they expand to from 36 mm in size to a small peat pot that measure about 1 1/2″ tall. The peat pellets also have a small amount of lime which balances the pH level and some trace fertilizer to get help stimulate the growth of the seedlings. These handy pellets are the ideal medium for starting seeds indoors how and when to transplant seedlings growing in jiffy peat pelletsI will be showing you how and when I transplant my seedlings that are growing in jiffy peat.. Step 13: Expose the tray to direct sunlight. Make sure that the plants are strong enough. Step 14: Cut the netting at the bottom on the pellets when transplanting. You can also makes the holes so the roots will be able to grow out of it. Step 15: Plant the pellets deep enough to completely cover them. The lid and black tray are reusable, to sow more seeds you just need to refill Jiffy peat.

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I decided the time had come to transplant the tomato seedings from their peat pellets to larger containers. This is when the amount of space becomes challenging - as I move from little teeny peat pellets inside 4-cell seed trays to individual 4 containers Whether you prefer the traditional method of using pots and soil, or the convenient Jiffy-7® peat pellets - Jiffy has the solution! JiffyEasy - simple and effective starter products for growing just about any type of plant from seed - just like a professional nursery! JiffyPro - selected products for the ambitious hobby gardener Seed pellets, sometimes called peat pellets, provide an alternative to the standard seedling pot when you start your garden transplants indoors. Jiffy, a brand of seed pellets, uses peat and.. Folks we are now on INSTAGRAM...GET SNEAK PEAKS BEFORE THE VIDEOS COME OUT...FOLLOW US HERE: instagram.com/stoneyridgefarmer --~--I guarantee you will learn. I start my seeds in Jiffy 7's every year and use the plastic seed flats with a dome to cover them. Just get a permanent marker and number each row in the flat and give each jiffy a letter. 1a,1b,1c etc. Then make a list as to what variety is planted where. Once you transplant your Jiffy seedlings to a pot put the number on the tag (1a) and your.

Start your own Tomatoes with the Tomato Starter Greenhouse. This greenhouse will let you grow up to 36 tomato plants. This versatile kit comes with large 50 mm pellets. The large pellets make it Ideal for developing a larger root system before transplanting into your garden. Also can be used to start any plant indoors especially herbs and peppers Growing Tomatoes in Jiffy Pellets. Jiffy created another industry breakthrough with the Jiffy pellet. For example; if a tomato package reads start 6-8 weeks prior to planting out, this means you should count back 8 weeks from planting out. There are so many different ways to sow veg seeds - but tomatoes seem to really suit being grown in. You need to saturate the heck out of the pellets to get them to grow. They pop up about 2.5-3 inches and the soil is deep brown when ready. Dig a little hole with the eraser tip of a pencil (check seeds for the depth), and sprinkle 2-3 seeds. After less than a week, many of my seeds have already sprouted This versatile greenhouse comes with Jiffy's largest 50mm peat pellets which make it ideal for developing a larger root system before transplanting into your garden; also can be used to start other plants indoors, don't let the tomato tell you otherwise.. Peat pellets, also known as seed plugs, are really handy when you're starting seeds indoors. Whether you have a big or small garden this year, the Jiffy greenhouses are the perfect tool to start your garden. 2. Arrange your peat pellets in the Jiffy Plant Tray and pour water over each seed plug until they expand to their full size

Once the seeds are growing and big enough so that they need a different pot, the Jiffy Pellet can be inserted whole inside a larger plant pot. Just add soil to the bigger plant pot, place the Jiffy Pellet with its plant inside the pot, and add more soil around the plant. These Jiffy Pellets can also be planted outdoors in the garden Jiffy 36mm Windowsill Greenhouse (2 Pack) 4.5 out of 5 stars. 261. $11.99. Jiffy Seed Starting Tomato Greenhouse with 36 50mm Peat Pellets and Bonus SUPERthrive Sample Packet + Plant Markers (2 Pack) 4.7 out of 5 stars. 12. $29.99. Jiffy J6R16 Seed Starter Kit, Brown Jiffy Professional Greenhouse kits are designed for beginner and experienced gardeners alike. The self-contained system gives you a jump start on raising garden vegetables, herbs and flowers. The peat pellets that come with the kit take much of the guesswork out of planting, growing and transplanting your plants

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Biodegradable pots—such as Jiffy Pots, other peat pots, Cowpots and pots made from newspaper—offer an easy way to grow plants from seed and transplant seedlings into the garden. Because these pots break down naturally over time, the seedlings can be planted pot and all in the ground I recently planted several types of heirloom tomatoes in a size 72 jiffy pot seeding set up, using the peat discs as the medium. I followed the diections completely. I also planted some sweet italian peppers and Anaheim peppers,. The peppers look great, but only 2 out of about 50 tomato seeds made i..

I stricktly use jiffy pucks, they are the easiest way i have been able to clone. 100% success with them, in 7 days they root, 7 humidome, 23watt cfl, 22 watt heatmat. the heatmat and the tall dome are what helped me go from about 60% success to 100% success every time .you just plop them right into your medium of choice once they root and your off and running. dont know how long you can leave. PLANTING: Sow from early spring to midsummer, ¾ apart, ¼- ½ deep, in 2 wide band (about 16 pellets/ft.), or single rows 16-24 apart. For minimum soil compaction, use raised beds with 2 or 3 rows 16-24 apart, beds 5-6' on center. Sprinkle the soil surface to keep moist

Seed starting greenhouse: get up to 16 plants growing in the Jiffy 16 Pellet Tomato & Vegetable Greenhouse. Featuring our largest peat pellets, they are the perfect size for tomatoes and other plants with large, complex root systems. As a bonus, get your seedlings started off strong with a sample of SUPERthrive, a kelp-based vitamin for plants Lisa, The difference in the growth rates is all about the fertilizer. The peat pellets have fertilizer in them. The jiffy mix has none, so you must water with a liquid fert mix. I used some cocco coir pellets this spring, and had the same problem. I repotted them a week ago, but some are still not growing much Just search jiffy pellets or peat pellets. But one, if not the most common, complaint about them is the netting so yes, she was correct. The manufacturer claims that yes the root will readily grow through. In reality many of us have discovered that while some roots will, most will not

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Most of my posts have been questions about this same subject in the Tomato growing forum as this is my first year from seed. So here is what I have done so far . I went to Walmart(hate the place) and HD. For $6 at Walmart I picked up a 72 cell Jiffy Peet Pellet Greenhouse tray. Came with the bottom tray, 72 Peet Pellets, ad the clear plastic cover 100 Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets 42mm - Seeds Starting - Jiffy Peat Pellet Helps to Avoid Root Shock - 100 Jiffy Peat Pellets 42mm (1) 4.6 out of 5 stars 937 13 offers from $18.4 When I grow tomatoes in a solo cup I can water that thing real good and they survive their initial grow. P.s. last year I used stupid MG products this year I'm using jiffy pellets then into promix bx with sheep manure. I could of had a major note burn due to seedling dying but I just want to see what people do during the very very early days of. Since you are growing in individual peat pellets, in the future you can move the ones that have broken through the soil immediately under the lights, and leave the remaining ones under your cover until they break through. I use the Jiffy trays on herbs and tomatoes. I keep the top on (creating a mist - sorry, Honeybee) until I get the first.

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The roots will grow just fine if you leave it. That's all I have ever used until my current grow. I got some sponge pots for free with a seed order from Sannies and gave them a go. If you have used the jiffy pellets for other plants with no issues with the netting, you will not have any issues with growing Mary Jane in them!!!! Happy Growing Simply soak the pellets in water for 5 minutes then place the seed or cutting in the pellet and place in the propagator. When the roots have grown through the wall of the Jiffy pellet your plant is ready to be potted-on as you would if you had sown your seeds in soil. Our Jiffy 7 Coir Pellets are 35mm and peat free Water as needed. If more than one seed is growing in a pellet, simply pinch off the other plant so you only have one healthy plant per peat pellet. Make sure to only place the seeds that have sprouted in the sunlight. If you have some pellets that still show no signs of a growing plant, leave them covered in the tray until they sprout Get 25 plants growing inside of this greenhouse tray and, as a bonus, get your seedlings started off strong with the sample of SUPERthrive - a kelp-based vitamin for plants - that is included! Includes: Twenty five (25) Jiffy 42mm diameter biodegradable peat pellets (perfect for flowers and herbs) One (1) watertight plastic base tra

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  1. The jiffy pellets in my opinion stunt growth of new seedlings at least 3 weeks. If your growing maters put 2 inchs of medium in the bottom of a 20 oz plastic cup, that has 2 holes @ 3/8 of a inch each [easily drilled], once you get 2-3 true leaves, pinch every thing off but the top 2 leaves and put medium up to the top of the stem leaving only.
  2. growing tomatoes from seed. You can sow tomato seeds in a seed tray in the usual way and prick them out into individual small pots once they have two true leaves. However, I prefer to sow two tomato seeds into coir or Jiffy pellets, and put them on to my heated polytunnel benches (although keeping them moist somewhere warm will do)
  3. Used to start and grow a larger tomato seedling with a stronger root system Includes 36 jiffy-7 peat pellets, base tray and clear dome Made in the usa Product Details BCI Item #: 390506 Manufacturer #: J636ST-10/J636 Color: BROWN Size: 36 CELL UPC Code: 033349050894 OM UM: 1 EA Case Pack: 10 Additional Information Wid
  4. Jiffy - Green Thumb Included! Every day 10 million plants come to life in a Jiffy Product! Jiffy - Grow Your Own couldn't be easier! Urban Gardening - with Jiffy
  5. 100 Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets 42mm - Seeds Starting - Jiffy Peat Pellet Helps to Avoid Root Shock - 100 Jiffy Peat Pellets 42mm (1) 4.5 out of 5 stars. 745. $21.23. $21. . 23. Get it as soon as Wed, Apr 21. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  6. Jiffy peats are a bad idea to use.They seem like they would be good but they often rot easily and when you go to transplant your roots grow into the jiffy pot making you have to break roots and stress the plants and if you leave them in the pots and bury the pots it slows root growth and can root bind your plant causing very slow or little growth.Plant directly in soil or get some rockwool.
  7. Grow these transplants in a Jiffy 7 peat pellet or a biodegradable container. Both the container and the Jiffy 7 can be planted directly in the ground without disturbing the plant roots

Step 3. Fill a large, shallow pan with a few inches of water and set the Jiffy-Pots in the water. Add or subtract water from the pan until its level comes approximately halfway up the sides of the Jiffy-Pots. Let the pots sit in the water until the surface of the soil is moist. Advertisement There are special Refill-Packs for every Jiffy-Greenhouse. Most of the Refill-Packs are filled with Jiffy-7 peat/coco pellets or Jiffy-7 XXL peat pellets. They are available in different amounts from 12 to 36 pellets per package and fit in most of the Jiffy-Greenhouses

Jiffy - brilliantly versatile! This video shows you the different kinds of products the Jiffyrange offers. From the small peat pellets to the large Jiffy greenhouses. No matter what you need, Jiffy has the right product for you. Presented by the famous german TV gardener Elmar Mai. Just have a try 24mm Jiffy 7 growing pellet. The Jiffy 7 Pellet has been proven over many years by growers worldwide. It is made from sphagnum peat with lime & low-ammonia fertiliser admixes. The pellets have a pH of approx 5.3 and are wrapped in a thin, biodegradable net. The Jiffy 7s are supplied dry & expand up to their usable size once wetted up Maria Ciavarella is My Green Garden, a business that provides a local and experienced resource for talks, demonstrations and workshops for councils and community groups, and even personalised at your home on many aspects of sustainable household practices, especially in the area of growing food, preserving food and cooking with the bounty of the organic garden

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100 Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets 42mm - Seeds Starting - Jiffy Peat Pellet Helps to Avoid Root Shock - 100 Jiffy Peat Pellets 42mm (1) This is a nice way to do tomatoes so they grow roots higher up the plant before putting them outside. You get a better root system and a stronger plant. Watering is the key though. Keep the peat moist but not. An initial watering will split or dissolve the pellet, but if the soil is allowed to dry out before the germination period is over, the seed may receive insufficient moisture for optimal germination. PLANTING: Sow from early spring to midsummer, ¾ apart , ¼- ½ deep, in 2 wide band (about 16 pellets/ft.), or single rows 16-24 apart

What the hell? It's Happened with all the ones in jiffy pellets. The Rockwool looked fine. What am I doing wrong and what are these worms. I kept the clones thinking maybe they arnt terrible. I did have 5/5 success with tomatoes in the exact same conditions. What am I doing wrong with the clones Seed Dispensers Seed Starting Soil Test Kits & Analyzers Tomato Gardening Trays & Inserts Weed Killer Home >> Supplies >> Jiffy Products * Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets #53232. $8.25 -In Stock . Qty: BUY NOW * Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets - Extra Depth #53234. $9.25 -In Stock.

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This 16-pellet greenhouse contains larger pellets to start and grow larger tomato seedlings with a stronger root system. Each pellet contains weed-free professional-grade Canadian sphagnum peat. Add water and the Jiffy-7 Peat Pellet quickly swells to seven times its original size to become a self-contained pot with its own perfect. Our Jiffy 7 Coir Pellets are 35mm and peat free. Use the Jiffy Pellets in our award winning Vitopod Propagator to give seeds and cuttings the best start possible. Ask us a question. UK Delivery. The maximum Mainland UK Delivery charge is £4.95. 98% of our orders are delivered 2 workings days after the order is placed Jiffy cares for its environment and is ambitious to help its customers to grow their products in a sustainable or renewable way. Timing and roll-out After a testing period of 4-5 years to find the best material for the crops, the roots, Jiffy's production facilities and the environment, Jiffy started the process of replacing the 'old. 5.0 star rating 3 Reviews. 04172-00-00-848. $15.95. Jiffy Pellets are made of sterile peat growing medium, enclosed in a decomposable net. This net biodegrades in garden soil or compost, but it retains strength through the critical seedling and transplant stages

6 of them up the sides around the pellet should do. Then use the product as intended and pop the netted pellets in the next size pot (4) Once the little roots start growing out, it's time to up pot. Use a well draining soil mix (I make my own fortified with compost, alfalfa meal, rock phosphate, greensand and dolomitic lime) Planting Seeds: Starting tomatoes from seed couldn't be easier! I like to start my tomato seeds in Jiffy peat pellet trays or biodegradable non-woven nursery bags.This year I went with the Jiffy seed starting trays because although I am starting all the seeds at my house, they will eventually make their way to my neighbors greenhouse in late April for a few weeks before I divide up the.

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  1. Hi I started my tomato seeds in those peat pellets and have transplanted them into the jiffy pots with bought soil.The leaves from the bottom keep turning yellow and these r not the first leaves.To much water or not enough?Wondering if it has to do with them started in those pellets.I live in Stony Mtn. Manitoba Canada and never had this.
  2. SKU 62220284 - This green house makes growing tomato's a breeze. All you need to do is simply add the water, remove the dome, cute the first leaves off, then transplant them in a Jiffy transplant hit or a hole deep enough to cover pellets
  3. Tomatoes are the most popular choice of home grown produce and with many varieties available there is always something new to try for gardeners of all experience levels. How. You can start your tomato seeds early by sowing them indoors in Jiffy® Peat Pots or Pellets, or in seed raising trays, from as early as July
  4. Jiffy growing solutions help innovative and leading companies in global horticulture with sustainable plant growing solutions to feed and beautify the world. Jiffy Products include pots, pellets, coir products, substrates and plugs. We always have the best growing solution for your crop, process and business size
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Petite plugs tend to be easier to plant in growing equipment like ZipGrow Towers or media beds. Peat pellets, on the other hand, rarely come at less than 1.5 inches in diameter. This sizing can be a disadvantage to some growers, but some crops, like tomatoes or squash, do better in larger plugs Harris Seeds offers a product called Jiffy Super pellets. The super pellets are Jiffy 7's on steroids. While a standard Jiffy pellet is about 1.5″ high and wide, the super pellets expand to 4″ high and 2″ wide. They're huge! The benefit of this large size is that the roots have a lot more room to grow

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  1. I think I just knew the Jiffy name and was aware of their high quality pellets so I called. Fast forward, it's the flat top of the Preforma plugs that really make it work well for our hydroponic system. We multi-seed as we grow lettuce, so the round top of most pellets made it quite difficult to seed if you're using more than one seed
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  3. Used to start and grow a larger tomato seedling with a stronger root system Includes 36 jiffy-7 peat pellets, base tray and clear dome Made in the usa Product Details BCI Item #: 390506 Manufacturer #: J636ST-10/J636 Color: BROWN Size: 36 CELL UPC Code: 033349050894 OM UM: 1 EA Case Pack: 10 Additional Information Wid
  4. 41mm Jiffy 7 growing pellet. £0.11. View. Jiffy. 35mm Jiffy 7 growing pellet - Peat Free. Sold Out. View. Jiffy. 50mm Jiffy 7 growing pellet - Peat Free
  5. Using Jiffy Peat Pellet Greenhouses. Some gardeners prefer to start their seeds indoors using Jiffy peat pellet greenhouses because of their structural and design benefits, using peat to start your seeds has its perks and transplanting seedlings growing out of the expanded peat pellets is very convenient
  6. Grow the seedling/cutting to planting size and then plant the whole pellet into the soil or growing system; Plants will easily root through the Jiffy 7C netting and develop into soil or growing medium. Jiffy 7C in Africa. Jiffy—7C pellets have proved their mettle in Africa

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  1. How to Transplant Jiffy Peat Pods. Peat pellets or pods, such as those made by Jiffy, resemble hard pucks of soil that expand into a self-contained pot when you add water. The pods are made of.
  2. The best season for growing tomatoes on Guam is from the end of October to late June. This extends from the end of the rainy season through the dry season. The best planting date for The commercial pellets (such as Jiffy-7) are the most convenient way to start the seedling. Peat pellets, usually consisting of peat moss and small.
  3. Growing tomato from seed is a little more tricky than buying tomato plug plants or small plants from the garden centre but well worth the effort. The choice of tomato varieties from seed is amazing. Here's a link to a selection of Tomato Seed that includes the new Mountain Magic (cherry) blight-buster from T&M
  4. sample and plant markers *Seeds are not included.
  5. imising down time between crops. Cannabis plant in Jiffy 7C 40mmx45mm planted out into hydroponic system. Note the good root development through the pellet netting. Cannabis seedlings in Jiffy 7C 50mmx60mm.
  6. I've heard a lot of people online say that they have had decent success with growing tomatoes in hydroponics, so I wanted to test just how easy it was myself. This is the growth after 1 week, planted on 1st August 2019: I planted some seeds into Jiffy 36mm Peat Pellets. Unfortunately just after planting we discovered that our grow light was.

The perfect first feed for seedlings that are grown in sponges, jiffy pellet, perlite/vermiculite and soil too. For growing tall tomato varieties I would recommend a 10, 12 or 15 litre pot. Price on Amazon here. If you would like to know more about growing tomatoes using air pots, there is a lot of information on the Tomato Growing website.. Sixteen (16) Jiffy 50mm diameter biodegradable peat pellets (perfect for tomatoes and other plants with large complex root systems) One (1) watertight plastic base tray. One (1) clear plastic greenhouse humidity dome. Bonus SUPERthrive Plant Vitamin sample and plant markers *Seeds are not included My tomato seedlings are getting yellow. The seedlings are 3 weeks old and I am using jiffy pellets as the soil medium. These are the 2nd set of leaves and not the first set of sprouting leaves. I water at the bottom and I have a well for my water sources. My well water is about 7.5ph and my gh/kh suggest just slightly on the hard side Strawberries in Jiffy 7C pellets- Propagation from runners to establish root systems. Strawberry plants with good root development. Strawberry runners sent out from mother plant and pinned down onto Jiffy 7C pellet. Strawberry plants in Jiffy growbags (1mx18cmx16cm) Strawberries in Jiffy growbags on a stand system at good working height Add water three times the depth of the peat pellets to each container. Poke a small hole in the top of the peat pellet with the tip of a pencil or a chopstick. Drop one tomato seed into the hole. Repeat this until each peat pellet contains a seed. Label each container with a marker so that you know what type of tomato seeds you planted

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This kit contains 72 Jiffy-7 peat pellets, a base tray, a clear greenhouse dome and plant labels. An ideal choice for your greenhouse project. The pellets are 100% biodegradable and grow 7-times their compressed height, providing plenty of room for hardy root development. As a bonus you will receive a pouch of SUPERthrive, a plant vitamin for. Products used. Cucumbers have been grown in a number of Jiffy products by a wide range of growers. Commonly used products include the Jiffy 7C pellet for germination and propagation, the Growblock for growing out the plants to a suitable height before transplanting and the Growbag for growing the plants to production. The 7C pellets used most commonly are the 50mmx60mm, but the. Video thumbnail. View on Vehicle. $4.79. Jiffy Peat Pellets are easy to use, just add water. Compressed sphagnum peat moss. 36 peat pellet refills Jiffy® Tomato Greenhouse® Refill 42mm Pellets - 16pk Convenient, no-mess way to start seeds. Just add water, pellet expands to form pot and soil in one Suppose tomato is the crop to be grown. Table 3 indicates that tomatoes are a warm season crop, which means they cannot be planted until after the last frost. Assume May 15 is the last frost date for the garden. Because tomatoes take about 6 to 8 weeks from seeding to transplant, seeding indoors should take place between mid-March and April 1

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Media For Sowing Tomato Seeds - Tomato GrowingJiffy 36 pc Professional Greenhouse w/ Bonus SUPERthriveTomato Growing in Containers, Pots and Grow Bags30+ ORGANICALLY GROWN Dwarf Red Robin Tomato SeedsEco-Fungicide - Organic Fungicide – AusPots

From Peat Pellet to Pot. Transplanting seedlings is important because often when we start our seeds, we start them in peat pellets or small pots. As our seedlings grow, they outgrow their first home, and need a place to stretch their roots out. If we do not transplant, they can easily become root bound, which can cause your plant to die 42MM Organic Jiffy Pellets 50ct Sheets. starting at $17.50. Jiffy Extra Deep Pellet Sheets. starting at $54.95. Jiffy Extra Deep Pellets. starting at $14.50. Jiffy Greenhouse 25 ct Regular Pellet Kit. starting at $11.95. Jiffy Greenhouse 36 ct Super Size Pellet Kit Make 3-4 holes in the Jiffy Pellet and put one seed in each hole. Please check out our germination videos on our YouTube Channel The Hippy Seed Company. If you use pots or multi-cell seed trays lightly cover your seeds with a basic seed starting mix. Moisture: It is important to keep the seeds medium moist during the germination Delta 6 Blocks are great for growing large fruiting crops, such as tomatoes and cucumbers. Either size is perfect for use in ebb and flow, Dutch bucket and drip hydroponic systems. Jiffy-7C Coir Pellets: For superior aeration and water retention, grow plants in Jiffy 7-C Coir Pellets. Made from 100% coco substrate that is purified and. Jiffy-7 pellets are compressed blocks of sterilized peat wrapped in a fine netting. They offer a convenient and simple method of raising seedlings without having to buy a bag of compost. The pellets are supplied dry and very compressed, 38mm in diameter and about 10mm thick. When soaked in water they expand to their full usable size of 41 x 42mm The Jiffy Peat Pellet Refill (36-Pack) can be a great choice for refilling most Jiffy greenhouse grow trays (sold separately). The biodegradable net is designed to keep peat contained around the roots during transplanting to help avoid shock. Each peat pellet expands 7 times the compressed height, providing plants plenty of space to develop.