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Welcome to MILPER Message Index. This is an online representation of MILPER MESSAGE INDEX to provide the most recent and up-to-date information to the military community. Frequent posting renders the most recent publications obsolete quickly. This web presence will allow you to download and print or file the relevent and pertinent information. MILPER Message Number 19-346 . Proponent CISP-AB . This message is effective upon release and will expire NLT 31 May 2021. 2. The purpose of this message is to establish procedures for the submission of DA Photo in civilian attire. l. Current credit report. m. Current driving record milper message 20-209, elimination of department of army (da) photos, and race, ethnicity and gender identification data for officer, warrant officer, and enlisted department of the army centralized selection board

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Elimination of DA Photo and Race, Ethinicity, Gender Data From Selection Board 20200626.pdf [PDF - 130.2 KB] RELATED STORIES June 25, 2021 U.S. Army STAND-TO! | Army Policy on Transgender Military. E. MILPER Message 20-209, 8 Jul 20, subject: Elimination of Department of Army (DA) Photos, and Race, Ethnicity and Gender Identification Data for Officer, and Enlisted Department of the Army Centralized Selection Boards. 1. This message expires on 31 May 2022. 2. This program is open to highly motivated Regular Army and United States Arm Army removes photos from ALL promotion boards in effort to eliminate bias. June 25, 2020. June 26, 2020. milmedia. **UPDATE** 26 JUNE 2020 Effective 1 August 2020, the requirement for officer, warrant officer and enlisted selection boards to include the DA Photo as part of the board file is suspended. Data that identifies a Soldier's race. milper message 20-209, elimination of department of army (da) photos, and race, ethnicity and gender identification data for officer, warrant officer, and enlisted department of the army centralized selection boards, issued: [7/8/2020 11:38:56 am] The U.S. Army says its time to ditch photos in officer promotion board packages as a way guaranteeing a diverse racial aesthetic. The move, which will go into effect Aug. 1, was confirmed by Military.com on Thursday and comes shortly after the creation of the Defense Board on Diversity and Inclusion.. The strength of our Army comes.

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  1. Photo -- In accordance with Army Regulation 640-30/Photographs for Military Human Resources Records, a DA photo is current if it is within five years and will be seen by the board
  2. ed until the new board dates are finalized. 18. Has there been any guidance in regards to DA photo's for the FY 20 MSG Evaluation board
  3. Has there been any guidance in regards to DA photo's for the FY 20 MSG Evaluation board? Current ALARACT and MILPER Messages Stay updated with the latest ALARACT and MILPER messages. caregiver leave must be started within 1 year (or 18 months with respect to the MPLP retroactive period) of a qualifying birth event or adoption. 2
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The service began studying this issue about 18 months ago when it launched a study to better understand the role of the Department of the Army (DA) photo within its promotion system, said Col. Army photo by Sgt. Henry Villarama) Establishment of the Master Gunner Identification Badge is published in MILPER Message 19-44. Master Gunner Badge image is an original concept released by the Army. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect th F. AR 350-1 (Army Training and Leader Development), 19 Aug 14. 1. This MILPER message will expire no later than (NLT) 11 Apr 18. 2. Policy. a. Mandatory Department of the Army (DA) promotion selection boards will convene on or about 18 Jul 17, to consider Reserve of the Army, JAGC, Lieutenant Colonels (LTC) for promotion to COL. b C. AR 600-9 (The Army Body Composition Program), 28 June 2013. D. AR 600-8-104 (Army Military Human Resource Records Management), 7 April 2014. 1. This message expires on 20 April 2019. 2. This program is open to highly motivated Active Component and USAR/AGR Army Officers in the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel or Major. Current Battalion Commanders i

Army Promotion Board Milper Message. CODES (Just Now) MILPER Message 12-143 Clarification For Promotion Board . CODES (Just Now) milper message number 12-143. active army (aa) sgt/ssg board proceedings clarification issued: [10 may 12] a. ar 600-8-19, enlisted promotions and reductions, 30 apr 10, rar dated 27 dec 11 MILPER Message 12-143 Clarification For Promotion Board . CODES (Just Now) milper message number 12-143. active army (aa) sgt/ssg board proceedings clarification issued: [10 may 12] a. ar 600-8-19, enlisted promotions and reductions, 30 apr 10, rar dated 27 dec 11 Army Regulation 640-30 states that Officer and NCO's photos are valid for five (5) years. Three (3) years for General Officers. Policy allows soldiers to update their photo when they are awarded an Army Commendation Medal or higher, or there has been a significant change to the soldier's appearance as outlined in AR 640-30.New unit patches, service stripes or awards lower than an ARCOM are.

publish an MILPER Message listing those Soldiers selected to advance to Phase Two. Offer Letter . The Offer Letter is produced upon qualification of phase two. The applicant's file receives final verification to ensure all requirements have been completed. The Offer Letter will be sent to the applicant's Company level Commander through email MILPER Message 12-143 Clarification For Promotion Board COUPON (1 months ago) MILPER Message Number 12-143 ACTIVE ARMY (AA) SGT/SSG BOARD PROCEEDINGS CLARIFICATION Issued: [10 May 12] A. AR 600-8-19, ENLISTED PROMOTIONS AND REDUCTIONS, 30 APR 10, RAR DATED 27 DEC 11 B. HQDA MEMORANDUM (DAPE-MPE-PD), REVISED PROMOTION POINT COMPUTATIONS - SEMI-CENTRALIZE

selection panels. this message expires 7 september 2016 unless earlier rescinded. 2. changes noted in this milper: a. establishes hqda ocs selection panel dates (para 4). b. deletes requirement for tattoo memo and photos. c. provides instructions for conduct of structured interview (para 6). d. requires da photo or photo in army combat uniform. MILPER Message 12-089 announced the inclusion of the Qualitative Service Program into the FY12 Sergeant Major Training and Selection Board. The MILPER also expands the Qualitative Management Program applicability to all SFCs and above with a minimum of 19 years active federal service. Deployed officers can request a waiver for the DA photo. service uniform must update their da photo no later than 12 months from release of da pam 670‐1. 16. all other changes contained in ar 670‐1 and da pam 670‐1 and not otherwise addressed in this message must be adhered to upon release of these publications. 17 The DA Photo is an officer's handshake with the board. Although a DA Photo is valid for five years, a new DA Photo is required if you are promoted or have any changes the photo would reflect. You should make necessary alterations to ensure your uniform fits properly, and remember only wear authorized individual awards and decorations

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Follow-up to yesterday's discussion of Milper 20-331, Milper 20-339 has been posted, and represents a wholesale shift from eligibility at 18 months to eligibility at 36 months. Close. 8. Posted by. 35Nero. 7 months ago. Archived. Dunno, DA Photos have been dead for a bit now. 15. Share MILPER Message Number 20-307 Proponent AHRC-ORD-A Title FY21 US Army Federal Officer Candidate School Program Announcement...Issued:[9/24/2020 1:52:13 PM]... A. ASA, M&RA Directive Memorandum, 2 September 2009, subject: Requirement for Federal Officer Candidate School (OCS) Candidates to Possess a Baccalaureate Degree to Attend Federal OCS. B. DA, G1 Memo, DAPE-MPO-AP, Office of Deputy Chief. The U.S. Army on Tuesday rolled out a long-awaited update to its uniform wear guidelines, including the World War II-style Army Green Service Uniform and a new name for the combat patch. The.

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continue to take their DA photo in the Army green service uniform until the mandatory possession date of 4th quarter FY14. During this transition period, official DA photos can be in either the Army green service uniform or the ASU. The wear out date for the Army green service uniform with accessories is the 4th quarter of FY14 As per MILPER message 17-062, eligibility for the FY17 board DOR for Primary zone is DA Photo. Armor Branch looked at the photos for those considered and made an assessment of photo quality based on the photo date, uniform appearance and proper wear IAW AR 670-1. The DA Photo is a consistent issue and observation fro

Welcome to the Official Facebook Page for the U.S. Army DA Secretariat for Selection Boards. milper message 21-044, supplement to fiscal year 21 (fy21) noncommissioned officer (nco) evaluation boards (monthly promotion selection policy), issued: [2/4/2021 1:15:24 pm]. milper message 20-228, amendment to fy21 regular army (ra)/united states army reserve (usar) active guard reserve (agr. milper message 21-049, official release date of the academic year (ay) 21-22 army competitive category senior service college slate, issued: [2/9/2021 10:56:49 am]. This message announces the release date of subject SSC slating panel results

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The best point of contact for additional information regarding the MILPER message and the Enlisted Aide Program is the Enlisted Aide Professional Development NCO at 502-613-5181, or DSN 312-983. DA Photos missing or inaccurate (Translation: Stop taking your photos in the greens, have the correct rank on your uniform and make sure it fits) Pre-eminency of Senior Rater Bullet Comments on the NCOER (Make sure your senior rater addresses performance and potential in their bullets milper message 21-261, army career intermission program (cip), issued: [7/20/2021 10:29:48 am]. This message applies to RA / USAR AGR Soldiers, and provides authority to allow Officers and Enlisted Soldiers to transition from the RA / USAR AGR to the IRR for a length of time not to exceed three years during this transition period, official da photos can be in either the army green service uniform or the asu. 18. the wear out date for the army green service uniform with accessories is the 4th quarter of fy 2014. 19. all new insignias worn on the asu will be designed and developed by the institute of heraldry. 20 O n May 8, 2019, the U.S. Army finalized the Master Gunner Identification Badge (MGIB) authorizing another individual skill to be worn on uniforms with new apparatuses and identifiers (Office of the Chief of Infantry, 2019). Described as a heraldic item (an item that symbolizes heritage and achievement), Army Regulation 670-1: Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia discusses the.

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this milper message is effective upon release and expires nlt 1 sep 16. 2. this message provides procedural guidance for the initial mos 170a cyber branch voluntary transfer. army competitive category (acc) warrant officers da photo and may submit an orb with their most recent photo. g. warrant officers may only request 170a On 9 January 2015, the U. S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) released MILPER Message 15-009 on the Fiscal Year 2015 Active Component Chief Warrant Officer Three, Four, and Five Promotion Board. This board returns to the standard of 12-month zones of consideration. In 27 January 2015, HRC released MILPER Messages 15-025 and 15-026 on the. Interested officers should review Army Military Personnel (MILPER) Message 19-190 and Chapter 10, Army Regulation 27-1, to determine eligibility. This program is open to commissioned officers who can begin law school with at least two but not more than six years of total active federal service Application Information. The Training with Industry (TWI) Program is a work-experience program that provides extensive exposure to managerial techniques and industrial procedures within corporate America to competitively selected officers, warrant officers, and non-commissioned officers g. alaract message 003/2013, subject: transferability of education benefits (teb) / qualitative service program (qsp). 1. this milper message will expire nlt 31 oct 15. 2. policy. a. this announcement contains instructions regarding consideration of sfc for possible headquarters department of the army (hqda) involuntar

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U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys (Camp Humphreys) 13 de julio de 2020 · MILPER MESSAGE 20-209, ELIMINATION OF DEPARTMENT OF ARMY (DA) PHOTOS, AND RACE, ETHNICITY AND GENDER IDENTIFICATION DATA FOR OFFICER, WARRANT OFFICER, AND ENLISTED DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY CENTRALIZED SELECTION BOARD You may view your board file online from 2020-08-22 through 2020-10-13. G. AR 640-30 (Official Army Photographs), 6 December 2019. milper message 20-228, amendment to fy21 regular army (ra)/united states army reserve (usar) active guard reserve (agr) sergeant first class evaluation board announcement message, issued: [7/20/2020 3:42:55 pm] Know the OER CUTOFF date posted in the MILPER message. Ensure your latest OER is received at HRC ERROR FREE on or before the OER cutoff date. DA Photo. Current within 5 years. If you are concerned about your selection, we recommend you have a photo taken within a year of your board to account for significant changes (awards, badges, etc. 10-15-20 4 Tour Lengths Location Accompanied Tour Unaccompanied Tour Effective Date Souda Bay NA 12 04-18-97 Effective 07-27-2018, as an approved exception to assignment tour-length policy, a maximum o

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f. ALARACT 319/2011 ARMY SUICIDE PREVENTION MONTH (SEPTEMBER 2011), 232100Z AUG 11. This message provides guidance concerning Army Suicide Prevention Month, and disseminates the Army proclamation for the 2011 observance of the Army Suicide Prevention Month signed by the SECARMY, CSA, and SMA MILPER MESSAGE 21-044, SUPPLEMENT TO FISCAL YEAR 21 (FY21) NONCOMMISSIONED OFFICER (NCO) EVALUATION BOARDS (MONTHLY PROMOTION SELECTION POLICY), ISSUED: [2/4/2021 1:15:24 PM]. This MILPER message applies to enlisted semi-centralized and centralized promotions for all Regular Army and U.S. Army Reserve (Active Guard Reserve) Soldiers The move is one of several changes to awards criteria announced in a July 22 servicewide message. The changes are effective immediately and retroactive to Sept. 18, 2001. The wording of the change.

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Official MILPER message came out just a couple hours going announcing that the board results for Captain will be released on 8 August at 0730 . Army OCS Class 012-10's cover photo . 03/02/2012 . The day has come, Congrats!!! 02/14/2012 . coming up on our 18 month commissioning mark, 1LTs here we come Now is the time for qualified Soldiers to apply for the Army's Broadening Opportunity Program, said Joel Strout, the program manager.Deadlines are coming up quickly for programs starting next year. The first deadline is next month. It often takes people

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milper message 20-431, fy21 regular army (ra) master sergeant (msg) evaluation board announcement message, issued: 12/18/2020 7:42:56 am. Subject evaluation board is scheduled to convene on or about 20 April 21, to evaluate the records of Regular Army (RA) and United States Army Reserve, Active Guard Reserve (USAR AGR) First Sergeant (1SG) and. MILPER Message 18-006 has been released for the FY18 Regular Army (RA)/United States Army Reserve (USAR) Active Guard Reserve (AGR) SFC Promotion Board. Certifying your MyBoardFile does not lock the file for updates or changes COUPON (3 days ago) The Army is scheduled to convene at the Sergeant First Class (SFC) Evaluation Board on or about 20 October 2020 to evaluate SFC Regular Army and United States Army Reserve, Active Guard Reserve NCOs. 50% off (4 days ago) Fy21 Sfc Promotion Board Schedule - couponsbuy.net. b. milper message 13-026, dtd 1 february 2013. (7 days ago) 85% OFF army warrant officer promotion board results . 85% off (8 days ago) Warrant Officer Promotion Board Milper - Best Coupon Codes. COUPON (5 days ago) MILPER Message Number 20-237 Proponent RCRO-SP Title . CODES (2 days ago) D. AR 601-100 (Appointment of Commissioned and Warrant Officers in the Regular Army), 21 November 2006 1

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January 2021... - U.S. Army HRC Field Grade Logistics FREE From facebook.com More Offers ›› January 2021 Promotion Orders are out! Everything from COL through Chief Warrant Officer 2, but this is the HRC FG Log page so photos for attention are of an Eagle and Oak Leaves Army Ranks 1939-1945 The Army Promotion Board in less Page 2/18. Read Book Staff Officer DA Publications & Forms; HRC Tools; MILPER Messages (CAC users) MEDICAL CORPS UPDATES. FST Small Packages (AKO users) NEWSLETTERS. Sept 2016 (AKO News Photos Videos Multi-Domain Operations Publications & Resources Coronavirus Page 11/18

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a. MILPER Message 15-192, dated 1July2015, subject: FY15 Regular Army (RA)/Army Reserve Active Guard/Reserve (AR-AGR) SGM Training and Selection Board Announcement Message. b. DAPE-MPO-S Memorandum, dated 4 February 2008, subject: Personnel Suitability Screening Policy. c. Army Regulation 600-8-19, Enlisted Promotions and Reductions, date 6. the army encourages soldiers and leaders to begin wearing the service dress tropical uniform immediately in hot weather climates. 7. this message has been authorized by the army g-1. 8. hqda poc for uniform wear policy is sgm katrina easley, katrina.easley@conus.army.mil, dsn 664-0620, (703) 604-0620. 9. expiration date cannot be determined CAC Login. IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you experience trouble logging in, and you cannot submit a ticket through the milSuite help page, please let us know in the milSuite Support Channel on Army365. (If you are unable to access A365, you can send us an email at milsuite@mail.mil .

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milper message 21-101, release of the fiscal year (fy) 2021 colonel (col), army promotion list (apl), army reserve national guard of the united states (arngus), army reserve active guard reserve (ar agr) and army reserve non-active guard reserve (ar non-agr), competitive categories (cc), promotion selection boards (psb), issued: [4/2/2021 10:36. Photos by US Army. This entry was posted on Monday, April 27th, 2020 at 16:00 and is filed under Guest Post, Profession of Arms. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Both comments and pings are currently closed. 22 Responses to Redesigned Arctic Tab Now Authorized for Wear in US Army Pacific. Army Bans Term Battle Buddy. Replaces with Warrior Companion in New ALARACT Message. Our sources in HQDA sent us a copy of ALARACT 126/2016 titled PROFESSIONALIZATION OF CONDUCT - REPLACEMENT OF TERM BATTLE BUDDY WITH MORE APPROPRIATE TERM WARRIOR COMPANION, which calls for the term Battle Buddy to be dropped and replaced with Warrior Companion, as the term Battle. Esper and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said in an April 13 memo that mandatory training cannot be available only in online formats and that web-based instruction is not a substitute for. Army Secretary Mark Esper speaks at a town hall forum during his visit to U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria, the Army's largest overseas garrison, at Tower Barracks, Grafenwoehr, Germany, on Jan. 30. ARMY REGULATIONS. There are 496 records. JOINT TECHNICAL COORDINATING GROUP FOR MUNITIONS EFFECTIVENESS (JTCG/ME) PUBLICATIONS {AFJI 10-411; NAVMATINST 5600.23; MCO 5600.43B} STATUS OF FORCES POLICIES, PROCEDURES, AND INFORMATION {SECNAVINST 5820.4G