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The highest and lowest recorded temperatures in Texas are more than 140 degrees apart. The record high, 120 degrees, was recorded in June 1936 in the town of Seymour (pop. 2,908) and in August 1994 in Monahans (pop. 6,821) The Texas heat is not joke. The first place in Texas to ever reach 120° happened in the town of Seymour, Texas in August 1936. Seymour, Texas is about 165 miles West of Dallas and not far from the Oklahoma border. Assuming their instruments were correct in 1936, Seymour is currently tied for the location with the highest temperature These extreme temperatures spanned over several Texas regions, but Midland - Odessa experienced the highest temperature of 116 degrees. Residents of Midland-Odessa truly learned the value of an energy-efficient air conditioner during the summer of 1994. June 28, 1980 - 117 degree

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  1. 1.76 in. † Most in 24 hours - Alvin, July 25-26, 1979. 43.00 in. Most in 18 hours - Thrall, Sept. 9, 1921. 36.40 in. † This is an unofficial estimate of rainfall that occurred during Tropical Storm Claudette. The greatest 24-hour rainfall ever recorded in Texas at an official observing site occurred at Albany, Shackelford County, on Aug.
  2. Record Highest Temperatures by State The most sweltering days ever recorded There's a lot of talk about the record-setting temperatures of the past couple years, and how they relate to climate change
  3. istration, the hottest maximum temperature ever recorded in..

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Holiday Climatological Data. Thunderstorm and Hail Data/Normals. Freeze/Frost/Growing Season Data/Normals (1930-2020) Top Ten Warmest Days. Top Ten Highest Daily Average Temperature. 105° Days — Top 10 Years. 105° Consecutive Days — Top 10. 100° Days — Top 10 Years. 100° Consecutive Days — Top 10 Texas Record High and Low Temperatures Map. Record High/Low Temp. Maps for Neighboring States and Provinces New record cold high temperature for Feb. 15 (old record: 31° in 1909) Average daily temperature of 9.0° was the coldest since Dec. 22, 1989 (8.5°) Wind chill dropped to -16°. Tuesday: High of 18°, low of -2°. New record low temperature for Feb. 16 (old record: 12° in 1903) New record cold high temperature for Feb. 16 (old record: 32. Extreme heat in the West could break 200 records and produce temps up to 127 degrees About 200 million people are projected to experience temperatures over 90 degrees over the next seven days, and.

Hottest temperature ever recorded: 120 F, Seymour, northwestern Texas, 8/12/1936; Coldest temperature ever recorded: -23 F, Seminole, western Texas, 2/8/1933; Hottest location ranked by highest average annual temperature: Edinburg, southern Texas, 74.8 F; Coldest location ranked by lowest average annual temperature: Stratford, Texas Panhandle, 55.0 In fact, the highest temperature recorded in California, 134 degrees, is also the current hottest air temperature on record on Earth and was measured in Death Valley, California, on July 10, 1913. According to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the highest temperature ever recorded was 56.7 °C (134.1 °F) on 10 July 1913 in Furnace Creek (Greenland Ranch), California, United States, but the validity of this record is challenged as possible problems with the reading have since been discovered. Christopher C. Burt, a weather historian writing for Weather Underground, believes. The following table lists the highest and lowest temperatures recorded in the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and the 5 inhabited U.S. territories during the past two centuries, in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. If two dates have the same temperature record (e.g. record low of 40 °F in 1911 in Aibonito and 1966 in San Sebastian in Puerto Rico), only the most recent date is shown HOUSTON'S ALL-TIME HIGH RECORD OF 107 DEGREES OCCURRED ON AUGUST 23 1980 COLLEGE STATION REPORTED 43 DAYS IN WHICH THE HIGH TEMPERATURE REACHED OR EXCEEDED 100 DEGREES 9. ARCTIC OUTBREAKS OF DECEMBER 1983 AND 198

Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded in Texas is -23 Degrees; The coldest temperature ever officially recorded in the state of Texas is -23 degrees, which occurred on February 8, 1933, in Seminole. The city of Seminole is the county seat for Gaines County in west Texas, and the city is located around 400 miles northwest of San Antonio That temperature has, however, been beat elsewhere in the world. On Sept. 13, 1922, an astoundingly high temperature of 136 F (58 C) was recorded in El Azizia, Libya (also spelled Al 'Aziziyah) Most extreme temperatures in the history of every state. On Aug. 16, 2020, California's Death Valley reached 130 degrees Fahrenheit, according to an automated measuring system there, representing one of the highest temperatures ever recorded on the planet. The world record, also recorded at Death Valley, was 134 degrees in July 1913 The official highest recorded temperature is now 56.7°C (134°F), which was measured on 10 July 1913 at Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, California, USA. As a result of an investigation in 2012, the WMO concluded that the El Azizia record measurement could be inaccurate by as much as 7°C due to a combination of factors including the asphalt. Days per year with temperatures 90 or higher: 134. Highest temperature on record from 1951-2018: 112. Normal mid-summer high: 97.1. Normal year-round high: 81.6. The nation's hottest city was.

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  1. Here are the weather records for Abilene, Texas. News Sports Business Opinion Go Friday Night Obituaries E-Edition Legals. Subscribe. Abilene Weather Records. Highest Recorded Temperature.
  2. ole. Average Temperature: Monthly average temperatures range from a high of 98.5.
  3. Temps soar in West as rain hits East Coast 05:01. Temperatures in some Central Texas cities set all-time record highs Monday as summer settled deep in the heart of the state
  4. *The heaviest 24-hour rainfall in U.S. history and 12th highest in the world - total verified by NOAA at unofficial reporting station Greatest annual average: 58.31, Orange, Orange County Least annual average: 8.81, El Paso, El Paso Count
  5. What are the highest dew points, worldwide and for the U.S.? The world's highest reported dew point is 95 degrees, recorded on July 8, 2003, at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, located on the Persian Gulf.

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Almost five months later on July 6, the town of Steele, N.D. recorded a new all-time state record high temperature of 121 degrees. This is a temperature range of 181 degrees in North Dakota from. Four years after Phoenix hit 122, Lake Havasu City reached 128 degrees on June 29, 1994, the highest temperature ever recorded in Arizona. It's also one of the hottest temps ever when comparing.

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