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Berries Unlimited is the world's largest seller of blueberry plants and bushes. Shop for Premier Blueberries (rabbiteye): Zone 7-9 early season 1 gal. Size Additional Information About Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry Vaccinium Ashei 'Premier' is a moderate growing shrub and fruit bearing plant that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 7A through 9A. It matures to an average height of 6 feet to 10 feet and an average width of 6 feet to 8 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors Woodard is a large, light blue rabbiteye blueberry that ripens early. The bush is moderately vigorous and the fruits are very high-quality. Woodard is a must variety in any planting. Tifblue is the most universally outstanding rabbiteye blueberry grown to date Rabbiteye blueberries are a non-climacteric fruit and will be allowed to ripen on the bush. The fruit of most varieties will ripen over a 4 to six-week period. a traditional season can extend from late May to late July. Don't pick the berries until they're fully ripe; otherwise, the fruit is going to be bitter Premier 550 Austin, Alapaha Late May-Early June Medium to large fruit, young limbs too limber for heavy fruiting Climax 450 Austin, Premier Late May-Early June Concentrated ripening season, small-medium Rabbiteye blueberry plants do not produce root hairs necessary for the uptake of water and nutrients. Instead, rabbiteye plants ar

Premier - Rabbiteye Blueberry. Beautiful upright plants. Premier's fruit has excellent flavor, light blue color, and a dry scar. Highly productive. One of the best for fresh eating and freezing. Fruit ripens late May to early June. Chill Hours. 550c.u. Cold Hardy Blueberry shrubs are becoming one of the most popular choices for east-to-grow edible fruit for the home gardener. The Premier Blueberry bush will reach a mature size of 6 ft. x 6 ft. In spring small white and pink bell-shaped blooms will appear, then fruit will develop in late spring to mid-summer

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Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry will grow to be about 10 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 10 feet. It tends to be a little leggy, with a typical clearance of 1 foot from the ground, and is suitable for planting under power lines Pruning Rabbiteye Blueberries Annual pruning increases fruit size and quality. Pruning blueberry bushes each year will keep plants shorter, healthier and more productive. Remove all flower buds and cut stems back by 50% the first year plants are set out Naturally grown Premier rabbiteye blueberry happily growing in the understory of the forest Krewer™ - Rabbiteye Blueberry Watch out Titan - here comes Krewer Blueberry! A companion plant to the Titan, Krewer has very large, sweet blueberries. If you're looking for bragging rights get the Krewer and Titan. Krewer is a great choice for homeowners and U-Picks Rabbiteye blueberries (Vaccinium ashei Reade) are the primary blueberry species produced in Alabama. Many cultivars of rabbiteye blueberry have been recently developed with diverse vegetative and cropping characteristics, but scientific data on their performance in Alabama is limited

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Now:$19.99. Premier (rabbiteye): Zone 7-9 early season 1 gal. Size. Huge. Premier was released in Georgia in 1978. Early season. Vigorous, productive plant with large fruit and good color. DELICIOUS!Excellent for machine harvest, also excellent for freshly picked berries Premier's fruit has excellent flavor, light blue color, and a dry scar. Highly productive. Fruit ripens late May to early June. These rabbiteye berries are perfect for eating fresh, or freezing. The fruit has a good firmness, flavor and shelf life. The plant has an upright form and grows 5-6 feet tall and 4-5 feet wid Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry. Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry. Please Register/Login to see the price. Vigorous and productive. Berries are medium size and medium dark blue in color. Grows well in hot, humid areas. Choose Size: Clear: Product Enquiry. SKU: TPN222-6-BR Category:. Find Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry (Vaccinium ashei 'Premier') in Shreveport Bossier Texarkana Longview Beaumont Louisiana LA at Ellis Home & Garden (Rabbit Eye Blueberry The Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry will grow best in an area that is full sun or partial shade. They require soil that is well drained but moist especially throughout the growing season. Acidic, organically rich soil is best for fruit production. Adding peat moss or elemental sulfur can amend the soil. In areas where acidity is harder to achieve.

The Premier blueberry plant produces a large berry that ripens early in the season, Premier is one of the of the rabbiteye selection, also a cold hardy variety. In spring small white and pink bell-shaped blooms will appear, then the most juicy and sweetest berries will arrive. This is a true favorite 'Premier' and 'Tifblue' should give you 6- to 8-weeks of fruit ripening (from mid-June through mid-August) and are widely available. 'Titan' is a newer form for early season, worth hunting down as it is reported to have a very large berry, as is another early ripener called 'Vernon' Answer #1 · Maple Tree's Answer · Hi Phyllis-Premier is a rabbiteye blueberry. Rabbiteyes do require cross-pollination from another rabbiteye cultivar. Any of the Rabbiteye blueberries will act as pollinators for other Rabbiteye blueberries although different cultivars have different blooming and harvesting seasons

Buy Premier Blueberry Bush. at discount price online, Pixies Gardens. We provide high quality Premier Blueberry Bush. in Georgia. PREMIER BLUEBERRIES BUSH The Premier Blueberry is among the best Rabbiteyes for the Eastern United States and is very cold hardy and resistant to early frost damage. One of the best for fresh eating and freezing, The Premier berry harvest is the biggest of any dark. Rabbiteye Blueberry Varieties. Be sure to plant more than one variety for cross-pollination to ensure good fruit setting. This is important for Rabbiteye's! See this UGa article for information about growing rabbiteye blueberries Also, this artiicle by Texas A and M has more Rabbiteye Blueberry Growing information These rabbiteye berries are perfect for eating fresh, or freezing. The fruit has a good firmness, flavor and shelf life. The plant has an upright form and grows 5-6 feet tall and 4-5 feet wide. It should be planted in full sun with sandy to loamy soil. Alapaha needs a pollinator such as Austin or Premier. Alapaha blueberries require 450-550.

The rabbiteye blueberry, This rabbit eye is a mid to late season producer of medium size light blue fruit. Montgomery. Being an early to mid season producer, montgomery is a moderately vigorous grower that is semi-upright in growth producing a midsize fruit that is light blue in color. Premier. Early-mid season, premier produces large. Rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinium virgatum or V. ashei) is a deciduous shrub native to the southeastern United States. The name rabbiteye comes from the pink color of the fruit prior to ripening into a lush blue, a color that resembles the eye color of an albino rabbit. Traditional varieties like Premier, Climax, Brightwell, Tifblue, Delite. Base Price: $9.95. Brightwell Rabbiteye Blueberry Plant- Vaccinium ashei'Brightwell' 6-8' Zone 6b Chill hours 350. We raise and sell these in sizes: Starter plugs, Bundles of 3, Bungles of 10, 1-Gal, Full Gal, 3-Gal, and 5-Ga at various time of the year. Full sun to partial shade Premier Blueberry (Vaccinium sp.) is a Rabbiteye type cultivar.Pollinating group C and D. Large mid- season fruit is very good quality and stores well. Productive bush grows 6 to 10 feet tall and is a beautiful ornamental. Zones 7b-9a

Brightwell: Rabbiteye Blueberry Variety. Brightwell blueberries. An early-season variety for Mississippi. Chilling requirement: 350 hours to 400 hours. Ripening period: Ripens early June to early July in Southern Mississippi. Plant yield, vigor and growth habits: Plants are productive, vigorous, and upright. Berry quality: Berries are medium to. Rabbiteye Blueberry Bushes. Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items. Up to 16% off. Brightwell Blueberry. Premier Blueberry Bush. Starting at $19.95 42. Growing Zones: 7-9 Up to 12% off. Climax Blueberry. Starting at $24.95 36. Growing Zones: 7-9 Up to 16% off. Powderblue Blueberry. Starting at $24.95 16. The Premier harvest is the biggest of any dark blueberry, so you'll have plenty of berries for fresh eating, desserts, recipes, jams, and even freezing for later. This type of Blueberry is a Rabbiteye and it needs another Rabbiteye to grow. We recommend planting a Powderblue Blueberry to ensure to best growth Premier Blueberry is a rabbiteye shrub that fruits mid season. Premier produces a firm berry with a long shelf life. Your blueberry will be covered in petite bell shaped blooms in spring. Blueberry shrubs have great red fall color. Fresh, frozen or baked these blueberries are a delicious treat Learn the guidelines for site selection, soil preparation, and planting of rabbiteye blueberries, along with watering, fertilizing, pruning, harvesting, and storage. Included is a table of the most popular varieties, according to fruiting season, plus recommendations for necessary cross-pollination of this beautiful and bountiful plant

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About Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry. Vaccinium Ashei 'Premier' is a moderate growing shrub and fruit bearing plant that can be grown in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 7A through 9A. It matures to an average height of 6 feet to 10 feet and an average width of 6 feet to 8 feet, depending on climate and other environmental factors Rabbiteye blueberry is a non-climacteric fruit which needs to ripen on the bush. Wait until the berries are fully ripe before you pick them or the fruit will be bitter. Types for sale in our garden center change regularly. Typical varietues we stock: 'Alapaha', 'Austin, 'Brightwell', 'Centurion', 'Ochloknee', 'Premier. The native origins of rabbiteye blueberry cultivars means they are well adapted to both the soil and the climate of Louisiana. Brightwell, Climax, Premier and Woodard. Mid-season cultivars are. Vaccinium ashei or the rabbiteye type is the most common blueberry found on Alabama farms and home plantings. There are several different rabbiteye blueberry cultivars that can be found at nurseries, and I would suggest planting different cultivars. Planting several cultivars can extend the picking season as well as aid in cross-pollination The Premier Blueberry is a Rabbiteye blueberry variety that can grow up to 10 ft tall, and be used for jams, smoothies, cakes, or just eaten fresh. Our blueberries are pruned throughout the year to encourage branching and increase the blueberry yield. Blueberries fruit on older branches, and start the process at the beginning of spring

Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry is a vigorous upright spreading deciduous shrub with high production of large very sweet light blue blueberries that ripen early. The elliptical bright green foliage turns scarlet red in fall. The white flower clusters bloom in spring The Premier Blueberry bush is a variety of Rabbit-eye blueberry which will grow to be 6-8 feet. These bushes will have white and pink blooms in early spring. Blueberry bushes grow best in soil that is acidic, and rich with organic matter. Fruit will ripen mid-spring to early summer. The Premier variety was released jointly by the USDA and North. Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry ( Vaccinium ) - Live Plant - Trade Gallon Pot Newlifenurserydotnet 4.5 out of 5 stars (4,984) Sale Price $28.79 $ 28.79 $ 31.99 Original Price $31.99 (10% off) FREE shipping Add to Favorites Blueberry - 'Summer Sunset' - Vaccinium (Rabbiteye).

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Rabbiteye - 6 feet in the row and 10 to 12 feet between rows. Depth: Plant to the same depth that the plants were growing in the nursery or the container. Lightly firm the soil around the plant with your feet and water thoroughly. Cut Back: Remove all shoot tips that have flower buds (plump rounded buds) Robeson Rabbitye Organic Blueberry Plant. Named in 1996 by NCSU, Robeson is a very robust and productive rabbiteye blueberry cultivar. Blueberries of Robeson are medium sized (like most rabbiteye cultivars), very sweet, and come ripe in mid to late June in the southern states. Yields for a mature bush will range between 10-12# of berries Native to the Southeastern US, Vaccinium ashei (Rabbiteye Blueberry) is a bushy deciduous shrub of rather open, spreading habit, with multiple seasons of interest. In mid-spring, attractive clusters of small, urn-shaped, white flowers appear on the naked stems. They are followed by abundant, juicy and edible, powdery blue berries in early-mid summer. A mature shrub can produce 8-20 pounds of. Titan will need cross-pollinating with another Rabbiteye variety. For maximum fruit production we recommend planting at least three different varieties. Titan™ is well suited for growing and produces well in USDA hardiness zones 6a through 9a. Estimated chill hours are 500 to 550. Planting instructions for blueberry plants

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The Premier blueberry plant produces a large berry that ripens early, which makes it ideal for commercial markets that provide fresh blueberries early in the season, while wholesale prices are high. The Premier Blueberry plant is among the best rabbiteye selection for the Eastern United States and is especially recommended for planting in the. Premier is Rabbiteye blueberry variety released from North Carolina. This variety is an early season rabbiteye variety, that produces fruit of excellent color, size and flavor. The bushes are vigorous and productive, and have been suited to mechanical harvesting

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  1. Exobasidium leaf spot symptoms on the lower canopy of 'Premier' rabbiteye blueberry in Alma, Georgia. As the cultivation of blueberries has expanded and intensified in Georgia, several new, economically important disease problems have emerged, a recent example of which is Exobasidium leaf and fruit spot (Figure 1)
  2. g from February to early March, the Climax Blueberry bush will be covered in tiny white and pink flowers
  3. Rabbiteye blueberries also need a companion for pollination. Again, be sure to pick cultivars that bloom at a similar time. 'Alapaha,' 'Climax,' 'Premier,' 'Prince,' 'Savory,' and 'Vernon' are all early bloomers
  4. Climax Rabbiteye Blueberry Plant. Powder Blue Rabbiteye Blueberry Plant. Powder Blue Rabbiteye Blueberry Zones: 6-9 Sold in 1 gallon pots if picking up. When we ship blueberry plants, w
  5. Fully grown blueberry bushes are very productive, producing up to 24 pounds of fruit per bush, though you may want to plant a couple of extra bushes so you have enough fruit to share with the birds. Choosing the Right Site. To grow rabbiteye blueberry bushes successfully choose a sunny location with acidic, well-drained soil
  6. Pink is a midseason variety of the rabbiteye cultivars, and will begin ripening between late May to mid June in central TX and southern MS, AL, north FL and GA. This cultivar has a mature size of 5′ to 6′ tall and 3′- 5′ wide, with yields ranging between 6-8# of medium to large sized, pink-colored berries. USDA hardiness zones 6a-9b
  7. Ty ty blueberry nursery offers bearing size rabbiteye blueberry bushes that often bear delicious, ripe berries the first year of planting. When planting blueberry bush rows for an edible blueberry hedge row, plant each blueberry bush only 2' feet apart. Enjoy a big surprise now on dhgate.com to buy all kinds of discount blueberries plants 2021

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  1. Cultivation. Vernon is recommended where rabbiteye blueberries are grown successfully as an early ripening cultivar to replace Climax and/or Premier. Vernon's estimated chill hour requirement is 450 hours or less below 45 degrees F. Vernon has shown to be suitable for mechanical harvesting. Care should be used in fertilizing Vernon, as over.
  2. In my opinion Premier is the best Rabbiteye. Climax ripens about the same time, but is a smaller berry and not as good. Centurion is also excellent. It is late and has a unique taste. Tiffblue is good midseason berry. Its several weeks behind Premier. It is a old variety and the standard by which Rabbiteye's are judged
  3. Alapaha is recommended for areas where rabbiteye blueberries are grown successfully as an early ripening variety to replace Climax. Alapaha has shown some self-pollination, but it should be planted with other rabbiteye blueberries with a similar time of bloom for cross pollination. Recommended companion variety is Vernon
  4. Favorite rabbiteye plants include Climax, Brightwell, Premier, Tifblue, and Powderblue. Premier and Tifblue are common choices for rabbiteyes. They are both highly productive. Premier Rabbiteye has excellent flavor and it stores very well. Tifblue is the latest ripening of the rabbiteye varieties. Tifblue is considered among best rabbiteyes
  5. Vaccinium ashei 'Premier' Premier is a North Carolina State University release. It is widely adapted across the Southeast (all of Alabama) southward to north Florida. Chill Hour requirements, 45 degrees Faharenheit and below, are 600 to 650 hours. The harvest season is from June 8 to July 9, at Petals

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Rabbiteye Blueberries Varieties. Brightwell: Partially self-fertile. Austin and Premier are pollinators. Requires 400 chill hours. Harvest is in early June-early July. Austin: A productive variety, it produces medium-large berries that are less firm than others. Climax and Premier are pollinators Rabbiteye varieties include: Climax - Upright, open plants. Berries are large, medium blue in color, have a small scar and good flavor. Early season ripening, late May in South Mississippi. Concentrated ripening, excellent for fresh market or machine harvest. Requires 450 to 500 chill hours

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  1. Premier Blueberry is low maintenance so it won't require a lot of effort from you in order to reap its amazing benefits. It's highly productive, but for optimal harvest, you'll want to plant more than one variety. This early to mid-season ripening Blueberry variety is a must-have for any Blueberry-lover
  2. Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry. Best In Zones 7 - 9 Description: Very large, light blue, high quality fruit is picked during the early rabbiteye season which is late May in northern Florida. The bush will grow to be 6-10 feet tall. Bright green foliage during the summer makes Premier a wonderful ornamental hedge
  3. Ethylene production of 'Austin', 'Brightwell', and 'Premier' rabbiteye blueberry after a postharvest treatment of 1 μL·L −1 1-MCP during a 4-d post-storage shelf evaluation at room temperature (≈21 °C) averaged over all removal effects (P < 0.05). 1-MCP = 1-methylcyclopropene

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  1. Visit our blog for more info on Rabbiteye Blueberries: http://wisenurseries.blogspot.com/2011/10/plant-profiles-blueberries.htmlBecome a Facebook fan! https:..
  2. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Vaccinium, Rabbiteye Blueberry (Vaccinium virgatum) 'Premier' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garde..
  3. Early season shrub with berries of medium size and medium dark blue in color. Upright growing plant. Grows well in hot, humid areas. Choose Size. Choose an option 1 Gallon-Bare Root-10Qty. Clear. Product Enquiry
  4. 'Nocturne' is a dark-fruited, hexaploid blueberry selection with significant (50%) rabbiteye (Vaccinium ashei Reade, syn. Vaccinium virgatum Aiton) ancestry for use as a specialty market plant for homeowner, landscape, and ornamental use.'Nocturne' is notable for its ornamental qualities and unique flavor
  5. Blueberry Varieties That Require Cross-Pollination. Blueberry bushes (Vaccinium spp.) fit into many landscape and garden designs because of their small leaves and dense forms, with growth habits.
  6. The split-susceptible 'Tifblue' had a 1.6 g/50 fruit increase with a 1.7% water uptake and a ratio of 1.08. 'Premier' had a higher weight increase with 3.3 g/50 fruit and also a higher.

  1. Some of the more common and time-tested rabbiteye varieties recommended for most of Texas include 'Brightwell,' 'Alapaha,' 'Austin,' 'Premier,' 'Vernon,' 'Powderblue' and 'Tifblue.' For best production and to maximize fruit set, you should plant two different blueberry varieties
  2. We offer Premier blueberry plants that are shipped bare-root. We recommend selecting at least two blueberry varieties for good cross-pollination that are suitable for your geographic location. These plants are 4″ - 10″ in size. Premier is a rabbit eye variety. * For orders of over 100 plants, call our office: (270) 432-5836 or email us.
  3. Xyllela (blueberry scorch) has been found in various states. In Rabbiteye's it leads to chronic symptoms, but in Southern Highbush scorch symptoms are readily apparent. There may be different strains of this disease and more work is being done. Blueberry Necrotic Ring Blotch is a non-systemic viral disease that is only in leaves
  4. One of the best for fresh eating and freezing, The Premier berry harvest is the biggest of any dark blueberry, providing plenty of berries for fresh eating, desserts, recipes, jams, and freezing. This type needs another Rabbiteye to grow The plant will grow best in an area that is full sun or partial shade
  5. Exobasidium shoot spots caused by E. maculosum on 'Premier' rabbiteye blueberry. New infections on young, tender shoots first appear slightly chlorotic with or without a small brown to black lesion in the center (A). As shoot spots progress, they become velvety-white due to the production of basidiospores (B)

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Rabbiteye. With firmer berries and thicker skin, the Rabbiteye variety is a hardy plant which can tolerate a multitude of climate conditions unlike the Northern and Southern Highbush.The Rabbiteye is a low chill, late season variety that requires 450-600 chill hours. The name 'Rabbiteye' comes from the resemblance of the ripening pink berries to a rabbit's eyes. Fruit size varies among blueberry types and is strongly influenced by environmental conditions. Highbush cultivars have the largest fruit (1.5 to 2.5 grams), while rabbiteye fruit average 1.2 to 1.5 grams per fruit. Rabbiteye fruit generally have a tougher skin and are seedier than highbush. The fresh fruit quality o Austin Blueberry. Late winter/early spring. June. 500 hrs. Medium-large. Climax, Premier. Productive. The best blueberry for Texas is the rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinium ashei). It is grown commercially in East Texas, the humid woodlands being typical of native rabbiteye blueberry habitat 'Vernon' has been primarily compared with the current, early rabbiteye industry standards 'Climax' (non patented), and 'Premier' (non patented). In Georgia, 'Climax' yields have been highly unreliable, it is subject to spring freeze damage due to early blooming, and 'Premier' yields have been only moderate

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They need another blueberry buddy nearby to make fruit. Cultivars include standard-blooming Tifblue; early-blooming Climax and Woodward; mid-season blooming Briteblue and Southland; and late-blooming Delite. Southern Highbush is a cross between Highbush and Rabbiteye. They grow 6 to 8 feet tall, and while. rabbiteye standard cultivars 'Alapaha', 'Vernon', 'Premier', and 'Brightwell' from 2008-2010 in field test plots at Griffin, GA. Rating scales are based on a 1 to 10 score, with 1 being the leas Blueberry bushes cost less at Ty Ty. We carry a wide variety of cultivars and sizes with lower prices to help every one save. You can grow blueberries the first season with bearing size plants, call the pros toll free at 888-758-2252 The chemical composition, colour and texture of fresh berries from three rabbiteye ('Climax', 'Premier' and 'Tifblue') and two highbush ('Bluecrop' and 'Jersey') blueberry cultivars were measured Vaccinium virgatum (syn V. ashei) is commonly known as rabbiteye blueberry and native to the Southeastern United States. Cultivars are typically grown from North Carolina south to Florida and west to Texas for commercial blueberry production

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The Rabbiteye (Vaccinium virgatum), however, is native to the southeast and easiest to grow. It is the one that does best in home gardens in the Piedmont. Rabbiteye berries will ripen from mid-June to mid-august and there are many cultivated varieties. Fruit on a 'Powder Blue' Rabbiteye blueberry bush. Photo by Bill Cline, NCSU Fruit Blueberry 'Premier' (E/M, Rabbiteye Type) Fruit Blueberry 'Southland' (M/L, Rabbiteye Type) Fruit Blueberry 'Tifblue' (M, Rabbiteye Type) Rabbit Ridge Nursery | 125 West Lisa Street, P.O. Box 913 | Coats, NC 27521 fred@RabbitRidgeNursery.com | (910) 897-2639. Vaccinium Ashei Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry. 77569B. Product Photos. Hover on image to Zoom. Touch on image to Zoom. of Images & Videos. Share by Email. 77569B. Vaccinium Ashei Premier Rabbiteye Blueberry. 77569B. Pick-Up, Delivery, or Shipping. Select at Cart. Conveniently pick-up your items from your branch BRIGHTWELL Rabbiteye Blueberry Shrub Live Fruit Plant for Planting - One of The Most Reliable Blueberries.Good for Baking and Fresh Eating. Growing Zones: 7-9 outdoors 7-9 outdoors Mature Height: 6-8 ft. Sunlight: Full Sun Mature Width: 6-8 ft. Botanical Name: Vaccinium ashei 'Premier' Growth Rate: Fast Harvest Time: May-Jun Vaccinium spp. Cultivated blueberry production in the South consists predominantly of the northern highbush blueberry and the rabbiteye blueberry, a native southern blueberry. Much more information can be found in The Georgia Fruit & Vegetable Book by Walter Reeves and Felder Rushing See also Home Garden Blueberries and UGA Blueberry Blog Which blueberry type or..

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Premier 1.9 90.52 5.6 33 Tifblue 3.4 108.8 20 31 Premier Splitting Severity 60 123 Splitting Severity 45 Acres Growers 50 40 30 20 10 0 20 15 10 5 0 Acres Growers FIGURE 2. Severity rating of 'Premier' rabbiteye blueberry 574_44 incidence of splitting in 'premier' and 'tifblue' rabbiteye blueberries 574_45 LINGONBERRY ESTABLISHMENT ON SOILS AMENDED WITH FISH WASTE AND WOOD CHIPS 574_46 USE OF WINDBREAKS IN LOWBUSH BLUEBERRY (VACCINIUM ANGUSTIFOLIUM AIT. Progress 01/01/85 to 12/30/85 Outputs Made 154 blueberry crosses; 4 for stem canker resistance inheritance, 10 to broaden germplasm base in highbush, 17 pentaploid and pentaploid BC1's, 35 rabbiteye including 2 true F2's, 7 rabbiteye-constablaei, 19 for an interspecific crossability study in tetraploids, 58 diploid crosses for unreduced gamete.

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We find that the rabbiteye blueberry cultivar 'Premier' attracted a pollinator community distinct from other cultivars. We expect that this difference is the result of the abnormal flower morphology of 'Premier' rather than among-cultivar differences in nectar volume, concentration, or volatile profiles (Rodriguez-Saona et al. 2011) Phrases that include rabbiteye: beckyblue rabbiteye blueberry, premier rabbiteye blueberry, Words similar to rabbiteye: rabbit-eye blueberry, rabbiteye blueberry, vaccinium ashei, more... Search for rabbiteye on Google or Wikipedia. Search completed in 0.022 seconds

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