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  3. g pool kit coping is the mainly used on polymer wall pools. Bullnose coping allows the homeowner to pour concrete all the way up to the edge of your swim
  4. g Pool Coping allows you to attach your vinyl liner to your pool for a secure fit. There are three types of coping that are used, Cantilever, Bullnose and Progressive
  5. Bullnose wall cap and pool coping is a great option for serpentine garden walls or rounded poolsides. The units' tighter width and tapered shape makes curves appear soft and very clean. Its rounded edge also has safety benefits, bringing a smoother texture to your pool's edge. Techo-Bloc's Bullnose Cap give poolsides, seat walls, and steps a.

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  2. Hello. We just purchsed a home with an inground pool. We were told the pool was likely installed in the late 80's/early 90's. We had a pool inspector come out before we purchased. The coping is bullnose and intended for concrete, but half of the pool has a wood deck instead of concrete
  3. g Pool Coping. Coping on a vinyl liner pool has also come a long way. Alu
  4. Bullnose Coping. Bullnose coping is a perfect addition to any hardscape project and is most commonly used as the finished edge around pools. However, bullnose coping can also be used as a highlight to an entryway, steps or any other application requiring a finished edge
  5. g pool kit. Your options for for using some type of paver or poured.
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  7. Pool Coping & Bullnose. Bullnose Pavers and Remodel Coping are ideal for overlaying plain or ugly concrete steps and pool decks. Bullnose Paver: 9″ x 3 3/8″. 2 3/8 (h) Remodeling Coping: 9 1/8 x 3 1/8″. 5 7/16 (h

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Silver Travertine 4X12 Honed Unfilled One Short Side Bullnose Pool Coping. 1 Review (s) $14.94 /Sft As low as: $12.69 /Sft. Add to Cart This video shows how to use the Z Poolform system in order to pour beautiful decorative concrete pool coping. This revolutionary system uses PVC forms and ru..

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  1. um Bullnose Coping. (1) Kit for 18 ft x 36 ft pool size. $899.99. Alu
  2. Deck integrated coping, also called bullnose coping, is a very popular coping style for vinyl pools where the pool deck (concrete) is poured right into the coping itself. This helps to hold the coping securely in place as well as allowing you some versatility in setting the finished deck elevation for your pool
  3. Bullnose coping is a perfect addition to any hardscape project and is most commonly used as the finished edge around pools. However, bullnose coping can also be used as a highlight to an entryway, steps or any other application requiring a finished edge

Bullnose coping allows you to install a vinyl liner in your inground pool. This particular type of coping is used if you are pouring a concrete deck around the edge of your pool. This allows you to pour the concrete right up to the edge of the pool for a nice smooth finish Pool Coping Explained. In architecture, coping is the capping or covering of the top of a wall, to prevent water damage and make it look more attractive. In the same way, pool coping is the decorative edge around an inground pool, covering the underground wall of the pool Bullnose coping has a slightly sloped top surface that returns water to the pool and a curved front that can sit flush against the pool wall. This is a gentle overhang for most pools, making it both attractive to look at and easy to use when getting in or out of the pool

Check Out Help.Website to Find Bullnose Pool Coping Pavers in Your Area! Browse and Explore Bullnose Pool Coping Pavers at Help.Website Shop our Inground Bullnose Aluminum Coping 2-1/2 in our Misc (Uncategorized or Used By Parent) department at Royal Swimming Pools. Check out the deal on Inground Bullnose Aluminum Coping 2-1/2 at Royal Swimming Pools. My Cart: 0 item(s) Your Shopping Cart Is Empty Besides that we have Atlantic Blue, Pearl Beige marble pool coping a rounded or straight edge bullnose on one long side. Marble and travertine pool coping can be altered to fit any size and shape of swimming pool. Natural Stone US offers top quality of natural stone pool coping in 4x12, 12x12, 12x24 and 16x24 in 1.25 and also 2 thick Bullnose coping is the perfect choice for the new construction of pool decks or for use on steps to provide an elegant, finished appearance. Made my pool deck look way much better when it was first put in. Great product I will tell my friends about. perfect for pool decks. made mine look beautiful. amazing product guys

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The smooth, curved bullnose coping is also comfortable for those who like to sit on the edge of a ground swimming pool, dangling their feet in the water. 3. Dark. Dark-colored pool coping material can add a dramatic look to your inground pool and deck The coping clip is sold by single pieces and required at every joint to cover the gap between the coping pieces. (Coping sold separatly). The CR is designed with a longer lip on the straight pieces, allowing the builder to place TEK screws farther from the liner track to avoid scarring the bullnose with the drill chuck

6 RADIUS COPING CORNERS WHITE BULLNOSE (HYD-801-1196) Product # : HYD-801-1196. Mfg : HYDRA POOLS DIV OF PI INC. Mfg # : HC1564. Department : POOL-INGROUND. Product Line : IG Coping. UOM ( Default ) : BOX. Obsolete : This product is not obsolete Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Coping. Coping on a vinyl liner pool has also come a long way. Aluminum bull nose coping was the industry norm for a number of years, and included the coping as well as the liner track. Current choices can include using more materials as the coping including one of the Pool Guy's favorites, tumbled bluestone Allowing for easy liner installation and the perfect finishing touch, Cardinal supplies the most decorative and functional choices of standard coping profiles. Large regular, large and small radii, reverse radius, 6, Grecian, and large diagonal corners can match almost any design. Additionally, Cardinal is able to fabricate its aluminum coping to meet almost any need, from free form pools. Clark Concrete Forms offers a full line of Stegmeier concrete building materials that are used in the installation of sidewalks, foam pool coping, swimming pool coping, deck drains etc. Visit us to know more

* Click Here To View Our Coping Photos For More Detail! * Call today for a quote! (734) 425-8119 or (734) 425-3500, or email: michpoolpr@aol.com Aluminum Swimming Pool Coping Profiles For Beaded Liners CP-2P Aluminum Inground Swimming Pool Coping Approximate CP-2P Dimensions: Width 2.0″ X Height 2.385″ Finish is electrostatically painted and baked White [ Brick and Stone Swimming Pool Coping Stone Swimming Pool Coping Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Coping. Coping on a vinyl liner pool has also come a long way. Aluminum bull nose coping was the industry norm for a number of years, and included the coping as well as the liner track. Current choices can include using more materials as the coping. Edges of masonry pool are sharp and hard. Thus, pool coping material is a necessary element in pool landscaping. It is used to cover the edges of the pool. Bullnose pool coping and eased edge pool coping offered by Stone Universe Inc - the pool coping suppliers prove to be the best for your outdoor swimming pool The pool coping is the horizontal capstone that sits at the top edge of the pool. Sometimes also called the top rail (which denotes its location), it is designed attractively with an outward slant to direct the splash-outs away from your pool into the deck drains. The coping can be made from Bullnose Coping. The smooth surface of the bullnose paver offers many opportunities that are only limited by your imagination. Whether you are looking for something to surround your pool or searching for a unique step application, Belgard's bullnose paver is the answer. It complements many Belgard pavers including Dublin and Bergerac

While inground pool coping pavers can be more expensive than concrete, they are durable and easier to replace. Pavers pool coping come in a wide variety of styles, from rounded edges to square edges. The most common is the bull-nose coping, which has a rounded edge Bullnose Coping is the most popular style of coping used in vinyl liner pools. It allows you to pour concrete all the way up to the edge of your swimming pool, giving you a great finish. Made from the finest extruded aluminum, our Bullnose coping comes in a non-slip, textured, white, electro-static paint May 5, 2015. 4. Central Virginia. May 11, 2015. #1. Recently purchased a home with an inground pool. Vinyl liner was replaced less than a year ago, but the aluminum coping appears to be the original (pool built approx. in the early 80's). Would like to have a mason install a first course of renovation pavers around the perimeter of pool so we. The pool coping effectively separates the pool structure from the pool decking or pool surround. This gives further opportunity to create a unique design for both pool and pool surround. Overall, there are many paving options available for both swimming pool copings as well as pool surrounds, including matching deck level grilles Pool coping is a significant finishing method for any type of pool. Coping is the border placed atop a pool, sealing off the pool structure or shell from along its edges. It can also help to protect the external surfaces of the pool from potential water damage that may arise. Pool coping pavers can work as much as for beautification as for.

Prime Pool Market is the swimming pool supply superstore offering wholesale prices with free shipping. We offer pool cleaners, heat pumps, chlorine generators, pool filters and much more You are here:Home > Liners - Pool Coping Inground > Inground Pool Coping - Bullnose: Arizona, California, Kentucky, Nebraska, Nevada, Texas, Washington and. This short video shows what typical pool coping looks like and how it is installed and replaced. You can see on this pool here there's an older style pool co..

Brick coping comes in a bull nose finish, which is when the coping edges are rounded off to provide a smooth finish with the pool and the pool deck. Stone Pool Coping Stone pool coping involves the use of natural stone, such as limestone, granite, or fieldstone, and because of this, stone pool coping is available in different colors and textures POOL COPING TILES - Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane HUGE SALE on Travertine Pool Coping Tiles, Bluestone Pool Coping, Granite Pool Coping, Sandstone Pool Coping in a variety of styles Bullnose, Rebated Drop Face and Tumbled Edge Pool Coping - all at Stone Pavers across Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart Can Pool Coping be returned? Yes, Pool Coping can be returned and have a 90-Day return period. What are some of the most reviewed products in Pool Coping? Some of the most reviewed products in Pool Coping are the Pavestone 2 in. x 12 in. x 8 in. Buff Concrete Wall Cap (120 Pieces / 118.5 Linear ft. / Pallet) with 73 reviews and the Pavestone. STEP 2: Inspect the copper bonding cables for the pool equipment, the junction box and the plastic steps.. STEP 3: Sponge off the pool surround and the underside of the pool coping to ensure proper adhesion.. STEP 4: Use an adhesive to install the pool coping.See adhesive options below. Adhesives options : - Mortar : Buildable, inflexible and strong but it can cause efflorescenc

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The coping functions to cover the rounded edges of walls. Because of this function, aluminum bullnose is placed on the junction between the floor of the swimming pool and the bottom of the pool walls. This leads to a distinctive curve in the swimming pool wall which serves aesthetic and practical functions Pool Coping and Wall Caps. Don't underestimate the small things. Techo-Bloc caps are the finishing touch to any landscape project. Offered in a large array of color-coordinated finishes and shapes, caps and coping add the grand finale to complete stairs, walls, fire pits, pool. edges and more Cover-Pools bullnose vinyl liner coping is a one-piece track channel, vinyl liner retainer, and coping form. Bullnose coping has a rounded, bullnose shape, includes a splice cover to maintain alignment and hide splices, and contains a low track channel profile that requires only one shim. Get price. Inground Swimming Pool Liner Coping and Track Choosing the pool coping style depends entirely on your personal taste and the appearance that you want for your outdoor area. You can choose from square edged (cantilevered), bullnose, , and rolled-edge. The square edge is a straight finish while bullnose is a flat surface with a rounded edge

The best-rated product in Travertine Pool Coping is the 24 in. x 24 in. Silver Travertine Gray Pool Coping (10-Pieces/26.7 sq. ft./Pallet). What are the shipping options for Travertine Pool Coping? Some Travertine Pool Coping can be shipped to you at home, while others can be picked up in store What is Pool Coping? The mounted cap, visible at the edge of swimming pools are pool coping. The mounted edge not only enhances the styling, but also it prevents the water from entering the pool shell. Pool copings must be installed properly to prevent the slippery caused by spilled water. Pool coping creates no skid surface around poolside. Visit a jobsite to learn the wrong way to install paver coping on a fiberglass pool. We'll also discuss correct installation methods Brick Paver Showroom is a Hardscape Company specializing in Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks, Stairs & Steps, Retaining Walls, Stone, Brick Veneer and..

Installation technique on vinyl liner pool coping edge with liner track using Kerabond thin set mortar with Keralastic adde Ebony Granite 400x400x30mm Bullnose. Medium format granite bullnose pool coping. Priced per piece. Retail price : $15.00 AUD Mint Dusty 500x500x30mm Single Bullnose. Large format square bullnose Sawn Bluestone 600x300x30mm Bullnose. Medium format bullnose Pool coping comes in many of finishes and profiles such as poured concrete brick flagstone pre-cast concrete travertine or tile in square edged and bullnose coping. Buff Concrete Wall Cap. Charcoal Versawall With Bullnose Cap Concrete Retaining Walls Backyard Retaining Walls Concrete Fence Wal

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Universal Coping. The Metric Rectangle and Emerald utilize this patented coping to add to the structural integrity of the pool while providing a variety of finishing options for aboveground, semi-inground and fully inground pools. Each option includes internal double tracks to accommodate the liner and Metric Custom Winter Cover I'm doing bullnose coping around new build pool and 6x9in pavers for the rest of the patio. Can't find out best way to install coping/pavers. Should I do a 4in thick mortar base around the pool right behind the wall for the 9in coping to sit on? Or is the crush and sand enough to go right up..

Swimming Pool Coping. The Coping and Liner Track on a vinyl liner pool is something that a homeowner may want to renovate while doing a vinyl liner replacement. Standard Pool Coping for Vinyl Liner Pools comes in many different styles. Here are a few of the commonly used choices. Note: The coping and track are commonly referred to as the. Hello: I have an in-ground 20x40' oval. I am looking for coping clips. It was an older FOXX liner that has since been replaced in 2018. The existing coping needs to painted and caulked and many of the coping clips are missing. I have attached some pics of the pool and clips. Pleas let me know if you have the clips. Thank you MIk

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Pool coping is the material around the edge of a built-in swimming pool, often made of brick or man-made materials. Some people find it rather unattractive, and therefore wish to get rid of it in order to replace it with a new version. This can be a complicated process, depending upon the type of material used and the age A Answered on 11/4/2020 by Industry Professional. A 30 ft. pool would use a 15ft radius coping. That is item # CP2PR1500 and is 91 long. A full perimeter 30ft pool would require 13 pieces. You will also need coping clips item # CLIP2P 30 ea. and a box of screws item TEKS 1 ea Aqua Sports Inground Pool Liners Read more. Aqua Sports Inground Pool Liners. Categories: Inground Pool Liners, POOL LINER REPLACEMENT. Aluminum Bullnose Coping sets. Categories: Inground Pool Liners, POOL LINER REPLACEMENT $ 799.99. Aluminum Deck Mount Coping $ 2,699.99 Add to cart

Barollo Black Coping Concrete Bullnose Coping Round Edge Coping. City of Toronto 02/07/2021. Available Ultra Black Barollo Round Edge Coping for Swimming Pool Application at AFFORDABLE PRICES - (647) 523-7864 (Moe) Concrete coping selection in Barollo Bullnose Coping stones available The swimming pool coping joins the horizontal deck with the vertical pool walls. Any paint applied to coping adds cosmetic appeal to the swimming pool and also serves to protect the coping material

Dec 19, 2017 - Explore Steve Augustine's board Coping on Pinterest. See more ideas about pool remodel, backyard pool, pool coping Bullnose Pavers & Pool Coping. If you are lucky enough to have a backyard swimming pool, you need to surround it securely with pool coping. Slatecrete loves using bullnose concrete pool coping to edge your pool - the concrete makes for a beautiful finish next to the shimmering water, while the rounded bullnose profile makes for a softer transition Modern Pool Coping designed with a rolling bullnose and simple, elegant profile, provides a refined finish element to pools. It is available in straights and corners, and in all of Stepstone's standard colors Belgard Bullnose Coping. 4x9 with 2-3⁄8 (60mm) Thickness. SEAMLESS • VERSATILE • ACCENT. Bullnose coping features a smooth surface and can be used as a finishing accent for an array of outdoor living features, including pools, steps, seat walls, outdoor kitchen counters, foot ledges and more. Sold by the piece and are available in only.

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Bullnose Coping; Bullnose coping refers to the rounded edge style of coping. There are different types of bullnose coping. You can get a full bullnose, which will have a full 180-degree curve at the edge of the water. A half bullnose on the other hand leaves the bottom edge blend in with the wall of the pool with the top edge having a more. Bullnose pavers are paving stones with a round edges. They work great in patio and other masonry projects that need visual accents or a soft edge for safety and comfort. One of the most popular uses for bullnose products is pool coping, the masonry edges that border pools. Bullnose pavers are also popular for seat walls, stair treads, and pillars.. Because of their non-symmetrical shape. Pool coping is the capstone for the beam, or the top of the pool wall, and is used to finish the pools edge and bring it up flush with the pool deck. Pre-cast concrete coping with a bull-nose front edge has been the standard for many years. Modern designs are making use of bull-nose brick coping in many colors and textures Pool & Spa Experts for over 30 years. With 8 retail stores and online shopping, Discounter's is your one-stop-shop for Hot Tubs, Pools, Supplies, and more! Coping Bullnose Aluminum Double Track 6 Inch Radius Corner, Grey - BULLNOSE6C-G. Coping Bullnose Aluminum Double Track, Straight, 10 ft Length, Grey - BULLNOSE-G.

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Here are some of the most popular coping looks: Cantilever pool coping that appears to hang over the surface of the water; Modern pool coping that's simple and elegant or has a square edge; Round edge pool coping, also called bullnose, that's smooth for people climbing in and out; Exposed aggregate pool coping that's textured and provides extra. Pool coping and track for new or repair of vinyl liner swimming pools. Coping for Vinyl Liners. Custom Welding and Bending are also available. We offer Custom Liners too! Click Here . We will be closed from 6-16-21 thru 6-21-21 . CP-2. Approximate dimensions: Width 2.00 & Height 2.38 Remodle your Pool with new Porcilin, Glass, Ceramic Tile or Tumbled Bluestone Coping, Natral Stone, Brick Bullnose, Standard Class or Cantilever Coping. We also can Color Seal your old Stained Coping to look new again. Our Hot Fired Ceramic Swimming Pool Tiles are the Best in the industry. We can replace all Pool tile or Repair broken, cracked, missing tiles and grout Dual-Race Bullnose Vinyl Liner Coping Cover-Pools dual-race bullnose vinyl liner coping is a one-piece dual-race channel, vinyl liner retainer, and coping form. It is optimized for Cover-Pools T4™ system with a wider channel to accommodate a 1-1/2″ pulley, which eases wear on the cable Bullnose Coping Stones are ideal for stair treads, pool coping and masonry wall caps. Available colors work well with paving stone products. From this angle, it's easy to imagine how Bullnose can be used as a masonry wall cap. Steps represent another common use. Shapes and Styles

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Stepstone's Pool Coping, available in three distinct styles - Classic, Modern, and Square Modular - comes in straights, ends, corners and multiple radius components. Their distinctive good looks are designed to complement our full product line of precast concrete products. All of our pool coping is available in an array of standard colors and. May 10, 2015 - Bullnose Coping for Inground Pools | Stone Bullnose Coping. May 10, 2015 - Bullnose Coping for Inground Pools | Stone Bullnose Coping. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures Bullnose Coping. Bullnose coping is a perfect addition to any hardscape project and is most commonly used as the finished edge around pools. However, bullnose coping can also be used as a highlight to an entryway, steps or any other application requiring a finished edge Bullnose Series. Front side of coping provides clean finish to pool perimeter and duals as concrete deck forms. Coping is available in the colours, white or grey. Both double track bullnose coping comes with a coping clip that joins the joints together and is used between each section to ensure the form does not move during the concrete.

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The most popular coping for pools is bull nose coping. These stones are usually either made of cast concrete or brick , and they have a rounded leading edge that hangs slightly over the edge of the pool wall. The bull nose forms a lip to help contain the water in the pool and provides a hand hold for swimmers The Best Inground Pool Coping -. If you want to see how various other residences look in order to give you some enhancing ideas, then take a home scenic tour online. If you have no time to leave your home, you may as well try doing an on-line research to locate home design pointers One of the largest and oldest manufacturers of precast concrete pool coping in the US. LEARN MORE. Products. Bowl Order Form. Catalog. Color Chart Trim Tiles are used on the edges of spillways, BBQ's, Counter Tops, infinity edges and anywhere a finished edge is need. Trim Tiles come in many sizes. The sizes range from 1x1, 1x3, 2x2, 3x3, 6x6, and 3x12. There are many tiles that come with matching trim tiles. The shade of tiles or stone may vary within any given color which is an inherent. Our pools are made in the USA. Be sure to avoid the low priced Chinese and Japanese pools that are floating around the market. They carry no warranty. Above ground pools come in round and oval shapes and are made from a wide variety of material

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Pool coping is the trim on the inside edge of a pool. This coping finishes off the edge of the concrete deck, and makes a clear ending point as to where the top of the pool liner ends, holding the liner into place. In Winnipeg, the most common type of coping on older pools is made of PVC plastic, but coping can also be made of: Plastic Bullnose and square edge coping in flat and rebated profiles. You have many choices when selecting coping. Flat 20mm coping is the most economical. Rebated in 40mm and 100m faces give a thicker more substantial look. Custom sizes for renovations. Older pools often require non-standard sized coping pieces Coping for a concrete swimming pool can be made of tile, natural stone, and precast concrete. Companies that make pavers and products for pool decks also have different types of pool edging materials and copings—like bullnose styles—to achieve a seamless look between the pool and deck If the bullnose hangs off a little into the pool and the pavers are set in stone, what keeps the bullnose attached to the small little metal edge of the side of the pool? ANSWER. Hi Frank, Even though a pool is the vinyl liner type and pavers are set in stone and not mortared, the bullnose coping must be mortared. This is the way it is done Summer Granite Bullnose or Square Edge. Stone & Slate Discounts have used Summer Granite non slip pool coping and summer granite pool pavers on this pool renovation in Melbourne. Sizes available 500x500x30mm Price $29ea pc, 600x300x30mm Price $38ea pc, 800x400x30mm Price $49ea pc, Other sizes by request. 12

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Edging styles range from bullnose to rolled edge, and pieces are cantilevered (angled away from the pool) or flat. They are precut and manufactured offsite and custom-made to fit the contours of your swimming pool. Precast coping matches the interior colors of the pool or contrasts and highlights the colors of the greater pool deck area B. Alignment Coping. Bullnose coping option ensures a straight wall with a clean, finished aluminum edge. C. Structural Thermoplastic Wall. The Pinnacle Pool Structural Thermoplastic Pool Wall is molded to exacting specifications based on thorough research and engineering Pool Coping . Pool coping is the cap on the edge of a swimming pool or spa, which is mounted on the bond beam (for gunite pools) or on the top of the steel walls (for vinyl liner pools). Pool coping comes in a variety of materials, colors and styles to accent your swimming pool. Below are photos of different pool coping options that are available The traditional UK made coping stone comes in 2 foot lengths and are either 9 inches or 12 inches wide. There are two stlyes and two colours available. The two stlyes are called bullnose and flat top. Bullnose have a built in backward slope and flat top do not. The colour choices are White or Buff

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Inground Pool Guide . 2 INTRODUCTION Thank you for your pool purchase! Proper installation of your swimming pool is the most critical factor in homeowner satisfaction and continued enjoyment. The design of this guide provides Bullnose Coping Cantilever Coping/Flat Track Bead Receive Swimming pool coping forms the overhanging edge of a pool that blends into the concrete. Coping receives heavy use as a resting edge for a pool cover, and from swimmers hanging on the sides. It can become stained from the tannin in decomposing wet leaves and debris in the pool. Coping materials range from plastic caps to stone work overhangs. PVC Bullnose Coping. Dale Kreviazuk February 13, 2014 Coping Repair. Search. coping the works.UV Pools, are professional, honest, accurate and respectful. Dale, Jen, and team perfectly coordinated and executed the replacement of our 18 yr old inground pool liner.... Workmanship was great, and the cost came in as estimated. Super team of. Renew the vibrancy of pool coping with non-skid coping stray paint by Ramuc. Brighten, restore the appeal and protect the existing coping material. Easy to use, environmentally safe, and economical. Four 12 oz. aerosol cans will cover coping on pools up to 20' x 40'. Available in single cans in white only

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How to Replace Pool Coping on an Inground Pool Remove the old mortar holding the coping stones in place with a hammer and chisel. Pull up the coping stones you are replacing to expose the beam. Mix the pool stone coping repair product in a bucket. Apply enough of the mortar mixture with a trowel to the beam to create a bed to set the replacement coping stones in The Metric Rectangle and Emerald utilize this patented coping to add to the structural integrity of the pool while providing a variety of finishing options for aboveground, semi-inground and fully inground pools. Each option includes internal double tracks to accommodate the liner and Metric Custom Winter Cover Sep 15, 2017 - Question - Installing Bullnose Pool Coping | LawnSit Decorative & Hand-finished Pool Decks! Juliano's Pools teamed up with Mancini Pool Decks. Over 20 years ago Juliano's Pools began working with Joe and Fran Mancini owners of Mancini Pool Decks . Their team of over 60 employees are dedicated solely to the installation of top quality retaining walls, fencing, and most importantly pool decking