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The Manufactured Housing regulations can be found in California Code of Regulations, Title 25, Division I, Chapter 3, Subchapter 2, commencing with section 4000 Thus, whenever the term mobile home is used in this article as a reference to California law and codes, it actually refers to manufactured housing. The California law often speaks to factory-built housing, and this refers to modular housing built and transported in sections and set on a permanent foundation California Department of Housing and Community Developmen

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  1. Proposal Would Protect 25 Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Communities in Ventura County According to the VC Star, a proposal that is expected to be passed would establish special zoning to prevent the conversion of mobile home parks in unincorporated Ventura County into higher-priced housing
  2. Limitations on zoning for manufactured homes However, there are restrictions on local government that wish to limit mobile home placement
  3. California. Choose a county below to see the zoning maps and zoning codes for the municipalities in that county. Alameda County. Butte County. Calaveras County. Contra Costa County. El Dorado County. Fresno County
  4. In Manufactured Home Builders, Manufactured Home News, Manufactured Home Zoning, Manufactured Homes, Manufactured Housing News Posted June 21, 2019 FACTORY-BUILT HOME CONCEPT IS A HOT IDEA IN U.S. CITIES WITH A SHORTAGE OF AFFORDABLE HOUSIN
  5. Zoning Ordinance Summary. Individual Land Uses: Alphabetical List, by Type. For persons holding copies of the San Diego County Zoning Ordinance, you can print the revised pages to update your copy of the Zoning Ordinance at these links: Update No. 104 (03/21) Update No. 103 (12/20) Update No. 102 (03/20) Update No. 101 (09/19) Update No. 100.
  6. When California lawmakers tried earlier this year to force local governments to allow four or more homes on land zoned for single-family residences, fierce pushback from suburban communities..

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With just under 40 million people calling California home, the average sales price of a home in California is $655,200. In comparison, the average starting price range for the construction of a modular home or manufactured home is $90 to $160 per square foot. The average starting cost of an 1,800 square foot prefabricated home is $162,000. In California, a manufactured home on leased land can be treated as real property, but only if it is placed on a permanent foundation and the lease term is 35 years or more.12 Basing a titling law on the nature of the home's foundation is an approach that has a number of flaws I want to put a mobile home on my property. What are the legal requirements? To put a mobile home on a piece of land that you own, you'll need to look into state regulations, zoning regulations, and restrictions caused by private covenants. State regulations. Typically, state regulations will focus on legal requirements of a mobile home. Some common zoning designations used within the City of Sacramento: R-1: Standard Single-Family Zone: This is a low density residential zone composed of single-family, detached residences on lots a minimum of fifty-two (52) feet by one hundred (100) feet in size. A duplex or a half-plex is allowed on a corner lot subject to compliance with.

Unfortunately, zoning codes in California often impose restrictions that make it difficult to get approval for tiny houses. While the regulations vary, some common hurdles tiny house developers encounter include: minimum size requirements for single-family residence The County Zoning Ordinance allows manufactured homes certified by the State of California to be located on private lots as a permanent residence, provided they are tied to a foundation, covered with exterior material customarily used on conventional dwellings, roofed with shingles or other conventional material at a pitch of not less than two inches per foot, having an eave overhang of not less than one foot, and siding must extend down to the top of foundation or grade

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A modular home can be installed on any lot in California, in any neighborhood, without the possibility of discrimination based on where the home was built, so long as it conforms to the local zoning requirements and the California Building Code (CBC). EARNING YOU MORE LATE By 1960, a familiar land use-regulatory approach for manufactured housing had emerged: manufactured-home-park standards, floating zoning districts for manufactured-housing parks, special use permits for manufactured-home placement, and standards on buffers and other aspects of the design of manufactured-home parks AB 2782 (CIV 798.17 and 798.56) sets a minimum standard at the local government level for the sale or conversion of a mobilehome park (See FAQ #25). AB 3088 (CIV 798.56) creates eviction protections for renters and mobilehome residents. AB 3088 was signed into law as an urgency measure on August 31, 2020; however, the law expires February 1, 2021 A manufactured home can be set in two places. You can put your manufactured home on a vacant land that you own or that you purchase or in a manufactured home park. Many people like the idea of a vacant land because it affords them more privacy and requires less interaction with neighbors. However, vacant land will require you to be responsible for permits, zoning compliance, and bringing. California Department of Housing & Community Development 2020 West El Camino Avenue Sacramento, CA 95833 Mobilehome Registration and Titling: 9342 Tech Center Drive, Suite 500 Sacramento, CA 95826 800-952-835

Furthermore, according to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (issued February 4th, 2016), tiny homes sold, rented, leased or occupied within California are only legal if they are: Built on a chassis with axles. Contain 400 sq feet or less of gross floor area. Are considered an RV, CC or PT Ch. 17.26 - R-6B Zone - Mobile Home and Manufactured Home; Ch. 17.27 - R-6C Zone - Manufactured Home-Double-Wide or Larger ; Pierce County Code - Addresses SB 6538 and SSB 5524 and definition sections address EHB 1227 Ordinance No. 2010-7 - Addressing the Placement of Recreational Vehicles in Mobile Home Parks, passed 04/06/201 Prior to installation of a manufactured home on a permanent foundation system the manufactured home owner or a licensed contractor shall obtain a building permit from the building department. To obtain such a permit, the owner or contractor shall comply with all requirements of Section 18551(a) of the Health and Safety Code

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  1. County of San Diego, Planning & Development Services REQUIREMENTS FOR PLACING A MANUFACTURED HOME IN A MOBILEHOME PARK BUILDING DIVISION 5510 OVERLAND AVE. , SUITE 110, SAN DIEGO, CA 92123 (858) 565- 5920 (888) 336- 7553 HTTP://WWW.SDCPDS.OR
  2. Manufactured homes in California are generally subject to two taxes: Sales tax or use tax at the time of sale or resale, and. Either the annual local property tax or the annual vehicle license fee, which is also called an in-lieu fee. If your manufactured home was originally purchased new on or after July 1, 1980, it was automatically subject.
  3. ster General Plan by classifying and regulating the uses of land and structures within the City. This Title is adopted to protect and promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of residents and businesses in the City of West
  4. ate manufactured housing in their jurisdictions
  5. placement of manufactured homes. RDOS Contact: Christopher Garrish. 250-490-4101 / cgarrish@rdos.bc.ca. Documents. Public Consultation. Regional District Board Consideration. Draft Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2743

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Modular is actually a type of construction, not a type of home. But, homes built using modular construction are generally referred to as modular homes, or prefab homes. When building in California, modular homes offer a distinct advantage over traditional homes in timeframe to permitting In the California law and codes, these terms are used interchangeably. However, the term manufactured housing is what the laws and codes actually refer to. The difference between the two terms is all single-family factory-built housing constructed on or before June 15, 1976 can be called mobile homes.. No mobile homes have been. Zoning Code and Regulations. The Riverside Municipal Code (RMC) regulates activities within the City of Riverside. The following sections of the RMC are frequently used by the Planning Division, or are otherwise integral to the review and approval of development proposals: Title 7 - Noise Control. Title 16 - Building and Construction

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Chapter 17.40. R-2A LIMITED MULTIPLE-FAMILY DWELLING ZONE. Chapter 17.44. R-3 GENERAL RESIDENTIAL ZONE. Chapter 17.48. R-3A VILLAGE TOURIST RESIDENTIAL ZONE. Chapter 17.52. R-T MOBILEHOME SUBDIVISIONS AND MOBILEHOME PARK ZONES. Chapter 17.56 There are several options available to obtain zoning information for properties within the unincorporated areas of the County of San Bernardino. For the most accurate and up to date information, please contact the County of San Bernardino Land Use Services Department at (909)387-8311 or (760) 995-8140 chapter 18.60. are-80, 160, 320, 640, agricultural, rural, exclusive, 80 to 640 acre distric Mobile home parks are subject to a density of 135 percent of the density permitted on the zoning map; Mobile home parks are subject to the parking standards in Article 86, Parking Regulations, and at least one guest parking space is required for every three mobile homes. Guest parking must be located in guest parking bays throughout the mobile. Fallbrook requirements for ADUs, garage conversions, In-law units and granny flats. Check your property to look up ADU zoning and calculate ROI. Order ADU Services and connect with local contractors, designers, lenders, and realtors to start your Accessory Dwelling Unit project. View updates for new state bills SB13 & AB68

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Owners of Manufactured Homes subject to property taxes may be eligible for the Homeowner's Exemption and the State Tax Assistance Programs. Unless voluntarily converted to local tax assessment, Manufactured Homes originally built and sold before June 30, 1980 are not subject to property taxes. Instead, license fees paid through the California. GENERALIZED LAND USE ZONING GUIDE ZONE TITLE TYPICAL USES MINIMUM PARCEL SIZE A Exclusive single -family homes and compatible uses 6,000 square feet R-2 Medium-density California City, CA 93504 Ridgecrest, CA 93555 Wasco, CA 93280 -0190 (760) 373 -7141 (760) 371 -3721 (661) 758 -7210. California Department of Housing & Community Development 2020 West El Camino Avenue Sacramento, CA 95833 Mobilehome Registration and Titling: 9342 Tech Center Drive, Suite 500 Sacramento, CA 95826 800-952-835 Zoning for ADU's in Lake Forest? State laws have made it easier to build an ADU in every city in California. The City of Lake Forest ADU Ordinance states you can build an ADU from 400 sf to 1,200 sf. ADUs can be built on single-family or multifamily residential zoned lots

Community Information. Local Home Lots For Sale in Oakland, California. $198,000. Two Oakland Lots for Sale together or individually. 2521 Grande Vista Avenue. Oakland, CA 94601. $285,000. Plot For Sale In Oakland, California. 1600 Peralta St Mobile homes in lieu of a permitted single-family dwelling must meet the criteria of the zoning district and be completely skirted. For properties within the sphere of influence of a city, the mobile home must have been constructed after June 5, 1976 research on state and local zoning codes pertaining to manufactured housing and coordinating the case study efforts. In addition, the authors recognize and appreciate the contributions of Oakland, California Case Study Manufactured Home Sales in Arizona.

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  1. BedsAny1+2+3+4+5+ Use exact match Bathrooms Any1+1.5+2+3+4+ Home Type Checkmark Select All Houses Townhomes Multi-family Condos/Co-ops Lots/Land Apartments Manufactured Max HOA Homeowners Association (HOA)HOA fees are monthly or annual charges that cover the costs of maintaining and improving shared spaces
  2. Modular Tiny House- is a structure or building component that is not a manufactured home with closed construction. It can either be substantially or entirely assembled or prefabricated at a location that is not the building site. Meanwhile, the state treats travel trailers, motor homes, camping trailers, and truck campers as recreational vehicles
  3. 26 New and Used Mobile Homes in Calaveras County, CA. There are currently 26 new and used mobile homes listed for your search on MHVillage for sale or rent in the Calaveras County area. With MHVillage, its easy to stay up to date with the latest mobile home listings in the Calaveras County area
  4. Live. •. Modular built homes in Big Bear Lake, CA can be built in less than half the time of traditional onsite constructed homes without sacrificing quality! Big Bear Lake, CA modular homes are built to the same IRC and local building codes as onsite built homes! We often build homes in as little as 120 days - allowing you and your family.
  5. 17.06.010 - Zone and Combining Districts Established. 17.06.020 - Zoning Maps Adopted. 17.06.030 - Allowable Land Uses and Permit Requirements. 17.06.040 - Zoning Clearance Procedure. 17.06.050 - Land Use and Permit Tables. 17.06.060 - Zone District Regulations. Part 2. Part 2 - Zone Districts & Allowable Uses
  6. A tour of an 800 square foot manufactured/prefab home which we placed on acreage in Mendocino County as a retirement home for a woman moving out of the Bay Area to a more affordable retiree housing situation. Customer Case Study Video. We design and install high-end manufactured homes. Locally owned and operated in beautiful Sonoma County
  7. Mobile, manufactured, modular and park homes are similar in many respects, but they are different in other ways. While all four offer affordable quality housing with many options available for buyers and a quick build time, there are several other important differences which we will explore in this article

MobileHome.net has 52 Mobile Homes for Sale in Kern County, CA, including manufactured homes, modular homes and foreclosures Mobile home residents in Carson have talked of a mobile home zoning ordinance since 1982. Similar ordinances are in effect in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Juan Capistrano, San Marcos, Escondido. No, there's not a modular home building code in the sense of a national standard like the HUD Code, which defines the building requirements for all manufactured homes. Instead, modular homes are built to comply with all applicable state and local building codes required by the location where the home will be placed


  1. Chapter 8.36 - Clean Indoor Air and Health Protection Ordinance. Chapter 8.40 - First 5 Tuolumne County Commission. Chapter 8.50 - Tulloch Reservoir. Chapter 8.60 - Prohibition on Evictions Arising from Substantial Income Loss or Medical Expenses Related to Coronavirus Pandemic
  2. Application Path: Step 1: Navigate to the EZOP Portal. Step 2: Click Building in the navigation menu. Step 3: Click the Create an Application button. Step 4: Read and accept the disclaimer. Then click the Continue Application button. Step 5: Select Manufactured Homes and click Continue Application to begin the application
  3. Stairs: Tiny homes are allowed to have stairs, including ladders, ship ladders, or alternative ways for people to reach the loft. Minimum ceiling height: The habitable living space must have a.

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  1. In California, cities and counties implement and adopt their own zoning codes. As long as a zoning code does not violate federal or state law, local governments are generally free to adopt reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on the use of land, including regulations concerning tiny houses
  2. Land-Home Packages. My husband and I have been visiting Ma Williams for a few years contemplating purchasing a manufactured home. Tony has been so patient with us so when we finally decided to do it we knew he was going to be our guy. We had so many questions and he answered them all! Cristina W. - Temecula, CA
  3. The State regulates most aspects of mobile home parks. For help with: installation and removal of mobile homes. code enforcement. utility connections and related issues. health and safety conditions within mobile homes and park property. Call 800-952-5275 or file a complaint with the State Mobile Home Ombudsman. For help with
  4. September 13, 2018. Manufactured housing is 35 to 47 percent cheaper per square foot than site-built housing, yet the number of manufactured homes shipped each year has decreased from averaging 242,000 a year between 1977 and 1993 to just 92,500 units in 2017. Restrictive or unavailable financing, restrictive zoning, and the view that.
  5. TINY HOMES . A Tiny Home is a structure intended for separate, independent living quarters for one household that meets these six conditions: 1. Is licensed and registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles and meets ANSI 119.2 or 119.5 requirements; 2. Is towable by a bumper hitch, frame -towing hitch, or fifthwheel connection

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37 Mobile/Manufactured Homes For Sale in Bakersfield, CA. Browse photos, see new properties, get open house info, and research neighborhoods on Trulia A request by Affordable Homes LLC to rezone about nine acres in the Edwards Mobile Home Park at 3113 W. Chain of Rocks Road was approved, but with a stipulation that could create issues for the. They must be in a designated mobile home park. My town allows a temporary mobile home to be set up for a period of one year during CONSTRUCTION of a new home. It varies by town and the zoning laws change every year. Grafton appears to be where Free Staters like to park their mobile homes. There are no zoning prohibitions in that town

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Find best mobile & manufactured homes for sale in Union City, CA at realtor.com®. We found 68 active listings for mobile & manufactured homes. See photos and more treehugger.com - But to meet the zoning rules, it is designed to be a caravan or mobile home. Seen from afar, English zoning regulations can seem somewhat eccentric. Chestnut Farm Is a Modern Prefab That Doesn't Look Like a Trailer - Flipboar of California Government Code Section 65583(a)(5) and allow manufactured homes in the R-2 Zoning District in compliance with California Government Code Section 65852.3. NOW, THEREFORE , the City Council of the City of Milpitas does ordain as follows

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(2) A Tiny Home may be permitted, provided that it complies with the minimum standards of the California Residential Code or standards for manufactured homes specified below. Recreational vehicles (defined in California Health and Safety Code § 18010) will not be approved for occupancy as a dwelling The Downtown and Coastal Zoning Ordinances have been consolidated into one ordinance. The ordinance listed below is the most current version. Article 19: MHP Mobile Home Park District (79.7 KB) Article 20: H-Harbor District (103.4 KB) Part III - Overlay Zoning Districts. Oceanside, CA 92054 T. (760) 435-4500. Zoning Information Check Property Zoning. Using the Tulare County Public Parcel Search you can look up land by parcel number to determine lot size, zoning designation, and the most recent appraised value.. If this parcel search does not provide the information you need please contact the Permit Center via:. Email: Zone-Information@tularecounty.ca.gov Phone: (559) 624-700

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A 2002 amendment to the city's zoning ordinance prohibited mobile homes or manufactured homes in the district where the Coxes resided. Thus, the Cox's mobile home was a permitted non-conforming use. The Ordinance allowed needed routine improvements, including replacement of non-conforming residences. MUR Zoning Excerpt (PDF) PA Zoning Excerpt (PDF) PD Planned Development Excerpt (PDF) R-1 Zoning Excerpt (PDF) R-3 Zoning Excerpt (PDF) RP Zoning Excerpt (PDF) RR Zoning Excerpt (PDF) Scenic Corridor Excerpt (PDF) Zoning Interpretation Manual (PDF

This case highlights three points that apply beyond the mobile-home park context: (1) an owner does not lose the right to continue using its property merely due to changed zoning regulations, (2) dividing a parcel into smaller units for use by different individuals does not necessarily transform the property into several separate uses, and (3. RV and Mobile Home Building Standards. As of late 1976, the mobile home took up another name; manufactured homes to mean fabricated homes on a permanent trailer chassis. These prefabricated structures had to apply similar building standards with the RV, recreational vehicles, and modular homes As one example, when it comes to mobile homes, zoning regulations often require that your home having proper skirting. The key thing to know about zoning is that it is location-specific. So, things you may be required to do in one area may not be required in others. Likewise, something that's prohibited in a given location may be perfectly.

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Single-Family Mobile Home RM-1 7,000 sq. ft. 70 ft. N/A 20 20 10 20 See the Code for the buffer and setback requirements around the perimeter of the RM-1 or RM-2 Zoned Single-Family Mobile Home Park RM- Manufactured On Land - Victorville, CA. 92395, Victorville, San Bernardino County, CA. Manufactured home on a permanent foundation with carport, storage shed, patio and quiet neighborhood. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths (county shows one... $9,239,511. 2 Bed This is a SUMMARY ONLY of the Los Angeles County Zoning Ordinance (unincorporated area). The information herein is NOT ALL-INCLUSIVE.. One other thing to also keep in mind --USES MUST BE CONSISTENT WITH THE GENERAL PLAN, LOCAL PLANS, AND/OR COMMUNITY STANDARDS DISTRICTS.THESE MAY LIMIT THE TYPE AND INTENSITY OF USE.. For more complete information, see Title 22 (Planning and Zoning) of the Los. Mobile homes in California are taxed either through the local property tax system administered in the county in which the mobile home is situated or by payment of vehicle in-lieu license fees to the State.Before July 1, 1980, mobile homes that were not on a permanent foundation were treated as vehicles and were taxed just like automobiles or trucks through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) opportunities for transitional and supportive housing in the Mixed Use Zoning District in compliance with the provisions of California Government Code Section 65583(a)(5) and allow manufactured homes in the R-2 Zoning District in compliance with California Government Code Section 65852.3. NOW, THEREFOR

5) Existing manufactured home parks which are not subdivided into individual deeded lots may continue operation but may not be expanded except in conformance with this ordinance and the subdivision ordinance. 6) For proposed neighborhoods, homes shall be a minimum of 14 feet wide and manufactured no earlier than 1984 Zoning for ADU's in National City? State laws have made it easier to build an ADU in every city in California. The City of National City ADU Ordinance states you can build an ADU from 400 sf to 1,200 sf. ADUs can be built on single-family or multifamily residential zoned lots

0186 - Same as 0106 with License Manufactured Home 0189 - Multiple Manufactured Homes not upon a Permanent Foundation System in any Zone 0190 - Manufactured Home upon Permanent Foundation System with a Recorded Certificate of Occupancy - MS Zone 0191 - Same as Above - T, R-S-T, or R-1-T Zone 0192 - Same as Above - A Zon Maps & Zoning Information. The City of Murrieta has a variety of maps and exhibits available with geographic information system ( GIS) Interactive Mapping; through this resource you can verify if an address is within City limits. The City will be updating its zoning map to reflect the Land Use changes adopted with the Murrieta General Plan 2035 A State of California HCD permit is required if any alterations are made to the structure of a temporary or permanent mobile/manufactured home. Required Drawings and Plans. Minimum Plan Checklist. Four (4) sets of the following drawings are required, if applicable: Plot Plan: This plan is a view of the entire property Contact HCD's Southern Regional Office at (951) 782‑4420. Questions about mobile home registration and title may be directed to the California Department of Housing and Community Development's El Cajon office at (619) 441-2326

Zoning Information. This Zoning Code implements the goals and policies of the Santa Rosa General Plan by classifying and regulating the uses of land and structures within the City of Santa Rosa. In addition, this Zoning Code is adopted to protect and to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of residents, and preserve and. California Green Homes For Sale. Standard Listing. Carmel Valley, California, United States $1,800,000 4 beds, 3 baths. View Listing. This gem is perfectly set upon a flat Mid Carmel Valley acre, combining quiet and privacy with the c... Corral de Tierra, California, United States. In coordination and consistent with FEMA requirements, the County of El Dorado regulates development in flood hazard areas through implementation of the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, Chapter 130.25 of the El Dorado County Zoning Ordinance. For additional flood zone questions, please contact Planning Services at (530) 621-5355 5 Zoning Issues You Need to Be Aware of Before Buying Farm Land. If you thought neighbors were quick to complain about loud music and barking dogs, wait until you start raising bees, chickens or goats in your backyard. If you've failed to do your due diligence before buying a home and property to farm, you're going to be in for a lot of. Manufactured or mobile homes that are placed on a foundation will retain their value far longer than a manufactured home placed in a mobile home park. Putting a mobile home in a park is cheaper in the short term, but over time it will cost you more money due to the cost of renting mobile home space every month

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Find best mobile & manufactured homes for sale in Palmdale, CA at realtor.com®. We found 19 active listings for mobile & manufactured homes. See photos and more Manufactured homes are those built entirely in a factory. They are then transported to a building site and installed. A manufactured home is a single-family dwelling built according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards Act, which is a national, preemptive building code Zoning information is available through a city and/or county land use and planning office. It's best to call and make an appointment with the zoning administrator to discuss your plans, and get copies of ordinances and regulations that affect single family housing placement. Manufactured homes range in size from 1,000 to 3,000+ sq. ft. and. There were more than 5200 active mobile home parks and RV parks in California in 2019, according to data from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). California is the only state that has comprehensive legislation pertaining to the residents of these parks. As part of the Civil Code, the MRL is enforced through the California courts system, usually in the small.

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After a heated discussion, city officials locked in zoning for two South Laguna mobile home parks and placed a 70-day rent freeze on all three mobile home parks in the city. Business California 14 Mobile/Manufactured Homes For Sale in Apple Valley, CA. Browse photos, see new properties, get open house info, and research neighborhoods on Trulia Assessment of Manufactured Homes. All new manufactured homes purchased on or after July 1, 1980, and those on permanent foundations, are subject to assessment on the local roll. As with real property, the assessed value of manufactured homes cannot be increased by more than 2% annually, unless there is a change in ownership or new construction 24 New and Used Mobile Homes in Running Springs, CA. There are currently 24 new and used mobile homes listed for your search on MHVillage for sale or rent in the Running Springs area. With MHVillage, its easy to stay up to date with the latest mobile home listings in the Running Springs area. When browsing homes, you can view features, photos.

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Mobile home park attendants and caretakers - 16-41-27-9. Sec. 9. A mobile home community must be in the personal charge of an adult attendant or caretaker designated by the owner or operator of the mobile home community at the times when mobile homes and manufactured homes in the mobile home community are occupied by tenants 21621 Sandia Road Unit: 46, Apple Valley, CA 92308. Mobile Manufactured For Sale. Nice floor plan on this 3 bedroom 2 bath home with a den. It is located in a 55+ manufactured home park. $129,000. 3 Beds | 2 Baths | 1,362 Sqft City zoning ordinances regulate allowable land use, parking, signage, structure height, and more. The General Ordinances Department sees that all building within the city limits is in accordance with the Madera Municipal Code, and can help you file the proper permits Perfect for 2 spec build homes, or 2 spec New or Used manufactured homes, or a home and ADU unit on each lot 349-350-001 is 34,848 sq ft and349-350-002 is 41,382 sq ft or a total od 76,230 sq ft , Seek 227,000 cash as is . RR/AG mix use zoned but verify at county of riverside . Calling all Manufactured home dealer / small home builders 10 New and Used Mobile Homes in Rio Vista, CA. There are currently 10 new and used mobile homes listed for your search on MHVillage for sale or rent in the Rio Vista area. With MHVillage, its easy to stay up to date with the latest mobile home listings in the Rio Vista area. When browsing homes, you can view features, photos, find open houses.

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The property and home information presented is believed to be accurate at the time of posting; however, there may be some inaccurate or out of date material listed. The information listed, including make, model, size, year of manufacture, availability, floor plan, features, acreage, price and other information, are all subject to change without. The Camp Fire destroyed more than 80 percent of the 4,100 mobile homes in its path, whether they were built to the new code or not, according to McClatchy's data analysis 26755 Wardell Ln, Menifee, CA 92584. Menifee home for sale: Excellent location! 3.92 Acres vacant land on the corner of Bradley and Holland Rd. Near Paloma High School, close to shopping and the 215 Freeway. Buyer and buyers agent can verify utility and zoning information with the proper agencies The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) also maintains a Mobile Home Assistance & Complaint Toll Free Number: (800) 952-5275. For further information, contact the City of Cathedral City Housing Office at (760) 770-0376, Monday through Thursday between 7 am and 6 p.m. Spanish speaking staff is available