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An English - Yoruba poem. _*Abiyamo tooto!*_ stays awake while you sleep. _*Abiyamo tooto!*_ goes hungry while you eat to your heart desire. _*Abiyamo tooto!*_ walks naked while you wear the best of clothes. _*Abiyamo tooto!*_ smile during hardship just for to feel alive. _*Abiyamo tooto!*_ holds on to you tightly and help you reach the peak A Nairalander Needs Ur Help On A Yoruba Poem For His Mom's Birthday VERY URGENT - Family - Nairaland. A Nairalander Needs Ur Help On A Yoruba Poem For His Mom's Birthday VERY URGENT by peteruuu ( m ): 11:49am On Dec 08, 2014. I greet you ALL my fellow nairalanders.I want to write a poem for my mother in yoruba language for her birthday (10/12. (For Mothers of Substance out there) Obirin rere Eni bi re ko si maa mi,iya ni iya mi Iya ni wura Iya lo se koko ori ade wa O to ju mi O lo yun mi fun osun mesan Ko jen ra wo inu ina ko jen jabo sinu omi iya mi ni ife mi ki olohun toju won fun wa Maa mi...Obirin daa d 1. Adie mi - My Chicken 2. Eto Eko - Education 3. Omoluabi - Be Responsible 4. Iya ni wura - Mother is gold 5. Omo ti o je asamu - Hard work 6. Imototo - Cle..

*Abiyamo tooto!!! (True Mother!!!)* An English - Yoruba poem

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  1. Oh, my! In this collection, you'll find poems about those animals as well as clams, microbes, and even a pirate's parrot! This is our biggest book yet, featuring over 200 animal rhymes, poems, fables, tongue twisters, and even some songs. All of the songs, rhymes, and poems in this book include links to web pages where you can listen to recordings
  2. Orin Ewi ni Yoruba - Yoruba Poems: Awon Owe Yoruba Proverbs Alo Oro - Ise Logun ise - Toju Iwa Re Ore Mi - Omo to mo yare loju o - Ewure je eran ile - Iwe kiko laisi oko ati ada - Ku ku ku, Lagbebo nke his or her mother was the offspring of a human being. (Owomoyela 2005, 429) The eleventh proverb re-emphasizes the fact that slaves are.
  3. about. 'Iya ni wura' is a Yoruba ode to motherhood, with a bit of jingle. It is a popular playground song in West Africa. This track is a combination of Yoruba lyrics and Ann Taylor's popular poem 'My Mother' and it emphasises the universality of the theme of motherhood. Parents and storytellers using this song can play hand percussion as they.
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  5. Oriki is a kind of Yoruba literary genre used to inspire people. It is usually in the form of poetry, consisting of songs of praise. Oriki can also take the name form as well. One must learn, memorize, and be able to chant the oriki of individuals and families
  6. and aid in quick recovery for the mother after childbirth (Wá Gbó pp. 47-51 ). In juxtaposition, with childcare and modern women is drug abuse which Adébò wálé condemns the attitudes and actions as addressed in her poems which reports that toddlers are subjected to hardship via hair braiding when mothers give children drugs overdoses t

be ascribed to the influence of Yoruba poetry on him. His experience undoubtedly functions as part of his daily life. It should be observed that Soyinka deviated from Yoruba's conventional pity for the mother of abiku in this poem. He presents abiku as a spirit being that chooses to hire a life according to its principle and nature. The. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Follow baby Yetunde as she narrates her mother's ode to her grandmother. It is the Yoruba praise poetry for a mother known as the Oriki Iya. Yetunde is also thrilled and delighted by the ancient Yoruba tale passed down to her by her mother about Labake, a young maiden who was kidnapped to be forced to marry a warrior chief Mom, may every prayer said for you on your birthday be answered by God, and may every desire of yours that is yet to materialize be fulfilled. Happy birthday. Happy birthday to the strongest woman I have ever known. Mom, you are more than a conqueror. May God grant you victory in every battle you face in your life

Yoruba Poems. Of Solomon 1 In The Chambers King Ancient Love Poetry I Am Alpha And Omega Rev 22 13. Poetry Its Nature Significance And Social Context. Yoruba Quotes I Love Quotesgram. Student Of The 2000s Made A Name For Herself Writing Poetry With Relic From 1950s English Department Death is wicked . . . Follow Yetunde as she narrates her mother's ode to her grandmother. It is the Yoruba praise poetry for a mother known as Oriki Iya This is a short story dedicated to past, present and future mothers. A perfect mother's day present The book is mostly in English and any Yoruba words are translated, so everyone can enjoy the book full Yoruba Religion. Practitioners of the Yoruba Religion, which was developed among the Yoruba people of Nigeria and Benin, believe that before we are born we stand before God and choose our own destiny. We decide before we ever arrive on earth what we will contribute to the world, where we will live, who we will love, and even the day we will die

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Oriki is the Yoruba word for praise poetry. Yoruba's pay homage to everything and everyone, including food. In my book Yetunde: An Ode To My Mother, I wrote the praise poetry for a mother (Oriki Iya). Most (if not all) Yoruba families have their own orikis. One thing I especially love about Sango is that he took his 3rd wife Oya with him into. There is a popular saying in Yorùbá land that goes thus: Iya ni wura, Baba ni jigi meaning Mother is gold, the father is a mirror In pre-colonial Yoruba times, one of the items used.

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Mom, I send you lots of love. Wherever you are. You have been immortalized. By being the sky's brightest star. I miss you . 9) I can't cope up with the loss. It is too cruel for me to bear. So I am writing this poem. To lay my heart bare. My mom wasn't just my mother. She was my best friend. She was my guardian angel. Oh, why did this. A beautiful yoruba poem by J.F Odunjo . Ise l'ogun ise (Work is the antidote for poverty) Mura s'ise ore mi (Work hard, my friend). Ise la fi n'deni giga (Work/Labour is the major tool for elevation) Bi a ko ba reni feyin ti (If we do not have anyone to lean on Poems as a tribute to my mother at her funeral. The poems can be a good idea for tribute, here we have the examples of such poems, one can use them to express the feelings and emotions of this hard time. See also: Birthday prayer for a brother. If Roses Grow in Heaven; By Dolores M. Garcia. If roses grow in heaven Ah-jehs signify the duality of a mother: loving and strict at the same time. Anyhoos, this post is not about Ah-jehs but about Ah-jay. Yoruba history of creation is very convoluted and I am still trying to get my head around it. That's one of the reasons why I write these posts; so that we have more documented entries of our oral history She also sings in Yoruba that, Orisa bi iya o si laye, which means, There's no oracle like the mother on earth. She was right, she has been right and she will be right in 100 years

Oriki Inagije. A Yorùbá praise poem or Oríkì, commemorating the figure of Balógun Ìbíkúnlé, the great ruler and commander-in-chief of Ibadan forces in the nineteenth-century. Ìbíkúnlé was born in Ogbomoso, a city in Oyo State, south-western Nigeria, during the first decade of the nineteenth century. This was at a time when the. But look around, I am right there, living with you still. I watch your tears, I feel your pain - I see the things you do. I weep as well, each time you cry, my soul, it lives with you. It gives such joy to hear you laugh, and do the things you do. And when you smile o'er by gone days, I smile right with you too This particular poem has so many meaningful words of wisdom attached to it. Ise Logun ise is an indigenous Yoruba poem and it was written and composed by J.F. Odunjo of Iwe Alawiye in 1943. Read this poem side by side with a complete English translation of each line. Ise Logun ise Poem + Complete Translation in Englis According to the local people, the festival is dedicated to mothers (in the Yoruba language awon iya wa). It is believed that a Yoruba woman possesses the secret of life and is almost like a.

It is the Yoruba praise poetry for a mother known as the Oriki Iya. Yetunde is al Yetunde: An Ode to My Mother This is a heart-warming story about the power of a mother's love; truly an ode to women and mothers all over the world Poems in Somali. Events; Workshops; Discover contemporary poets from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and meet the translators and English-language poets who make our translations possible African Story Community. EbonyStory.com is the best place to read and share fresh interesting African stories online. Starting from Romance stories, Adventure stories, Action stories, Spiritual stories, Horror stories and many more. All our stories are free and no signup required to start reading. We have wonderful writers that are ever ready to give you the latest interesting stories with.

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  1. Isé L'ògùn Ìsé . Poem of African poetry in Yoruba language written by J.F. Odunjo with English translation. . Ise l'ogun ise (Work is the antidote for poverty) Mura s'ise ore mi (Work hard, my..
  2. The Yoruba people have a much different perspective on death then those of Western culture. We believe that death is not the end of life; rather it is a transition from one form of existence to another. We believe that others fear death because it signifies the end of a life and beginning into the unknown life
  3. Several mediums the Yoruba employ in caring and directing the children into the acceptable conduct of the society start from the cradle, such ways are oral poetry like poems, folktales, moonlight plays, folklores, among others. This mode of giving moral instructions is called moral or value systems (ìwàọmọlúàbí) Fálétí (2009). The.


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Birthday poems for mothers give Mom lots of appreciation. Mom's the Bomb. Happy Birthday to my mom; As mothers go, you're the bomb! You pick me up when I am down; Around you, I can't wear a frown. Your gifts cannot begin to say How much you deserve this holiday. Enjoy your birthday, Mom; take a break Yoruba Books. Showing 1-50 of 136. Ògbójú Ode Nínú Igbó Irúnmolè (Paperback) by. D.O. Fagunwa. (shelved 3 times as yoruba) avg rating 4.08 — 159 ratings — published 1938. Want to Read. saving Mother is rejoicing. Nigeria (Yoruba) FYEYO (yeh-YOH). Mother. Tanzania FYETUNDE (yeh-TOON-deh). The mother comes back. Nigeria (Yoruba) FYINGI (YEEN-gee). My beloved mother. NigeriaSent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTNMama(and Papa) were introduced into Yoruba language early by Yorubas who wanted to show they were educated.

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  1. Yoruba Divination Seeking advice from the Otherworld. By Ifadoyan Sangomuyiwa, Priest of Sango and Babalawo—Father of Secrets. The current Witches' Almanac introduces the divination system of Ifá, which the Yoruba believe provides methods of inquiry about the nature of the world and one's own destiny
  2. Mother's Day Songs. Make this Mothers Day special and memorable for your dear mother. Sing these Mother Day songs on family tunes or quote them in the beautiful Mother's Day card or gift that you got for her. Mother will surely be touched by hearing these songs from her little kid
  3. In Yorubaland, a mother chants the Oriki Onile to soothe her crying baby. From the above, it can be seen that Yoruba poetry is didactic in nature. ―It is an instrument through which the history of the people is preserved. One can know a lot about a place just by listening to its oriki
  4. Poetry as Psychotherapy: The Example of Orin Aremo in Yoruba Folklore Download. Poetry as Psychotherapy: The Example of Orin Aremo in Yoruba Folklor
  5. ds as well as improve their speaking, writing and listening skills
  6. The Yoruba praise poems to deities in Nigeria and Dahomey (as well as from the Yoruba in Brazil) are particularly famous. 2 Each of the many Yoruba deities (orisha) has a series of praises expressed in figurative and obscure language, sung by the priest. Here, for instance, is a praise poem about Ogun, the god of iron, one of the most powerful.

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He said in addition to books, there have always been Yoruba songs and poems that teach morals and health values - all useful for helping groom responsible citizens. ADVERTISEMENT We are. Heritage and Identity: Poems for Teens - Browse poems addressing different ways in which culture, family, history, and identity intersect. - The Academy of American Poets is the largest membership-based nonprofit organization fostering an appreciation for contemporary poetry and supporting American poets The Leonard L. Milberg '53 High School Poetry Prize annually recognizes outstanding work by student writers in the 11th grade in the U.S. or abroad. Read the winning poems from the 2021 contest below. FIRST PLACE. Gaia Rajan Mason, Ohio. Simple Machines. At eleven, I stole a lisp from my parents— slippe What is the verb for mother? mother. (transitive) To cause to contain mother (that substance which develops in fermenting alcohol and turns it into vinegar). (intransitive, of an alcohol) To develop mother. She was determined to mother her children as her own mother did her. In the Yoruba art, females are shown as market women, wives, priestesses, nursing mothers, mothers to be, and gift givers (Folarin 1993). This discussion establishes feminism in the Yoruba art. The study will put the emphasis on women and the Yoruba culture, highlighting the importance of women in this culture

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Tade Ipadeola (born September 1970 in Fiditi, Oyo State) is a Nigerian poet who writes in English and Yoruba.He is a practising lawyer. In 2013 his poetry collection The Sahara Testaments won the prestigious Nigeria Prize for Literature instituted by the Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG). In 2009, he won the Delphic Laurel in Poetry for his Yoruba poem Songbird at the Delphic Games in. Eulogy for a Husband. Mark was a man nobody can replace at least not in my heart. We've been married for 20 years. Yes, those 12 years were not all that happy. What we had was not a perfect marriage but as people say. Mark and I were perfect for each other and we were! With our union, we gave life to five beautiful children 9. For all the beautiful things you have done to me in the past few years, I pray God's abundant grace overwhelms you on this special day. Have a fantastic birthday, Mother-in-love not law. 10. Wonderful Mother-in-law, you are one of the most fun-loving, free-spirited and kind people i have ever known

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Yoruba Poems - Examples of all types of poems about yoruba to share and read. This list of new poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, and famous examples for yoruba In Yoruba language, children are often described as precious beads and silver ( [47], p. 167) and women are praised in traditional oral poetry (oriki) for providing their husbands with children. Childbirth Poetry . Nothing brings more joy to a family than the birth of a child. The new parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are all filled with joy and excitement at the thought of welcoming the newest member of their family to the world The twelve goddesses described here are known as the Orisha (divine spirits) who are protective deities, often teaching their followers the secrets of the natural world. The Orisha are said to be manifestations of an all-powerful God, (a belief known as Pantheism). Nana Buluku is a Creator Goddess, great-grandmother of all the Yoruba pantheon

Yoruba is a West African spirituality that some Anthropologists estimate is 10,000 years old! It comprises the beliefs of the Yoruba people, whose homeland is in the South Western part of Nigeria and adjoining parts of Benin and Togo. Yet the beliefs of Yoruba are also incredibly widespread around the world. Some of this wa Home Life & Love Read The Heartwarming Poems This Beautiful African Yoruba Couple Wrote Each Other. Life & Love Love Tales MBBA Love Alert. January 13, 2020. My Beautiful Black Ancestry Global also known as MBBA GLOBAL is a society and culture Website that is owned by mother Company MyAncestry llc, a United States based company.. This is a perfect poem to use for mothers day also. You should also put it in with you Fathers Day poems Tank you so much, Dee. Jan. I love lighthouses and collect them . This is alovely thought and a splendid poem. I would love to post it in my Club. Will go back and see if I might be able to post it Mom's Day Poems from Daughter: Bonding between Mom and daughter is strongest than any other relation. Both Mom and daughter are best friends and share everything with each other. To explain the love and affection of this relationship, enjoy these Mother's day wishing poems. Short Rhyming Love Poems for Your Mom Abiyamọ ode orun - Mother to the motherless. Adagba ma paro oye - Everlasting and Unchanging GOD. Adajọ ma fi t'ẹnikan ṣe - The Just Judge, impartial and unbiased. Adakẹdajo - HE who Judges silently. Adani ma gba gbe - HE never forgets HIS children. Adani wa ye - The Creator of all creature; visible and invisible

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Although Oshun governs love and the sweet waters, she is also regarded as a highly benevolent deity . Oshun is said to be the protector of the poor and the mother of all orphans. It is Oshun who fulfills their needs in this life. Additionally, Oshun is regarded as a healer of the sick, the bringer of song, music and dance, as well as prosperity. Ise L'ogun Ise one of the classic poems of African poetry in Yoruba language written by J.F. Odunjo. Read it next with English translation. Ise l'ogun ise (Work is the antidote for poverty) Mura s'ise ore mi (Work hard, my friend) Ise la fi n'deni giga (Work/Labour is the major tool for elevation) Bi A Yoruba Poem Ise Logun ise Ise Logun ise [Work is the antidote for poverty] Mura si se re, ore mi [Work hard and work smart, my friend] Ise la fi ndeni giga [Hard and smart work brings success] Bi a ko ba reni fehin ti [When there is no one to rely on] [ Kudos to the Lagos House of Assembly and the Governor for legislating a law making the teaching and learning of Yoruba language and culture compulsory in all Lagos schools. It is hoped that this effort by Lagos State will encourage both the teachers and pupils to return to learning poems that are relevant and sensible poems

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Composer's Foreword. There is a proverb in Yoruba land that says, the religion elders do not involve children in would go into extinction. Jesus while on earth ensures that disciples don't disdain the children as it has been the saying of Yahweh to Prophet Moses that the children be taught the laws of Yahweh Poems about children from mothers and fathers. Poems about the joys and pains which children bring to their parents and the rewards and hard work of raising children. Poems About Children growing up Read this classic Yoruba poem by J.F. Odunjo in Yoruba side-by-side with its English translation in full. (Your mother might be rich) Baba re le lesin lekan (Your father may have a stable full of horses) Bi o ba gbo'ju lewon (If you rely on them) O te tan ni mo so fun

3. I pray, Lord, for my mum today that you bless and increase her on all sides in Jesus name. Amen. 4. Father, today is my mum's birthday, I pray that on this day, all her pending prayers will be answered in Jesus name. Amen.. 5. Jehovah, I pray that as my mum celebrates her birthday, you will illuminate her life with your light in Jesus name. Amen Yoruba engagement. The Yoruba traditional engagement list is not unlike that obtained in the eastern parts of Nigeria. The list has fewer priced items than Igbo engagement list and moderate cash sums. In some cases, the bridal engagement list is relatively cheap and may consist of perishable food items, drinks, and cloth materials help on a yoruba poem for his mom s, yoruba understanding of sexuality t f jemiriye, orin ewi ni yoruba yoruba poems ise logun ise toju, egb ak9m9lede ati a a yoruba naijiria association of, asa ati ise ile yoruba omo yoruba atata nile loko posts, awo training part 2 prayer cycle 1 libro esoterico, omo yoruba atata gigb To understand the great body of work that Lucille Clifton left after her death in 2010—the evolving body, for more poems are being excavated all the time—you must understand that Black history informs much of her work. There is the generous verse she offered everyone, regardless of racial or gender identification.This was her benediction, and because of that gift, many want to read. ORUKO ati ORIKI Olorun. Oruko Olorun Ni Yoruba, Oriki Olorun, Oriki Oluwa. Yoruba speakers and non speakers alike will be blessed. Enjoy, Be Blessed, and praise our Oluwa Oba, Olorun Olodumare Eledumare. Here is another wonderful list of God's Names, now in Yoruba. I got this from a friend, Yemi. Yoruba's praise people with Oriki's

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anthology of modern Yoruba poetry, which brought poems written by members of a group known as Ẹgbé ̣Ikéwì Yorùbá [Yoruba Poetry Society] to the attention of a wider public. 3 One of the best known of these poets was Josiah Sobọ wale Ṣ owande (̣ ca 1839-1936) Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad, your relationship is an example of true love. 27. My reflection in the mirror reminds me of you guys and your eternal love. Want to see your love grow with me year by year. Love you, Mom and Dad. 28. Happy anniversary to the lovely couple, you guys are awesome. 29. Mom and Dad, I don't see a husband and wife in. Adeola- the mind is of honor. Adesanya- the mind brings balance for suffering. Adesina- the mind opens the way. Adetowon- the mind is enough to elevate oneself. Agbede- blacksmith. Agiya- one who defeats suffering. Ajibola- one who wakes up to find honor. Ajo- one who is a a journey. Akinbo- the brave one comes Obalende Inaugural Poetry Slam and more so, the first runner up of SoS Poetry Slam 3.0. Former publicity officer for Poets in Nigeria, his craft have received successful acceptance and validation from media houses within Nigeria and outside the shore, including BBC Yoruba and The Folio Media (Nigerian exclusive affiliate to CNN) Facts About Yoruba Tribe In Nigeria: Yoruba Tribe History, Culture, Religion & Traditions. This article brings you some interesting facts about the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, and we'll be looking into their history, culture and religion.. The Yoruba tribe is one of the three largest and most powerful ethnic groups in Nigeria; making up a considerable portion of the country's population Our site provides resources to help you be a great stepdad and a successful leader of your blended family. We also provide stepdad, stepmom, single dad, single mom and blended family quotes and poems