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Why is Vietnamese food so cheap? Vietnamese Food Is Inexpensive by Nature Following a deeply rooted food philosophy that aims at harmonising yin and yang through nutrition, nearly all Vietnamese dishes perfectly balance out greens and vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates I agree with a lot that's been said here, particularly Kent Fung's excellent observations. The confluence of French and Chinese influences make for stupendous creations like Banh Mi, which is taken the Vietnamese pronunciation of Pain de Mie, a ty.. So then, why is Vietnamese food at the top of my list? 1. Taste. I can only recall eating a handful of boring meals in Vietnam - delicious food is found everywhere. Most places are run by entrepreneurs who live from their passion for food, using handed-down recipes and cooking techniques, and Vietnamese customers are knowledgeable and fussy diners

The Vietnamese do eat a lot of strange animals and delicacies, like frogs and snakes, which had a lot of lean, dark, and flavorful meat. The Vietnamese really care about Flavor and Texture, since the 2nd guy also made the comment that the Vietnamese prefer to eat food that has a little bit of chew to them Can somebody tell me why Vietnamese books are so affordable? Even translated copies of bestsellers are better priced than the original ones. One of the best things a government can do for its countrymen is to help increase literacy by letting people have access to reading materials. All these books range from 13,000 VND to 45,00 When you use an ATM in Vietnam, it will often spew out 500,000₫ notes. For the average Vietnamese working at street food stands and in small shops, this is their weekly wage. So when you try to pay for your 10,000₫ snack with a 500,000₫ note, there's a good chance they won't have enough change for you. This is embarrassing for them, and it causes them to lose face Throughout more than 4000-year history with many ups and downs, Vietnamese culture, in general, and cuisine, in particular, were affected so strongly by Chinese culture that people have no difficulty in finding some Vietnamese street food quite similar to Chinese food such as baozi, noodles, and so on

Vietnamese food is full of simplicity, subtle variations by region and fresh ingredients that keep us pulling up a plastic stool for more. Check out these 40 delicious foods in Vietnam you'll want. But among all the French imports (bread, food, and so on), it was coffee that really captivated the hearts of Vietnamese people. Coffee farming came naturally to the territory. There are only a handful of countries in the world with the right conditions to grow coffee (rightly called the Coffee Belt), and Vietnam is one of them Rob Atthill says he was smitten by Vietnamese coffee the first time he visited the Southeast Asian nation, in 2004. A pioneer of the Vietnamese street food scene in London, Atthill started importing coffee — grown by farmers in the country's Central Highlands and roasted in Ho Chi Minh City — two years later

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So, today it has been selected as one of the best street food in the country by a lot of tourists and enjoying banh mi is a must-do in their list. Photo by Christian Berg. We can say that the French created the baguette. But Vietnamese themselves make it become famous all over the world Food expense: 150 - 200$. Vietnamese food is quite cheap. Common price for a meal is 1 - 2$. So the monthly food expense is about 150 - 200$ or less if you only eat Vietnamese food. It's even cheaper if you cook at home. Transportation: 30 - 60$. It depends on what transportation you use, it costs you about 60 cent for a bus trip Let me educate some folks on Vietnamese culture in Little Saigon and why Vietnamese food is so cheap. A large percentage of working Vietnamese people rent out rooms from other Vietnamese people. Cost of living is maybe $300-$400 including utilities a month (Yes pretty cheap huh?). Most of these places DO NOT allow cooking or kitchen priviledges The flavours are so fresh with a good amount of herbs, lime, and a perfect spicy zing. It is definitely one of those dishes that you can have at any time of the day. IN SHORT - Com Ga is perfect comfort food but with the complexity and finesse of the Vietnamese cuisine. Price: 40,000 Dong / £1.3 / 1.5€ / $1.7 Taste:

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  1. You probably won't have any stomach issues in Vietnam — and that's saying something, because there are some weird dishes here. But you really don't need to worry that much. Overall, Vietnamese food is safe and delicious. There are some things, however, that are best avoided
  2. Part of the reason why Vietnamese coffee isn't well know is because it's exported and processed into blends or cheap instant coffee. That, and the type of coffee matters too. The Western world is in love with Arabica beans and not Robusta, which is Việt Nam's strong suit
  3. Honestly, u guys dumb. Try to travel to Vietnam and contact with people there. The food is fuking awesome and nutritious. I have some Vietnamese friends, they are-hard working and so nice. Sometimes they cook vietnamese food and ask me to join. U CANT NEVER TELL A BOOK BY ITS COVER, STOP FUKING JUDGING THEM BY HEARING FROM IDIOT VINHBOY
  4. After wanting to try this place for so long finally did the other night and I have to say I'm disappointed. Now we already know there are tons of really good and cheap Vietnamese food so I already was hesitant on paying for overpriced Vietnamese/American/ fusion-ish food but I really wanted to like this place. $8 for a banh mi..
  5. Nice place for good beer and Vietnamese food. Service was good and kind. Quite plenty selection of food and drink. Price is quite on high level as impacted on the location. Location easy to find just beside the river in Clarke Quay. The only Vietnamese food in the neighborhood. 6. Ăn Là Ghiề

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I still don't understand why Vietnamese cuisine is so cheap for how much work people put into it and the quality of the food itself. Love this place. Spend $100 on food easy by myself not because it is expensive, it is only because I.. Don't Miss the Vietnamese Food. Having your go-to phở restaurant is the Seattle equivalent to a New Yorker's proprietary feeling toward a favorite slice. Bánh mì are such a central part of the Seattle sandwich scene that, like a burger in L.A., the debate isn't whether or not to eat bánh mì, but if one wants the fast-food equivalent, the. Food is extremely cheap. Do you know why? Vietnamese food is balanced and filling yet light. It doesn't include exotic spices or ingredients. It is made out of fresh and nutritious greens, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates. Overall, Vietnam is a year round destination for travellers across the globe The Vietnamese diet is naturally low in fat, gluten-free and jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, it is the perfect food to boost your immune system, naturally aid weight loss and give you more energy. A tour around Vietnam will give you the chance to experience the best of what each of the new cities and destination has to offer

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  1. Also, the way eating food plays a significant role in the nutritional value of food. Eating with chopsticks and sharing with people allows you to eat more slowly to chew the food longer and causes better digestion of nutrients. Therefore, the social and cultural aspect of eating Vietnamese food is a reason why eating Vietnamese food is healthy
  2. So when they're hearing complaints from customers like this is too expensive for Vietnamese food, this is too expensive for a bowl of pho, they take that in. is on these cheap eats lists. So.
  3. They're so cheap. Not like looking for a bargain cheap, but like I want this $40 jacket for $10 cheap. I say this because I frequent an outdoor market where haggling is a norm but these fuckers take it to an extreme. They smoke where ever they want, cough and sneeze like there's no one around. Disgusting
  4. g Westernized—plus Thailand has been making it really hard for foreigners to stay long term—so I decided to explore another Southeastern country: Vietnam
  5. Honestly they wouldn't be saying that if they knew how much beer and yummy Vietnamese food we consumed when we were there. I can honestly say Andrew and I will be back. And I am telling all my friends how fantastic you guys are and how professional the consultation was. I have yet to find someone in Australia who is so thorough. Thank you, Kyli
  6. Why do Vietnamese drink so much? by Ashley Pham June 12, 2018. June 12, 2018. Three men drink beer on a sidewalk on Hang Chieu Street, Hanoi. Photo: Tuoi Tre. Cheap prices, no drinking age limit and sales hour restriction, and unfinished legislation on the prevention of harmful effects of alcohol abuse are the three main reasons behind Vietnam.

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Food is a passion with the Vietnamese and you can tell that because the price of Vietnamese food is so cheap. Food costs in Vietnam are much lower than in many Asian countries where food is one of the most expensive items in the economy. Vietnamese Food Fear Factor If you were to go to any Vietnamese restaurant in a large city you would be. Banh xeo (sizzling pancakes) These enormous, cheap and filling Vietnamese pancakes contains shrimp, pork, bean sprouts and egg. They are fried, wrapped in rice paper with greens and dunked in a fish sauce ( Nuoc Cham) before eaten. The best city to try Banh xeo (or sizzling pancake) is Ho Chi Minh City. But it's also one of those snacks that.

But with so many choices and so few menus written in English, it's hard to know what food you would be interested in trying. To give you a hand, we've compiled some Vietnamese must-try snacks. Yes, Vietnamese food is also a tourist attraction you have to experience. Travellers come to Vietnam to taste them again, just one more time The Greens of Vietnam: A Guide to the Herbs in Vietnamese Food. Vietnam loves herbs. It's a big part of the reason why Vietnamese food is so good. This guide will help you make the most out of the Vietnamese's favourite flavour enhancers

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These days, that's the main thing that shows you the authenticity of Vietnamese culture. The food is usually the best there as everything is fresh and prepared in front of you. The only concern we had was the cleanness of the food. Food is so diverse, so delicious, so fresh and so cheap on the street If anyone was to ask me now - why should we try living in Vietnam? I'd say 1) it's very very cheap, 2) the people are very friendly here in the south, 3) it's easy to find work as an expat, particularly English teaching, 4) you can enjoy a great life for very little money and manage to save whilst living it up in a big city, 5) the climate is incredible (living in summer clothes is. 61 reviews of Sit Lo Saigon Been following this places progress for awhile on Instagram. So exciting to see a focused fresh take on Pho. Ordered the number 1 and 4. Each were amazing and had a balance and complexity that I've never really had before. Also two giant short ribs on the side was delicious although a little tricky to eat ha. I drove down from Sacramento and will be back many times

From Bahn Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches with pork and pickled veggies), to Pho, to fresh spring rolls, Vietnamese food is truly delicious. The chance for adventure and unbelievably cheap beers. $0.25 a beer has got my name all over it! The people are so friendly, people are always drinking on street corners. The smell of food is so. Much of Vietnamese cuisine, especially street food, seems to be thrown together in the moment, but there's actually a great deal of thought that goes into each dish.One of the most important concepts is the balance of flavours, which borrows principles from Mahābhūta, the Indian philosophy of five elements So until produce prices go down dramatically at the chain supermarkets, I'm going to keep shopping where they do. Guttman writes the Modern Manna food column for Haaretz.com and is chef an¿d. Delivery & Pickup Options - 226 reviews of Golden King Vietnamese Restaurant Ate lunch. I had the #20 Rib Eye and Chicken Pho. I suspect they use either 5 star spice or some form of the ingredients in their broth, maybe anise. The chicken pieces were a little tough. Anyhow, I couldn't stop eating it Ordering food at a restaurant in Vietnam is like disarming a bomb. You have to be extremely careful and every move must be precise. When pointing at something on the menu, they'll assume you are putting your finger on the item you want and not under it so it can be read

the full nelson: the definition of why Vietnamese joints are Cheap Eats havens. Upon my initial research into Atlanta for Cheap Eats, I knew I was going to have to make a stop at Buford Highway. The legendary drag is home to tacos, sushi, dumplings. curries, Korean food beyond BBQ and so much more. It got me a little nostalgic for my LA days. The Vitals: the spot: Lee's Bakery 4005 Buford Highway NE Ste C Atlanta GA 30345 the eats: Large Combination Pho, Grilled Pork Sandwich the bucks: $10.25, $3.75 respectively the full nelson: the definition of why Vietnamese joints are Cheap Eats havens Upon my initial research into Atlanta for Cheap Eats, I knew I was going to have to make a stop at Buford Highway as a overseas vietnamese, i struggle to understand why vietnamese would want to eat such food. i live in england and never eat such food unless i have to. i miss traditional vietnamese terribly. having said that, my wife , who is vietnamese , say that these fast food joints are clean and efficient. and they are different from the normal. Coming to my country, you may see Vietnamese street food is very common in our daily living. Eating to fulfill stomach and maintain energy takes important part during trips. Foods sold along streets offer more than that, and people love them. I am going to show you 6 main reasons why people love this type of food

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  1. Vietnamese coffee can sometimes taste like chocolate because cacao is added during the roasting process. This started out of necessity because the majority of Vietnamese coffee beans are of the Robusta variety which needs some help to create a well-rounded drink. For a more in depth explanation, keep reading
  2. Stop at one of those food stalls on the sidewalk, grab a small plastic stool and sit down. What you will get next is simply heavenly. From pho noodle soup, spring rolls, banh mi and sticky rice to seafood, Vietnamese food is always tasty, fresh and healthy
  3. The question is: Why Vietnamese eat this dish? Simply it is very delicious as the way we make it and also it is a alcohol killer. Thus, do not try a small bite of this dish without a full cup of 45% alcohol local moonshine. This dish is so popular in Vietnam that always appears in the big feast. 2. Fermented pork rolls - Nem chu

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Vietnamese food is known to be both healthy and robust in flavour, thanks its generous combination of fresh herbs and greens, paired with rice, noodles, seafood, pork and beef. While many cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offer plenty of fine-dining venues and five-star hotel restaurants decked out in extravagant settings, some of the best (and most authentic) Vietnamese delicacies are. For lower end market, there are a plenty of hostels and guest-houses in most cities. Food costs even lower and street foods are among the best in the world. That says, even in biggest metropolitan areas like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you can get by a day with $15. Vietnamese Street food - Cheap and Cheerful Related Readings: Vietnam Budget. Oftentimes they're lucky numbers. In some Asian cultures, eight is associated with wealth or prosperity. Repetition is considered desirable (Olympics started 8/8/08). Or to mark a date in Vietnamese history, or the owners' personal life. For example, Phở 67 could stand for 1967, the year the owner fled Vietnam during the war Indochine chic Why is Vietnamese food so classy in Singapore? Ashley Carruthers To someone from Sydney, Los Angeles, Paris or Ashley Carruthers is a Vancouver there is something quite peculiar about the Lecturer in the School of Archaeology and experience of eating Indochinese food in Singapore Huynh Tien, a restaurant manager in Saigon, had her first surgery when she was 22. When she talked to VnExpress last August, the 30-year-old had already undergone 13 procedures and spent a total of nearly $9,000. I thought I was ugly, and that was why guys left me, Tien said about past relationships

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Vietnamese coffee, especially street coffee or sidewalk coffee is extremely cheap. Wait, isn't cheap a good thing? In theory yes, but there has been research that at least 30% of all vietnamese stree coffee has been laced or mixed with battery acid, so I really don't think cheap is a good thing in this situation Vietnamese breakfast food is varied and plentiful. Photo: Internet. Visitors visiting Vietnam will never forget the street food flavor of Vietnamese land, Vietnamese people, the Vietnamese culinary art has left them with unforgettable impressions. Therefore, today we will introduce to you the top 10 local Vietnamese breakfasts that you must try on a trip to Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam is well-known for its status as a treasure for cuisine.Every dish covers a part of Vietnamese history and being rich in flavor is an added bonus. Famous Vietnamese dishes are untouchable, which confuse a great number of tourists when they plan to visit Vietnam.In this food tour, other than tasting the top 3 dishes in Hanoi, virtual tourists will have a chance to learn how to. I was born here, so I don't know if that makes any difference since I was exposed to many different things growing up food wise. Also, a lot of Mexican food can be really fatty and I noticed most Asian food isn't so maybe this has something to do with some Asian peoples aversion to certain foods

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More than 70,000 Houstonians speak Vietnamese. More than 1.3 million locals converse in Spanish. stew can be made on the cheap and still be deeply authentic. So why is Houston the best city to. I love eating food out of bowls with the perfect sized spoon, with different textures and flavours, whatever I know it's weird. But a really good broth is the fundamental foundation of any good soup. That's why Vietnamese Pho is so good: it's not about the cut of the meats, the noodles, or what other veggies you put in there, it's all. Affordable, mostly healthy, and often incredible, Vietnamese food is easy to enjoy, especially if you look beyond the pho and spring rolls. Here are our 12 favorites During cooking, Vietnamese people avoid fried burns and use oil as little as possible. That is why Vietnamese food is recognized as one of the healthiest foods in the world. The most famous food in Vietnam is Pho. A delicious Vietnamese soup made with broth, rice noodles, various herbs, chicken or mutton. 13. Langos, Hungar Therefore, the social and cultural aspect of eating Vietnamese food is a reason why eating Vietnamese food is healthy. The reputation of Vietnamese food as healthy is correct as long as we eat traditional dishes. The economic growth has considerably changed the way Vietnamese people eat by bringing some Western habits and products

That was proper Vietnamese table manners, even though our rice bowls were the cheap free ones we got from the Asian market and the chopsticks were plastic made to look like ivory. My mom's practical argument is that you have to put the unwanted bits of food (bones, skin, etc.) somewhere - preferable not the table surface and the floor Rau refers to edible leafy vegetation, and thơm meaning aromatic or fragrant. Vietnam loves herbs. They're used like condiments. It's a big part of the reason why Vietnamese food is so good. Order a bowl of pho in Vietnam and it will surely come with a plate of greens. Never has a pile of leaves been so intimidating That is the reason why it is among the list of best Vietnamese foods. The absence of cooking oil makes it a low-fat and low-calorie dish. Healthy and Tasty Vietnamese Food Recipes. Here are some Vietnamese food recipes to help you prepare those delicacies at home. 1. Vietnamese Pho. Ingredient

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The ideal dish of food should find the perfect balance of all these elements - which perhaps explains why Vietnamese food has become a global trend. 8. Vietnam is the world's largest exporter of cashew nuts - which equates to 353,000 tonnes sold for US$3.52 billion per year Street food is a regular part of life in Vietnam—cheap meals and snacks served to millions every day. In the South, vendors prefer aluminum carts, which may be due to many of them operating illegally. Waves of fleeing food carts are a regular sight in the South, with a police truck not far behind So why do Vietnamese hate Chinese? HISTORICAL REASONS. A basic Google search on the question returns pages and pages of results citing historical reasons. Before Vietnam became an independent nation it was an administrative region of China. This case existed for a thousand years until Vietnam fought and won its independence Because it's so light and small, you can hold the peeler in one hand and your food in the other. No matter which sharp edge you're using, the rest of the peeler is your handle. By having all your devices in one, you can work quickly between the different blades and you'll be left with less clean up

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Food, Travel, Arts & Culture So Vietnamese high quality hair is the one who keeps the customers coming back to you. Remember that good hair is not cheap, so be conscious with this step There's a lack of transparency about how and where the coffee is grown, which creates a vicious cycle, Frith says, in which Vietnamese coffee is deemed cheap, and farmers are thus paid low. So what the best Vietnamese dishes that I once strived. Let check it out in this article. Best Vietnamese Dishes in Hanoi Pho . You have probably heard of this mouth-watering Vietnam food - Pho, at least once in your life because it is the most famous Vietnamese dish to try

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  1. imum by the government. Plus, Philippine peso recently has a more competitive US Dollar value at PHP45.90 giving us quite an edge over Vietnamese Dong at VND22.800. (Rates during my travel) 3. Efficient Transportation System
  2. Vietnamese food isn't only unique, but also is really diversified. Each province or country in Vietnam often has specialized cuisines with unique taste, such as pho (noodle soups) and bun cha (noodle with grilled pork, herb) in Hanoi, banh mi (bread with a variety of different ingredients inside) in Ho Chi Minh, bun bo (another kind of noodle.
  3. Sept. 19, 2018. By Ha Nguyen. HO CHI MINH CITY — For many Vietnamese people, it is a ritual as circadian as the sunrise: On the way to work, they pull over their motorbikes to grab an iced coffee from a street vendor, complete with a plastic cup, plastic lid, plastic straw, and plastic case to hang from the bikes as they drive
  4. 8. Hygiene food safety. Vietnamese food is amazing! There are so many types of food for you to choose from, but food safety is a big problem in Vietnam. Street food is delicious, but most of the time, it is not clean and healthy. The sellers may not prepare them carefully, or because of the climate, the food may have some problems
  5. In fact, the reverse output is even more powerful, the rigid French stick bread, under the nativeization of the Vietnamese, has become a very interesting street food. Just to Ho Chi Minh's evening, it was late, walked into the hotel downstairs Pho24, asked for the smallest bowl of beef pho, plus a fresh coconut, a little more than 2 dollars

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  1. Why Beltsville is the D.C. area's best cheap-eats destination Vietnamese pho, adopting the blue and white hues typically associated with Greece so locals immediately grasp the food.
  2. On the weekend of Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, I was invited to a local celebration held by Vietnamese students. People gathered rolling up spring rolls, plating an array of traditional specialty foods, and chatting about life, like a casual family meet-up. Conversations were great, the activities were fun, and the food was superb
  3. ute budget flight away, why should it be that Vietnamese food is so rare and.
  4. Phở is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, rice noodles called bánh phở, herbs, and meat, primarily made with either beef or chicken.Pho is the most popular noodle in Vietnam and the specialty of a number of restaurant chains around the world. If you wonder why Vietnamese people love Phở that much, come to our restaurant and try one tasty bowl of Phở, you will understand
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There are many reasons why Vietnamese people waste so much food. Lương Quang Thi, founder and CEO of ABA Company specialising in cold preservation and transport, said on the sidelines of the summit that incorrectly storing and transporting food will not only increase waste but also reduce quality, affecting consumers' health As a result, people began cutting their food into tiny pieces so it would cook faster. The bite sized morsels rendered table knives obsolete, as there was very little left to cut. However, they were now perfect for eating with chopsticks, which were also made from cheap materials and easily made. Thus, a trend was born

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This place specializes only in Banh Xeo, so there you can pick among various fillings including shrimps, squids, and a variety of vegetables. There is one important rule when it comes to food in Vietnam - wherever you notice many locals you know the place is cheap and has delicious food! Que Huong is definitely that place Vietnamese Lemongrass Beef and Noodles. Rating: 4.75 stars. 2. This is a classic Vietnamese dish that is so simple to make. Sauteed beef marinated in lemongrass and garlic and tossed with cold vermicelli noodles and fresh herbs. Great on warm days or it makes a quick, weeknight meal. By MommyFromSeattle Northern Vietnamese street food is a haphazard mix of French, Chinese, and Southeast Asian influences. There's almost no reason why Vietnamese food should come out as a fresh, spicy, robust, damn-near-perfect meal every time, but trust us on this This is why Vietnamese coffee is a habit I could really get used to. Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Ca Phe Sua Da) In Saigon, with so much fantastic coffee everywhere we turned, it was tough to be too discriminating. So, I left it to the locals to show me the way. Vietnam is a country of food-lovers and total coffee addicts

So far, so good. Pretty much as expected with meat, sauerkraut, potatoes and beer. Next stop wasn't quite so expected. We walked a few blocks away and stopped beneath a 1970s building at a series of wooden food stalls. At the first, he ordered Vietnamese spring rolls. At the second, he ordered plastic cups of local white wines Because of this - and overwork, inadequate food, and terrible housing - the mortality rate was about 30 percent, according to the rubber companies' own records. (ibid) Furthermore, Vietnamese were denied the right to education - it was estimated that, in 1945, 90 percent of the population was illiterate. So much for France's.

FYI foodluver238, besides pho, most Vietnamese food is not served hot. All dishes served with vermicelli noodles will be served at room temperature, like salad. One of the reasons why Vietnamese food is so light and refreshing Vietnamese iced coffee is a traditional Vietnamese drink of brewed dark roast coffee poured over ice and sweetened condensed milk. In her much-acclaimed cookbook, Vietnamese Food Any Day: Simple Recipes for True, Fresh Flavors , Andrea Nguyen translates this classic drink into delicious ice cream

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Chinese take-out went hand in hand with Americans' historic penchant for gobblingh up lots of cheap food in as little time with as little fuss as possible.---America Eats Out, John Mariani [Lebhar-Friedman:New York] 1999 (p. 76-80) [NOTE: This book has far more information than can be paraphrased here Vietnamese Rice Wine Goes Global. Sunday, 02 October 2016. Written by Saigoneer. When it comes to alcohol, Vietnamese rượu doesn't rank high on the list of easy-to-drink Asian spirits. While sake and soju are consumed the world over, local rice wine boasts a far humbler reputation than its other Asian counterparts, in part because the. History. During the Paleolithic, wild horses formed an important source of food for humans.In many parts of Europe, the consumption of horse meat continued throughout the Middle Ages until modern times, despite a papal ban on horse meat in 732. Horse meat was also eaten as part of Germanic pagan religious ceremonies in Northern Europe, particularly ceremonies associated with the worship of Odin A darling Vietnamese restaurant with exquisite food; everything from decor to dishes is worth the visit. Owners Sara Leveen and Ben Lowell opened the restaurant in January of 2017, and it's already become a neighborhood favorite in the busy area And everything we made was so delicious and authentic! I would 100% recommend this class to anyone visiting Hanoi and looking for a way to learn about the local food and culture. Even if you're on a budget, the price of this class isn't too bad. And we made so much food, I'm sure you could take what isn't eaten with you