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So it's easiest to see if you have an 8N first, and save the smaller 9N v. 2N differences for later. You are definitely looking at an 8N tractor if: The rear wheel is dished, with a large nut in the center surrounded closely by 8 more lug nuts. In contrast, both the 9N and 2N models have a flat rear wheel with a ring of 6 lug nuts further out Identifying Your Ford Tractor. The best way to identify a tractor is by the serial number. Serial numbers on the 9N-2N and 8N tractors are located on the left side of the engine block, just below the head and behind the oil filter. The hundred series and 01 series tractor serial number location is on the flat area above and behind the starter The 9n is actually older and cruder than the 8n tractor. The 8n has slightly more horsepower than the 9n. The 9n has a three speed transmission while the 8n has a four speed transmission. The 9n had foot pegs while the 8n had running boards. The 8n has both brakes on the right side while the 9n has the left brake on the left Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:42 am Post subject: Re: How to tell year model Ford 8N: The first 8N Tractors were available in July, 1947. 8 was to designate it for the new Model Year, 1948. The early ones had a casting date code on the block, on the starter pocket, as Kirk showed Ford 9N. Ford 8N. Clutch & Left Brake on Left Side. Both Brakes on Right Side. 3-Speed Transmission. 4-Speed Transmission. Has Post for Foot Rests (or Running Boards which Hang from the Foot Rest) Has Running Boards attached to Transmission. Throttle Comes Up out of the Middle of the Steering Column

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How to determine 9N from 2N Ford tractor. Cast aluminum grill with horizontal slots. No freeze out plugs on block. 2-ribs on fender. Approximately first 700 tractors equipped with cast aluminum hoods. Ignition key switch on right side of dash. 2-brush generator. Single rib fenders To determine the year of a Ford 8N tractor, the serial number must be located and then compared to a list of serial numbers used by Ford for each of the years in which the tractor was manufactured. Locate the serial number imprinted on the Ford 8N tractor. The serial number is stamped into the metal of the engine, on the left side of the. The 8N has been converted from 6 volt to 12 volt system. We have a front mount coil. How can we tell if the coil is a 6 volt or 12 volt, it is not marked. At this point, pretty convinced the coil is bad and need to know what to buy. The only way you can tell is to check the reistance of the coil, but if it is going bad that will not tell you.

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I first began collecting these tips and writing them in the margins of my manuals when I purchased my first 8N in 1999. Over the years of owning 8N's and other Ford tractors, I have managed to refresh what little mechanical knowledge I had and add a little more, thanks to. sdo Ken from Ken's 9N describes how to tell a Ford 9N tractor from a Ford 2N at the 2008 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Old Threshers Reunion Apr 16, 2013 - How to tell the difference between a Ford 8N and 9N by the wheel center. Apr 16, 2013 - How to tell the difference between a Ford 8N and 9N by the wheel center. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with. The number 9N7006-B is the part number for the transmission housing, which is the same for the 9N or 2N. The 8 is a B, as Ford used letters at the end for revision numbers. You can tell if the tractor is a 9N or a 1942 or later 2N by looking at the dash. If it is one cast piece from the top of the transmission on up, it is a 1941 9N or earlier

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Ford 8N Tractor Cooling system. All N-Series Tractors - Ford-Ferguson 9N, 2N, and Ford 8N. Your tractor appears to be overheating. Troubleshoot by starting with the simple-easy stuff and working down the list to more difficult-expensive causes: 1-System overfilled, 2-Low Coolant Level, 3-Radiator Cooling Fins bent and/or clogged with junk Registered. Sep 14, 2014. #5. Re: ford 8n or 9n , pos or negative ground. Yes, things have been changed along the way. There was a configuration from mid 9N -2N-early 8N That used the front mounted distributor and a single wire generator. The generator is a 6V original and uses a voltage cut out, not a voltage regulator The 9N and 2N were agricultural tractors produced by Ford during the mid-20th century. Ford manufactured the 9N tractor from 1939 to 1942, then replaced that model with the 2N, which the company produced from 1942 until 1947. Although the company engaged in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment, such as. FORD 9N, 2N, Early 8N FRONT DISTRIBUTOR. All Ford-Ferguson 9N, 2N, and Early Ford 8N. NEW! For an evaluation and test of a new electronic distributor and ignition wires by AIP Electronics, click here. The front mount distributor on the 9N, 2N and early 8N tractors was a victim of bad publicity

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Other major differences are the shape of the dash & steering box, a 3-speed (9N-2N) versus 4 speed (8N) transmission, factory running boards (8N) and draft control lever on 8N. AND, just to make it interesting, many parts are interchangeable. So, you could have a 4 speed transmission and rear end, but 9N-2N type hubs on the front The 8N had only been in production a couple of years when Ford figured that out and upgraded to the better designed Spicer type steering box that was used for many years after. Add some age and wear to that poor early design and you've got a steering box that will never be able to fully eliminate the sloppiness in the front wheels The tractor is a 1942 9N, Ferguson System with a Sherman Transmission. The 9N tractor was introduced in mid 1939; the four-cylinder, 23 HP engine, (this one is number 9N98567) was produced in March of 1942 and is one of the last 9N tractors manufactured (only 10,000 in 1942) before the 2N series was introduced in mid-1942. Cost new was $585

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Ben based on this I'd say it was a 9N but from what it says improvements and changes were an ongoing thing. Tthe Ford 9N, the first of the N Series tractors was born complete with the first three-point hitch in 1939. It was developed as a versatile all-purpose tractor for the small farm and was exceedingly popular How to tell if my tractor is an 8N discussion in the Ford 9N, 2N, 8N forum at Yesterday's Tractors FORD -9N-2N-8N The Ford 9N had its qeginnings with a hand shake agreement between Henry Ford and Harry Ferguson. Harry Ferguson, an Englishman, had worked with a system of implement attachment and hydraulic controls. The design work had been conducted for almost 20 years and resulted in the 3-point linkage or hitch

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Re: Identifying a Sherman Transmission 9n, 2n, 8n (Continued in reply to K-n-L Country Farms, 01-12-2016 19:07:55 Besides long distances, the step-up had value for the pto speed. If the tractor was hooked up to run a pump, generator, auger, or any other fixed pto use, the engine could run at a lower speed and still keep the pto at 540 This is primarily based on 9N/2N/8N tractors. A Ford 3000 was added to the fleet, then sold when a fresh rebuild proved to be too much power for our mostly-wooded property. This is all about the FUN stuff! Most of this web site is about tractor repairs, restoration, and maintenance

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  1. Ford 2N, 8N, 9N Tractor Service Manual - View it absolutely FREE online here! 142 Pages. CONTENTS. Description and Specifications. 3. Chapter 1 - Engine. 8. Chapter 2 - Transmission. 61. Chapter 3 - Power Take-Off . 71. Chapter 4 - Belt Pulley . 75. Chapter 5 - Rear Axle. 79.
  2. 169980 to 198728. 1946. 198729 to 258501. 1947. 258502 to 306183. * All 9N and 2N model serial numbers begin with a 9N as a prefix. Ex: 9N15015. Serial Number Location. 9N/2N Year by Year Differences
  3. First think to understand is that the 8n was first made in 1948 and the 9n in 1939 with the 2n in 1942 so they aren't in the model order one would think. The next thing is to know is that I've never owned any of them but have drive various N serie..
  4. Ford - Fits: 2N, 8N (up to sn 263843), 9N; Replaces: 9N12100 * New, not rebuilt* For tractors with generator / alternator mounted on the right side, as sitting in the seat. 1939-1950* For tractors with front mount distributor (distributor is mounted directly under the fan blade / water pump) Product Number: ABC060. Price: $199.50
  5. This beautiful 1952 Ford 8N tractor followed us home last week. We were driving to Christianburg, VA and saw it parked on a front lawn with a For Sale sign. I had to stop and look. It was a good deal so I ended up buying it. Can someone tell me why the Ford 9N came before the 8N? And why there was a Ford 2N tractor between the 9N and the 8N


Harry Ferguson,9N FORD is Dedicated to Antique Tractors of All Kinds, 8n, 2n, 9n, ford, tractors, fordson, antique, dearborn, ferguson,john deer. When the 9n. Products 1 - 9 of 19 Electrical wiring and related parts diagram for Ford 9N and 2N If you have questions about finding the correct parts for your tractor, please.free wiring diagrams Ford Engine Sleeve Service Tools These specialty tools make the removal and installation of cylinder liners in vintage Ford tractors a painless and trouble free process. They are fabricated from quality alloy steels, designed for long life, and priced to fit the tight budgets of vintage tractor collectors and enthusiasts

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  1. The Ford 8N tractor was the successor to Ford's 2N tractor and was manufactured between 1947 until 1952. Testing the ignition coil can be accomplished using a combination of two methods. On all vehicles, ignition coils amplify the spark so that it can make the jump at the spark plug gap; Ford 8N tractors are no exception
  2. It is hard to tell the difference between the 9N and the 2N . Official production of the 8N tractor began in 1947. Equipped with a 4-speed transmission, this model was destined to become the top-selling individual tractor of all time in North America
  3. Ford 8N tractor overview. 8N Serial Numbers: Location: On the engine block, left-hand side, just behind oil filter
  4. About Ford 8N, 9N, 2N Tractors The Ford 9N, produced from 1939 to 1941 and the first of the N Series tractors, was born complete with the first three-point hitch in 1939. It was developed as a versatile all-purpose tractor for the small farm and was exceedingly popular. It went through subtle changes almost every year of production
  5. Ford 8N Transmission. Tractor must be stopped and clutch used to shift between gears. The Sherman Step-Up and Step-Down Combination transmission provided two additional ranges, one higher and one lower, through the use of an auxiliary gearbox. The Step-Down was geared down by 1.513 to 1
  6. eral spirits and atf.. or kerosene and atf and fill those 2 jugs to the top. mix atf and acetone in a squirt bottle and spray from the bottom. let set. keep tapping on it. if nada. pull head and tap down on them with a deadblow hammer
  7. Ford 9N and 2N Tractor Parts 507 Wheels 21 Brakes 5 Front Axle and Steering 50 Rear Axle 20 Hydraulic Controls 56 Engine 100 Transmission Clutch & PTO 31 Ford 8N Tractor Parts 1947-1952 662. Ford Jubilee and NAA Parts 451. Ford 600, 700, 601 and 701 485. Ford 800, 900, 801 and 901 490. Fordson Models 418

Ford 8N is such an iconic tractor, that, everybody wants to keep it alive for always. Being iconic, it demands more attention than others, intermittent maintenance is essential. The ignition coil in the vehicle is responsible to amplify the spark... Ford 8N Tractors For Sale: 4 Tractors - Find Ford 8N Tractors on Equipment Trader Ford tractors can be identified by the serial number that has either been stamped behind the oil filter on the engine block's left side, on the left side of the transmission case, or behind the starter, depending on the tractor's model. If the serial number is hard to read due to wear or if the original engine has been replaced with one from.

FORD 9N TRACTOR CULT, PLANTER, MOLDBOARD TRACTOR ENGINE WAS OVERHULED THEN NOT USED FOR 20 YEARS, HAVE NOT TRIED TO START, ENGINE IS NOT FROZE View Details. Dealer Info HEILIGMAN EQUIPMENT, LLC. CHARLOTTE, TX 1294.7 miles away 830-570-0458. Email Dealer Dealer Profile View Details. Add to Compare My tractor is a 1957-vintage Ford 640. Like the more numerous N series tractors — 9N (1939 model) 2N (1942 model) and 8N (1948 model), it is a gasoline-powered four-cylinder utility tractor with a three-point hydraulic hitch and a PTO (power takeoff unit) on the back. It's bigger than the N-series tractors, with about 35 HP 12V Starter for Ford 8N Ford 9N Ford 2N tractor - WITHOUT Bendix Drive | Ford 8N starter motor 3109 SA546 8N1100R 8N11001R 1831810 8N-11001 9N11001 9N11002 150-025-12 SFD0191 8N-11002 SA-546 1939-1952. 4.6 out of 5 stars 8. $74.99 $ 74. 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Aug 4. FREE Shipping by Amazon Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 24, 2020 (Edited) Had to replace the governor on my 1951 Ford 8n due to flyballs wearing a groove almost through the body of the housing. Flyballs and their traveling surfaces had many flat spots. I am having trouble adjusting the new governor. I can only move the throttle lever over the throttle quadrant about 1.

Ford 9N and 2N Tractor Parts 507. Ford 8N Tractor Parts 1947-1952 662 Wheels 22 Brakes 13 Front Axle and Steering 77 Drag Link and Ends 8 Front Axle 14 Steering Gear (BSN 216989) 25 Steering Gear (ASN 216988) 30 Rear Axle 29 Hydraulic Controls 56 Engine. The Ford 8N is a 2WD utility tractor from the N series. This tractor was manufactured by the Ford in Highland Park, Michigan, USA from 1947 to 1952. The Ford 8N is equipped with 2.0 L, four-cylinders gasoline engine and one of two transmissions: constant mesh transmission with 4 forward and 1 reverse gear or Sherman combination transmission with 12 forward and 3 reverse gears

Most Ford tractors Ford 9N, 2N, 8N, NAA, etc. have Autolite ignition systems utilizing ignition coils that require external resistors. (The ignition coil resistor on the 9N/2N is located on the back of the dash above the ammeter. The easiest way to tell is to try to put a socket on the lower bolts. On the 8, the socket goes on straight without hitting the case. On the 9, the socket won't fit this position or the bolt on the other side of center, you'll need to use a wrench to remove those nuts Aftermarket Parts for Ford 8N Tractors. The AllPartsStore carries a large selection of aftermarket parts for Ford 8N tractors.If a part on your Ford 8N is broken, damaged, or missing a part and needs replacement. We carry a wide selection of Ford 8N parts including, belts, spindles, seats, engine parts, engine kits, decals, gauges, lights, fenders, tool boxes and so much Discount Starter & Alternator Replacement New Starter For 2N 8N 9N Ford Tractor with Drive Bendix. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 44. $99.45. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. Only 14 left in stock - order. DB Electrical 220-14037 New Starter For Ford Tractor,8N 9N Drive Bendix 52-11350-C, C2Tf-11350-Sp, Sd5A, Ford Tractor 2N My 9N was running great. Started up easily, ran smooth, then nothing. It won't start, not even a single pop. Remove the fuel supply to make sure the gas flowed freely. Remove the back spark plug to check for spark. clear and blue. Disassemble and clean the Marvel carburetor. Spray some starting fluid in the air intake

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  1. But in some cases, with the governor used on most vintage Ford tractors, for example, a set of steel balls within a pair of races is used. The basics for governor overhaul include inspecting and replacing any defective bearings, seals, and drive gears
  2. ation of Front-mount or Side-mount Distributor. Front-mounted --- Distributor is mounted in the front face of the ti
  3. Hi all im new to tractorbynet form.I have a ford 8n front mount dist. i put new coil points and condenser and rotor button and cap on three times still no fire. I know i cant have 3 bad coils and points from different places could any of you help me and tell me what im doing wron
  4. als. And then down close to the block there is a ceramic one that someone used at one time. It too is bad and nothing was connected to it. Just below that it appears that the two wires, the one co
  5. g cover, though. But the front axle support only bolts to the front of the oil pan and does not interfere with the ti
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Messages. 48. Location. Tucson, Arizona. Tractor. Ford 3550 Industrial / 1937 John Deere Model B/ 4310 John Deere. I just bought a Ford Jubilee with the original 6 volt system. The shop manual says it has a positive ground but the 6 volt battery that's in it has been installed as a negative ground. What are the issues with the battery installed. 8N Ford Tractor Wiring Diagram 6 Volt from lh6.googleusercontent.com. Print the electrical wiring diagram off plus use highlighters to be able to trace the signal. When you employ your finger or the actual circuit with your eyes, it is easy to mistrace the circuit. A single trick that We 2 to printing exactly the same wiring plan off twice FORD 9600 Ford Tractor. 9600 Ford Tractor (1976) with dual remotes, dual PTO, new dual power, new 540 and 1000 PTO rebuilt, 135 hp and has weights $14000 Make offer or t... Larry Pursley. Franklin, OH. Email. Call. 1-866-557-4935. Video chat with this dealer. Larry Pursley Video chat with this dealer Tractor Reference for Ford The following information is being provided to help you identify some of the more popular Ford tractors. Model Year How to Identify 9N, 2N 1939-1947 4:00 x 19 front tires; 10.50 bolt circle front wheel; 3 speed transmission. No script on hood or fenders. 8N 1948-194

Henry Ford's 9N was painted a light battleship gray from 1939 until 1948, when Ford's grandson, Henry Ford II, came out with the Ford 8N painted in what now is referred to as a red belly and a lighter gray hood, fenders and wheels. Since cast iron tends to rust more quickly than sheet metal, Ford's designers decided t Ford 9N, 2N and 8N engines are all the same. They have an engine governor. The side mounted distributor came in later, I think 1950? They were made from 39 to 1952. the 2N (1942, 43, 44, 45,46) engines had a magneto, a hand crank mounted permanently, no electric system, starter, generator, or battery Find a copy of a positive groung wiring diagram to prove it to yourself. to the coil on a positive ground car like a Model A, 9n,2n, 8n Ford tractor.May 03, · Simple visual explanation of the wiring of the 6 volt Generator & Regulator on My Farmall Super A 6 Volt Positive Ground. may apply to others

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troubleshooting tips for your pertronix ignitor® and coil installation first, read the instructions that came with your kit or coil! note: the pertronix ignitor is effectively a go or no system. this means that if the ignitor has a fault, it will not operate at all.. if the vehicle has an intermittent fault, at certain times or revs, this is generally a How To's Instructions, measurements and videos are now available right from the product detail page. Miscellaneous Information. Case DC - Tractor Serial Number Location Cockshutt - Tractor Serial Numbers 1946-1962 Cockshutt - Paint Color Codes Ford 8N - Determining if your distributor is front or side mount Ford - How to determine if your hydraulic pump is Vane or Piston typ Blake's Ford 8N Page Cylinder Sleeve Puller. One of the great things about the Ford tractor engine design is that they were designed to be easily and economically rebuilt. The block is made with replacable sleeves. With new sleeves, the engine can be made as-new without the need to bore the cylinders oversize We also carry a great selection of new, rebuilt, and used Ford ® tractor parts for years ranging from the 1930's to the present. This includes 5000 tractor parts, 4000 tractor parts, 3000 tractor parts, 2000 tractor parts, 8N tractor parts, and even 9N tractor parts

8N. Worthington Ag Parts is your home for new, used, and rebuilt tractor parts. We stock a broad selection of parts for your Ford® 8N tractor. The Ford® 8N was manufactured for years 1947-1952. It was originally delivered with 30 hp. The availability of some parts varies depending on the time of year The 9N and 2N used three-speed transmissions, while the 8N was equipped with a four-speed, but this doesn't seem to hamper the value of the older tractors. Prices typically range from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on condition 263 Sexton Road Indiana, PA 15701. Phone: 1-877-254-FORD (3673) Email: dave@arthurstractors.com Hours of Operation Monday - Friday 8 - 4:30 Saturday by appointmen

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  1. PUR-AMP Ford Tractor Starter for 2N/8N/9N, 12V and 9T Drive, 32200012V. SKU: 127248699. Product Rating is 2. 2 (3) See price at checkout. Was Save. Standard Delivery Eligible. Compare. Check Availability
  2. If you do Face Book, you can sometimes get some quick answers from a group Called Ford 9N 2N 8N Golden Jubilee NAA 600 700 800 900. you might have a 2N Model as the 8N is a 1948-52 model. Share this pos
  3. Ford 8N 9N 2N Service Manual Parts Manual Assembly Manual Shop Manual 8N OWNERS. New (Other) C $68.12. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. or Best Offer +C $20.55 shipping estimate. from United States. 53 sold. L 3 Z S F p R o U 3 n E s N o r e N d K. LOT 6 FORD 9N 2N TRACTOR MANUAL SHOP OPERATORS PARTS CATALOG SERVICE REPAIR SET
  4. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Ballast Resistor. Common signs are the vehicle not starting or starting but immediately dying. Only a professional mechanic should handle the ballast resistor. by Ed Ruelas on January 04, 2016. Vehicle starts, then immediately dies. Not starting at all

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  1. The first Ford (Fordson) tractor was built in 1917. The Ford tractors were not the first, and not always the best, but they were the first to be produced on a mass produced and the first farm tractors to be affordable to all who had the need for one
  2. This is a list of all the tractor models built by the Ford Motor Company and under the Fordson brand. The later New Holland models built under CNH Global ownership are not included. 1 Fordson 2 Ford agricultural tractors 3 Ford industrial tractors 4 Ford Construction Equipment 5 Ford New Holland..
  3. C5nn1050j Spin out Power Adjust Rim 12x28 for Allis Chalmers Case Ford WD Wd45. $465.93 New. 8n5230 Horizontal Exhaust Muffler and Pipe Assembly Fits Ford Tractors 9n 2n 8n. $32.50 New. 8N11001 Reman 6 Volt Delco Starter for 8n Ford Holland Tractors. 4.7 out of 5 stars
1940 9N rear wheels and rims - Yesterday's TractorsSingle wire alternator/conversion - Yesterday's TractorsRestoreing a 1971 Skid steer loaderOld 8N - Where to start? - Yesterday's TractorsC- Carb question what did I miss?? - Yesterday's Tractors

The 8N was the first model to feature a clutch on the left side, and independent brakes on the right side. One of the drawbacks to the 2N, 8N, and 9N was the lack of hydraulic live lift. In order to raise an implement, the power take off, or PTO, was required to be running Ford Dedicated to Ford tractors. 419203: Re: Tractor identification by IndFord on 08/01/21 at 10:56: Ford 9N, 2N & 8N This group focuses on the Ford N-Series tractors which includes the 9N, 2N & 8N. 854737: Re: 3-point question by Caryc on 08/01/21 at 11:12: Fordson Dedicated to Fordson tractors. 21907: Re: 3 point lift limit? by Lynn Patrick. Marvel Schebler small float assembly. Float for small bowl carburetors. Tractors: 9N, 2N, 8N, 134 CID engine (1953-1954), 172 CID engine (1953-1957) Removal of seal housings. When it comes to fitting the new seals, the first thing here is to soak the rope seals in clean engine oil for at least an hour before attempting to fit them. This is important and is often overlooked. Soaking the seals in clean engine oil. After removing the old seals, make sure you get the grooves completely clean to.