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Wild Turkey Bourbon†Austin Nichols began to bottle Wild Turkey in 1942. The Ripys were bought out in 1949 by Robert and Alvin Gould. For the next three decades, Austin Nichols remained a non-distiller producer—bottling bourbon purchased on the open market under the Wild Turkey brand. Much of this whiskey was purchased from the Ripys/Gould distillery in Tyrone 1992 - Wild Turkey 101 8-year bourbon loses its age statement domestically and is reintroduced as Wild Turkey Old No. 8 Brand (Wild Turkey 101/8 continues to be released outside the U.S., its glass is embossed with an 8 Years Old); 1855 Reserve (From the Makers of Wild Turkey) is released to foreign markets, the first batch being W-T-01-9 The Wild Turkey brand was made from bourbon distilled at several plants, most likely Bernheim, Barton, Beam, and Schenley. But their biggest supplier was Ripy Bros. On July 1, 1972, the Ripy distillery in Lawrenceburg was purchased by Austin Nichols, with Jimmy Russell as master distiller, and henceforth all Wild Turkey was distilled there

As much as enthusiasts love Glut-Era Wild Turkey (about 1979-1991), it most certainly wasn't a prosperous time for the brand, or bourbon in general. One could argue there was achievement in navigating the storm. While commendable, survival isn't a trait of a Golden Age so let's go ahead and scratch that era off the list Classification: Straight Bourbon Company: Campari Group Distillery: Wild Turkey Released: Ongoing Proof: 101 Age: NAS (According to Eddie Russell, bottles are between 8-9 years) Mashbill: 75% Corn, 13% Rye, 12% Malted Barley Color: Deep golden amber MSRP: $55 (2017) Official Websit * All bourbon must be aged at least 2 years. If the age isn't specified it probably close to 2 years old. Generally if it's aged for 4 or more years it will be specified on the label. 2 Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon is Wild Turkey's flagship brand. Wild Turkey is distilled at a very low proof in order to help embody all of the barrel flavors during aging. It comes out of the barrel at around 109 proof necessitating only slight dilution before being bottled at 101 proof UPC Codes: Whiskey Bottle Dates - UPC codes came about in the late 70s - early 80s. 80244 - Buffalo Trace. 80432 - Wild Turkey ( Click Here for Wild Turkey Laser Codes) 80660 - Barton Brands. 80686 - Jim Beam (newer Old Grand-dad) 81128 - Brown-Forman. 83924 - Heaven Hill. 85676 - Medley

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Wild Turkey Bottle Dates. Redditor u/Kumori published a comprehensive Guide to Wild Turkey Date Codes in January 2017. This is the source of our information and has been extremely helpful to many in the bourbon whiskey community to hep bottle dates How to Age Your Own Whiskey. The aging process is what makes Bourbon Bourbon. Not only taste wise but legally. The color is a nice golden/burnt orange. I put it next to Wild Turkey 101 and they had almost the same color. Granted the WT is watered down to 101 proof The most underrated bourbon at the moment is J.T.S. Brown Bottled-in-Bond. It's a killer table bourbon, meaning it's less than 20 bucks a bottle. It has no age statement, but [that means] it's at.. Wild Turkey is known for its long, rich, and full-bodied finish. To taste Wild Turkey from start to finish, it comes down to these four qualities. Bourbon's color tells you a lot about its age. You'll notice that Wild Turkey has a deep auburn color, because it's aged longer in barrels with the deepest char. Breathe in the bourbon Try Wild Turkey 81 and Wild Turkey 101 side-by-side; both are made with blends of 6- to 8-year-old juice, and everything but the 20 proof difference is the same. What does age do for flavor

own right after 35 years with Wild Turkey. We never pour a drop of Wild Turkey until it's aged at least five years - often six or eight or more. Of course, we only have to age it two years to call it a straight bourbon, but we're not big fans of doing the minimum Region: Kentucky ABV: 50.5% Tasting Notes: Oak, Spice, Vanilla Given its higher proof and low price, Wild Turkey 101 is an excellent budget entry into the bourbon category. Don't be put off by the ABV, because this whiskey backs up its heat with a complex palate and smooth finish Although not age-stated, Rare Breed is an uncut blend of 6, 8, and 12 year old bourbon blended from batches of around 150 barrels picked from the best spots in the Wild Turkey warehouses. Over the years there have been four label-specific iterations of Rare Breed with the current release hitting a lofty 116.8 proof Wild Turkey also has the same mash bill as Jim Beam and the same barrel char. But it goes into the barrel a 114 proof instead of 125 proof. Cheap Bottle: Ancient Age Kentucky Straight Bourbon. And while 101 packs a far greater punch than 81, both are the product of enormous batch production (something like 1,500 barrels per batch, according to the brand), aged in Char #4 barrels and carry no age statement, though the blend of whiskeys is said to be comprised of 6-, 7- and 8-year-old spirit

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Bottled-in-bond bourbon has long been the standard of excellence — at least four years old, exactly 100 proof — but Wild Turkey does one point in proof better and tacks on several years of age Wild Turkey Bourbon 101 Age: 6-8 years Proof: 101 Distillery: Wild Turkey Appearance: Deep rich amber Aroma: Gentle yet rich, with deep vanilla and oak along with a complex mixture featuring a slight hint of oranges and toffee. Taste: Explosion of vanilla, taste of caramel, notes of honey, brown sugar and hint of tobacco Finish The 101 in the name points to Wild Turkey's proof, which means this bourbon has 50.5% ABV. But the high alcohol content is perfectly incorporated into the drink, so you shouldn't think twice about enjoying a glass or two. Wild Turkey is aged in heavily charred oak barrels, which shows in its rich smell and taste

Stock Up Today On Your Favorite Spirits. Buy Online & Pickup In-Store Thirty years old is about right for that Wild Turkey bottle. The fact that its volume is stated as a liter instead of a quart places it after 1979 (when liquor bottles switched to the metric measurements) and the fact that it has a tax strip places it before 1985. So I'd say early 1980s is pretty spot on. Probably great bourbon, too. Cheers, Eric Wild Turkey 86.8: 83.8: Skyy Spirits: Available in Australia and New Zealand: Wild Turkey American Honey: 71: Skyy Spirits: Bourbon and Honey is a traditional couch and sore throat remedy. Sometimes with a bit of lemon juice. Anything below 80 proof is technically not a bourbon. Light on the honey, Make your own to your taste. Wild Turkey. Wild Turkey 101 Details. Country American Whiskey. Distillery / Brand Wild Turkey. Bottler Wild Turkey. Age 8 year old Whisky. Style Bourbon Whiskey. Alcohol 50.5%. Volume 70cl. View All

That 10-year-old Scotch is just coming of age, but the 10-year-old bourbon may be at the crest of the hill. the Thomas H. Handy Rye from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and Wild Turkey. This has been my favorite bourbon for 50 years. I suppose the next best thing is Wild Turkey, but Ancient Age beats it hands-down and is very reasonably price. It is extremely hard to find anymore. The liquor stores say they order it but have to wait and wait. I most assuredly am not a bourbon snob. In fact, snobs make lousy bourbon drinkers What's wild is that Ancient Age is made from the same mash bill as Blanton's Wild Turkey 101. Wild Turkey The bourbon is a mix of high-rye mash bills that comes together under the.

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This high-proof bourbon from Wild Turkey is aged in char number four, or alligator char, barrels and bottled at a strong 110 proof. The deep char of the barrels and the strong ABV result in an assertive bourbon that has deep notes of fruit, chocolate, and smoke, and lingers on the palate well after your first sip Beam vintage decanter 'Wild Turkey' old Kentucky Bourbon 121/2 in. $30.00. $14.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Vintage Austin Nichols WILD TURKEY Decanter 185 LE Empty No. 6. PO

Why is Wild Turkey overlooked by collectors? ponders Bill Thomas, owner of Jack Rose Dining Saloon and noted whiskey collector. Jimmy and Eddie Russell have been at the helm for 50 continuous years. So consistent, no change or rarity, no throwback to something vintage that's not now available WILD TURKEY® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 81% alc./vol. (40.5 proof). Distilled and Bottled by Wild Turkey Distilling Co., Lawrenceburg, KY. ©2016 Campari America, San Francisco, CA. Wild Turkey Recipes To Tr At 17 years old, this bourbon is the oldest expression of Wild Turkey available in the USA. Master's Keep is the brainchild of Eddie Russell, son of the legendary Jimmy Russell, and current.

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Bourbon See All. 84 % Wild Turkey Rare Breed [112.8/56.4] Review 72 % Kings County Distillery Straight Bourbon Review 94 % Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch Review Does it age in the bottle? Whiskey is different to wine, in that it does not age while in the bottle L1#### Format (c.1992) In 1992, Wild Turkey used a date code with the format L1####. This date code will likely be printed in black ink on the back label or foil enclosure. The first digit following the one is the last digit of the year of bottling and the three remaining digits are the Julian date Minnick says his group mistook Larceny (wheated and put in the barrel around 125 proof) for a rye whiskey, and Wild Turkey (a rye whiskey barreled at 114 proof) for a wheated bourbon Life Expectancy of a Turkey. In general, the average life expectancy for hens is three years and four years for toms. Everyone likes to blame predators as the chief factor when discussing a wild turkey's life expectancy, but, while predation is no doubt a factor, there is a larger process to consider. The NWTF's director of conservation. Age gate - Wild Turkey. Il nostro bourbon è perfettamente invecchiato

Wild Turkey Rye Green Label Rye, 750ml, 1992. Wild Turkey Rye debuted in the mid-1970s. It had the green label until the 90s, when it switched to a label more consistent with its bourbon color scheme. It was discontinued in 2012, and brought back on a limited basis in 2014. Posted in Wild Turkey Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon (I have to include bourbon now because there is a rye), is Wild Turkey's year-round cask strength bourbon release.While they have other high proof bourbons, including Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon and Russell's Reserve Single Barrel bourbon, Rare Breed is the only one considered cask strength or barrel proof (although the consistent 116.8 proof over the years.

The cycle of turkey egg laying is a bit more fickle than one might find in chickens. Bourbon Reds reach sexual maturity between 7 and 8 months of age but generally won't begin laying until the spring after they hatched. Sometimes a hen might lay a few eggs in the fall before winter begins but will stop production for cold winter days Well am planning to age an old fashion in a 2 liters barrel . Am using 1.75 liters of wild Turkey bourbon. Could you please give me the full recipe for my 1.75 bourbon pleas Best Under $30: Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey Buy On Drizly Buy On Flaviar Buy On ReserveBar ABV: 50.5% | Age: 5+ years | Volume: 750 ml, 1 L, 1.5 L, 375 ml, 200 ml, 50 m The Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a barrel proof, no age statement Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Launched in 1991, the Wild Turkey Rare Breed was one of the first barrel proof bourbons in the market. Even though the Rare Breed upped its alcohol strength in 2015, it managed to retain its mellow flavor

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Bourbon Review. Bourbon Name: Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary Proof: 91 Age: 13-16 years Year: 2014 How I Drank It: Neat, in Glencairn whiskey glass.. My Nose Noticed:* Vanilla | Honey | Cedar | Spice First Sip: Honey | Oak | Hot Spice The Burn:** You're immediately greeted by that familiar Wild Turkey spice but yet it's a bit different Wild Turkey is the fifth-largest bourbon label in the U.S. according to Impact Databank. Sales grew 3.4% to 610,000 cases last year. E.J. Schultz is the News Editor for Ad Age, overseeing. I already mentioned that bourbon doesn't age once bottled, so allow me to expand on that. Bourbon is aged in new, charred oak barrels (), and the moment it's out of the barrel, that process ends. Like vodka, rum, and other spirits, it doesn't get better or develop taste after bottling. So saving it for years doesn't make that much sense Wild Turkey Master's Keep Revival is the third release in the Master's Keep series and is a tribute to Jimmy Russell's years at Wild Turkey. The higher prices come from the specially-selected Sherry barrels used for finishing and the extra handling during the ageing process. It's a Bourbon that matches style and complexity Russell's Reserve 10 Year bourbon is one of the few widely released and age-stated Wild Turkey whiskeys, with the 6 year rye being the other (I'm not counting anything limited such as Master's Keep, Cornerstone, or Decades). From what I understand, the Russell's Reserve line is Wild Turkey's ode to Jimmy Russell, their Master Distiller

Wild Turkey keeps 20 aging warehouses scattered about their grounds, each with a 20,000 barrel capacity (for400,000 barrels, or roughly 20,000,000 gallons of bourbon — you're welcome). They'll rotate the barrels from floor to floor as required, if some are aging too slowly, and taste every year to make sure the wood and heat are doing God. Wild Turkey 101. Wild Turkey 101. Credit: Campari Group. The flagship bourbon under father-son master distillers and bourbon country legends Jimmy and Eddie Russell, Wild Turkey 101 provides a solid foundation for any cocktail and sips nicely on its own too. wildturkeybourbon.com We age our whiskey longer in new American White Oak barrels with the deepest possible char, cutting no corners across all of our bourbons and giving each one distinctive and rich flavor. Be Smooth. Drink Responsibly. Wild Turkey American Honey® Liqueur blended with Pure Honey and Bourbon Whiskey, 35.5% alc./vol. (71 Proof)

Wild Turkey Bourbon 101. Wild Turkey is known to barrel its whiskey at a lower entry-proof, meaning the product is a lower proof as it comes off the still prior to maturing. That lower entry proof lends to more flavor from the mash bill (corn, rye and malted barley). Wild Turkey Bourbon 101 is pulled from the barrel at 109 proof before being. Liquid Legacy: Wild Turkey American Spirit 15 Year Old. Jimmy Russell is uncharacteristically reticent when it comes to picking his favorite Wild Turkey whiskey, but according to his son and current master distiller, Eddie, this is Russell's all-time favorite bourbon. It is also Whisky Advocate's highest rated Wild Turkey, with a complex.

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But for practical purposed within the realm of modern Bourbon as we know it, they're #1 and #2. Kentucky Spirit has the same bottling proof of Wild Turkey 101. The different would seem to be barrel selection and age. Wild Turkey 101 is a bottling of barrels blended together with ages of 6, 7 and 8 years old Today is a special day at Wild Turkey Distilling Co. in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky as they celebrate the man, the myth, the legend, the Master Distiller's Master Distiller, the Buddha of Bourbon - Jimmy Russell. Jimmy started at Wild Turkey on September 10, 1954. Stop and think about that for a moment. 65 years

Wild Turkey has announced the details of their sixth limited release in the annual Master's Keep series. Wild Turkey Master's Keep One is made up of an 8-10 year-old mid-aged bourbon picked by Jimmy Russell, blended with a 14 year-old bourbon picked by Eddie Russell. The blend is then barreled for a second maturation in new, toasted and charred barrels and aged in one of Eddies favorite. WILD TURKEY 'MASTER'S KEEP ONE' CELEBRATES THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE OF TWO FAMED BOURBON LEGENDS. Sixth U.S. Limited-Edition Release in Award-Winning Master's Keep Series Embodies the Spirit of Wild Turkey's Father & Son Distilling Virtuosos. LAWRENCEBURG, KY (September 2021) — With four decades of distilling experience under his belt, Master Distiller Eddie Russell may have.

Wild Turkey 101 is the iconic standard label for Wild Turkey Bourbon. Under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Jimmy Russell for nearly 55 years,Wild Turkeyhas long been a stalwart of the bourbon industry known for its rebellious image and in-your-face bourbon flavor. This 50.5% alcohol whiskey is not age stated, though I have it on good. Review of Wild Turkey 101 Proof Kentucky Straight BourbonNew Weekly Whiskey Reviews every Friday at 12pm EST. Please Like and Subscribe to catch all of the u..

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  1. Today we taste and review Wild Turkey 101 bourbon whiskey and compare it to Wild Turkey Classic.Check out the Instagram account @whiskey_marketing_school**..
  2. What we're drinking: Longbranch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Where it's from: Wild Turkey, the iconic Lawrenceburg, Kentucky-based distillery that's pretty much kept everything in the family until this release, which actually came out in 2018 but seems to be really getting its own push just now, starting with an Instagram account that moves the product a bit outside the, uh, nest
  3. Age of wild turkey bottles. By AE, 5 years ago on Wine & Other Vintage Alcohol Values. 1,239 1.2K. Wild turkey 101 proof 8 year old bourbon. Two Bottles of Weller's Antique Reserve 110 Proof 10 year old Bourbon. Wild Turkey 101 proof 2 bottles with ATF seal. About us; Contributors; Moderators
  4. Introduced in late 2009, Wild Turkey Bourbon Tradition is a super high-end bourbon reportedly has been aged for 14 years in new, white oak barrels with the heaviest (and most expensive) level of char. The offering has been limited to only 14,000 bottles
  5. Be Smooth. Drink Responsibly. Wild Turkey American Honey® Liqueur blended with Pure Honey and Bourbon Whiskey, 35.5% alc./vol. (71 Proof). Bottled by Austin, Nichols Distilling Company, Lawrenceburg, KY. ©2017 Campari America, San Francisco, CA
  6. A very desirable 1995 Wild Turkey in extremely fancy packaging, this long-aged bourbon from one of Kentucky's finest distillers has been hand-selected by Master Distiller Jimmy Russell himself and comes in rather arresting wood and copper packaging. Facts Reviews How We Pack
  7. It's a sentiment you'll hear echoed by Wild Turkey, Maker's Mark, Jim Beam, and others as well: The majority of Kentucky's masters consider the sweet spot for great whiskey to be somewhere.
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DOES BOURBON GET BETTER WITH AGE? YES. TO A POINT. If you look through all the Barrell Bourbons released over the years, you'll see a pattern. More accurately, a lack of one. We're not wedded to a particular age statement. We've released Barrell Bourbons with age statements ranging from five to 15 years. And yes, we're biased, but we'll go on record as saying they're all terrific. Wild Turkey 101. Best smooth bourbon: Blanton's Gold Edition. Best non-Kentucky bourbon: Balcones Baby Corn . This post was originally published in 2018 and then updated for 2019, 2020 and 2021. Image attribution: Dale Cruse on Flick

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Wild Turkey 101: Wild Turkey: Bourbon: 101: 88: Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit - Bourbon Society Selection: Wild Turkey: Bourbon: 101: 90: Wild Turkey Rare Breed 112.8° Wild Turkey: Bourbon: 112.8: 86: Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve 6 Year Rye: Wild Turkey: Rye: 90: 82: Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Private Selection Bourbon. Bourbon is America's native spirit — as actually declared by an act of Congress in 1964. In order for the drink to be considered bourbon, it must be distilled anywhere in the U.S., although 95 percent is made in Kentucky (via Fresh Mag).While the name is thought to be inspired by a former county in Kentucky, historian Michael Veach told Smithsonian Magazine that the spirit could have been. Review - Wild Turkey, Longbranch, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Small Batch, (No Age Stated), 43%. 20 Wednesday Jun 201

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Wild Turkey 81 Proof Bottling Note. A lower strength bourbon from Wild Turkey, bottled at 81 proof (40.5% abv) and created by the associate distiller Eddie Russell, the son of master distiller Jimmy Russell. This has a high rye content in the mash bill and is aged in casks with a heavy char - the result of which is huge flavour and complexity. Wild Turkey Longbranch vs. Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon Comparison Review. Back in the day, these used to be at least 10 years old, but the bourbon boom has reduced the average age of these barrels down to around 7.5 years old. It's also bottled at 86.6 proof and can be found for around $20 on the shelf Wild Turkey is distilled near Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Although bourbon has been brewed in this location since 1869, the name Wild Turkey wasn't used until 1940. There are six different varieties of the straight bourbon available in the USA: 81-proof, 101-proof, Kentucky Spirit, Rare Breed, American Honey, and Russell's Reserve That leads us to the subject of our review today: Russell's Reserve 13 Year Old Barrel Proof Bourbon. In an era where Wild Turkey products often lack age statements and are rarely bottled at barrel proof, the announcement of this product that had both of those things was received with a ton of enthusiasm. Adding fuel to the excitement fire was. Barrel Aged Cocktail Recipe - Wild Turkey Aged in Old Smoky Blackberry Moonshine Barrel. If you like bourbon then you are at least familiar with Wild Turkey. They have been around for years and their labels (including Russel's Reserve also) have been consistently named as top 10 in tastings year after year

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Wild Turkey Rare Breed Barrel Proof Batch WT-03RB 70cl. A special barrel proof release from Wild Turkey distillery in Lawrenceburg, KY. Blended from barrels of 6 to 12 year old bourbon. The Wild Turkey distillery, then known as Boulevard, was built in 1935 by the Ripy Brothers in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Whisky Kentucky Straight Bourbon Usa Wild Turkey 13 Years Old Distiller s Reserve, Brown $ 201.65 $ 268.87 / 1000ml. fees apply. Auction. Go to shop The Whisky Exchange. UK: London . 700ml . Free shipping in UK over £100. Standard delivery 1 week No minimum order.. This six-year-old high-rye bourbon is a great value for the price, and it simply tastes good. I'd say it compares to Wild Turkey 101—it's very similar, in fact, but about five bucks cheaper. When I have the five extra bucks, I go with the Turkey instead of the Cock, mainly because I feel kind of like a frat boy when I buy Fighting Cock Wild Turkey Rare Breed Kentucky straight bourbon (56.4% ABV) As if Wild Turkey wasn't strong enough, Wild Turkey Rare Breed was upped from its already premium strength to 56.4% in 2015. Thankfully this particular native Kentucky bird is not as endangered as its 'Rare' branding might suggest and a quick internet search will reveal stocks.

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Determining the Gender of Poults (Baby Turkey) Determining the gender of poults can be challenging, and it depends on the breed. Vent observing method is the most commonly used method for determining turkey gender which began in the 1920s The price of its 750ml bottle is $269. Wild Turkey ranks 11th in our list of best bourbons in the world. 10. Blanton's. Bourbon: Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon Proof: 93 Owned by: Sazerac Compan

Feb 13, 2016 - 95% of bourbon whiskey comes from Kentucky, but what they won't tell you is that from Maker's to Jim Beam to Wild Turkey, every drop comes from a handful of conglomerate corporate distillerie Wild Turkey master distiller Jimmy Russell takes a sip of bourbon drawn from the barrel at a warehouse near Lawrenceburg, Ky. on Aug. 22, 2014. Bruce Schreiner—AP By Eric Dodd Similar to the bourbons, Wild Turkey ryes run the gamut from an entry-level offering (81 proof; $22) to the Cornerstone entry in the Master's Keep series, of which I was not a fan. Those of you expecting a hard-edged rye whiskey will likely be disappointed; Wild Turkey's rye whiskey is from a mash bill of 52% rye, 36% corn, and 12% barley That's Jimmy Russell, one of Wild Turkey's master distillers at the bourbon's Lawrenceburg, Kentucky facility. He's been made a Kentucky Colonel three times and with 60 years of distilling.

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Distilled and bottled and at the Wild Turkey distillery in Lawrenceburg, KY, this Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is aged a minimum of seven years in timber warehouses and is charcoal filtered. This filtration process simulates the aeration process that happens in the barrel, converting more aggressive congeners to esters that end in more elegant top notes. The result is a lighter colored. Wild turkeys have instincts in them when they are born to be wary like all wild turkeys and have a sense of what is a predator and what isnt! The mother doesnt show the birds what a owl is and that it would eat them! Baby wild turkeys also know the entire turkey vocabulary by instinct and at a couple weeks old are capable of communicating most. Wild Turkey: 101 Years Wild Turkey: Watch Matthew McConaughey Play Piano (Not Bongos), Consume Bourbon (Not Weed) in Wild Turkey Ad He Directed Wild Turkey: Matthew McConaughey Is Wild Turkey's.

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Russell's Reserve Single Barrel seems a bit of a contradiction. It's got some of that signature big flavor and zip of Wild Turkey, but it also quite full and creamy backed up by sweet caramel flavors. It doesn't seem like a 110-proof Bourbon to me, but at the same time flavor is big and bold with just some rough edges towards the finish Jimmy Russell: the Master of Wild Turkey. Despite his age, Jimmy Russell's mind is as sharp as someone one-third his years, although his body is less agile. A star athlete in high school, Russell remains a minor mountain of a man, but he steps gingerly, stiffly. Yet those tight joints won't keep him off the road Wild Turkey bourbon is bottled at 101 proof (there's also an 81-proof expression) and aged for about six to eight years, which sets it apart from other similarly priced bourbon Wild Turkey, Master's Keep, Bottled in Bond, 17 YO Bourbon. Photo, courtesy Wild Turkey. Wild Turkey's top expression is a series of limited release whiskeys bottled under the Master's Keep range