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Day hikes start from Sand Beach Parking Lot and along trailheads off the Park Loop Road towards Otter Point. Trails in this area range from fairly level to significant elevation gain, but all provide opportunites for coastline views View of Sand Beach from Great Head Trail . Photo by Emma Forthofer, Friends of Acadia, NPS. Acadia's only sandy ocean beach at the beginning of the Park Loop Road's coastal section, is one of the park's most heavily-visited areas. Three popular hiking trails—The Beehive, Great Head Trail, and Ocean Path—begin nearby

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  1. Sand Beach is a must-see at Acadia National Park and there's perhaps no better view of it than from the Great Head Trail. This easy hike with postcard views starts on beautiful Sand Beach and then loops around the rocky coastline of the Great Head peninsula. Great Head Trail is one of the easier and family friendly hikes in the park and.
  2. Trail Description Photos. Nestled in a nice little cove protected from the Atlantic Ocean, Sand Beach is Acadia's only sandy beach and is a popular spot for people to relax and play along the shore, despite the usually frigid water temperatures
  3. Top trails ( 30) The Beehive Loop Trail. #1 - The Beehive Loop Trail. Acadia National Park. hard (2501) Length: 1.5 mi • Est. 37 m. The Beehive Trail Loop is a must-do hike for all visitors to Acadia National Park. This popular loop offers incredible views, with some challenging rung and ladder sections. This loop starts at the Sand Beach.
  4. Sand Beach, Acadia National Park: Address, Phone Number, Sand Beach Reviews: 4.5/5. See all things to do. Sand Beach. See all things to do. See all things to do. hike the great head trail, the trail begins and end at the beach. My absolute favorite trail in the park. The smell of the ocean on one side and the smell of the evergreens on the.

The Beehive Loop begins on the Bowl Trail across the park loop road from Sand Beach. There is a crosswalk at the top of the entrance to Sand Beach, the Bowl trailhead is located next to it. Follow the Bowl trail 0.2 miles up a creek bed to the trail interesection with the Beehive trail. Beware of loose rock and uneven footing The preeminent sand beach in northern Maine, called Sand Beach, is found along the Ocean Drive in Acadia National Park, about four miles south of Bar Harbor. Sand Beach is what's called a natural pocket beach, about 300 yards wide, tucked at the northern end of Newport Cove between Great Head and the Beehive Great Head on the eastern side of the beach is a sea cliff trail. The Beehive, 100 feet north of the parking area is a wooded and open cliff trail for more dedicated hikers. The Bowl trail is located near the beehive trail but is a less strenuous hike over granite ledges to a pond. Sevice Acadia National Park's Ocean Trail is a really cool trail, despite being heavily trafficked. Whether you're coming from Cadillac Mountain or you just drove in from Bar Harbor, you have to make a stop here.Along the way, you can stop off to enjoy Sand Beach, Thunder Hole and Otter Cliffs

There is an unsurpassed scenic Ocean Path walking trail that begins at the far end of the upper parking lot at Sand Beach, and then meanders in a southerly direction along the eastern shore of Mount Desert Island for approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) until it arrives at Otter Cliff and Otter Point (4 miles or 6.4 km round-trip). This walking trail happens to go right between the ocean (on the. Trail Description Photos 1 2 3. One of the crown jewel features of Acadia National Park is the beautiful coastline with its jagged pink granite formations standing up to the never-ending assault of the ocean's waves. Ocean Path is a family-friendly trail that follows a dramatic stretch of coastline between Sand Beach and Otter Point Sand Beach, in Acadia National Park, is nestled in a small inlet between the granite mountains and rocky shores of Mount Desert Island. This gorgeous 290 yard long beach is one of the most popular points of interest on the island

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Park at the large Sand Beach parking lot. There are restrooms here, as well as beach access and access to several other hiking trails. To get to the trailhead, cross Park Loop Road. There is a trail that leads from the parking lot to the trailhead. The Beehive Trailhead is marked with a large trail sign The free Island Explorer shuttle bus makes frequent stops at Sand Beach in the summer months, connecting visitors to points throughout Acadia National Park. Hiking trails abound in and around Sand Beach. Meander to the far end of the beach and hike the Great Head Trail to the dramatic ocean cliffs on its far side Great Head Trail. The 1.4 mile (2.2 km) Great Head Trail is rated as moderate and loops around the perimeter of the small peninsula called Great Head located on the east side of Sand Beach in Acadia National Park. This is a great early morning hike, or afternoon for that matter, and one that the whole family can experience (with caution. Thunder Hole to Sand Beach is a 1.7 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Bar Harbor, Maine that offers the chance to see wildlife and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from April until October. Length 1.7 miElevation gain 180 ftRoute type Loop

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Sand Beach. Sand Beach is the only ocean beach open to swimming within Acadia National Park. Located in a horseshoe-shaped cove and flanked by high cliffs on either side, it is as beautiful a beach as you will find, reminding me of the beaches in Hawaii. The sand is soft—oddly enough 70 percent of it is crushed shells—a rarity in Maine. It is possible to see the highlights along the Ocean Path (Sand Beach, Thunder Hole, and Otter Cliffs), without hiking this trail, by driving Park Loop Road and stopping at these viewpoints. Just expect BIG crowds midday. This is an extremely popular area in Acadia National Park Sand Beach is one of the two beaches in Acadia National Park with lifeguards from Memorial Day until Labor Day, and it is the closest parking area to the popular Beehive Trail, where hikers look down from Beehive Mountain on the surrounding area. Despite its name, the standard ocean temperature of 55 degrees means that only 10 percent of the.

The trailheads for today are all located near the Sand Beach Parking Area in Acadia National Park. In order to get into the park, you will be required to have a vehicle pass. As of writing, a private vehicle pass that provides entrance to the national park for up to 15 passengers is $30 for 7 days Acadia's Ocean Path is a relatively flat 2.0-mile point-to-point trail that connects Sand Beach, at the northern terminus, to Otter Point, at the southern terminus. Since the trail is adjacent to the one-way section of the Park Loop Road, most hikers begin at the Sand Beach Parking Lot. Although it is tempting to visit the beach first, a. 4. Ocean Path Trail. Starting at Sand Beach, this walking path takes you along the coastline running parallel to Park Loop Road. The trail leads to two popular attractions - Thunder Hole and Otter Point. Be extra cautious during wet conditions and keep your eye out for the rare rogue wave that can mount the cliffside path Tracing the scenic, rocky coast of Mount Desert Island, the Ocean Path is a popular easy hiking trail in Acadia National Park that spans from the famous Sand Beach to Otter Point Best Hikes in Acadia National Park Ocean Path. The Ocean Path trail is a great way to see the most beautiful segment of Park Loop Road by foot! Start at the south end of the upper parking area for Sand Beach.The mostly flat trail meanders 2.2 miles along the rugged Atlantic coast leading all the way to Otter Point.Because the elevation gain is less than 20 feet, it's a great family-friendly.

What It's Like to Hike Acadia Beehive Trail . Let's get on it, it's time to hike Beehive Trail - Acadia National Park! The trailhead is across the road from the Sand Beach parking area. You'll see a crosswalk at the entrance of the lot. And don't forget to look up, the dome of Beehive Mountain is hard to miss Trailhead: Sand Beach. If you want a flat, scenic path that gives you the best of Acadia- this is it! Ocean Path travels from Sand Beach to Otter Point. Along the way you will enjoy views of rugged coastline. About 0.7 miles from Sand Beach you will reach the iconic Thunder Hole

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  1. Stops on the Park Loop Road, Acadia National Park. Sand Beach is a really nice point to stop and look around. You can access a few hiking trails from this parking lot and parking area. We recommend getting here early, parking your car, hiking a few trails, then having a picnic on the beach
  2. Great Head Trail. (Moderate hiking, 1.6-mile loop) At the east end of Sand Beach, a large peninsula of land composed of granite, basalt, and sedimentary rocks known as Great Head juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Cliffs as high as 145 feet tower over the pounding surf and offer dramatic viewpoints for watching the wildlife on the ocean waters.
  3. Park across the street at Sand Beach and then cross the main road to get to the Beehive hike starting point. How to Do the Beehive Trail: Our Review Metal Ladders and Scrambles Galore: The Beehive Trail Ascent. Because I'd heard the Beehive trail could get extremely crowded, I arrived at the Sand Beach parking lot around 7:00 AM, just after.
  4. Precipice to Champlain Mountain South Ridge Loop: If you want to head toward the Sand Beach area of the park, turn left at the summit of Champlain Mountain and take the south ridge toward the Beehive and Bowl Trails. From there, you can make your way down the Bowl Trail to the Sand Beach parking lot
  5. This idyllic area actually lies just off the Park Loop Road a short distance from the Sand Beach entrance station. Our plan was to walk the Great Head Trail, but we ventured down this path instead. It was possibly the highlight of our entire Acadia adventure
  6. For Sand Beach, peak season is June 15-Sept 8 and for Echo Lake, it's May 15-Sept 15. There are also several trails where your furry children are prohibited. These include the Precipice, Bee Hive, Ladder Trail to Dorr Mountain, Beech Cliffs Trail, Perpendicular Trail, Jordan Cliffs Trail between Penobscot East Trail and the carriage road
  7. Great Head Trail is located on the eastern side of Mount Desert Island in Acadia National Park. The loop trail can be reached via Sand Beach or the Great Head Trail Lot off Schooner Head Road. Traveling into the park via Schooner Head Road can avoid many of the notorious traffic backups during the peak summer months. At only 1.7 miles from the Trailhead Lot, Great Head Trail

It's also one of those hikes in Acadia National Park that is perfect for the entire family since it's a pretty easy trail to traverse that takes you along the rugged coast of the Atlantic - all the way from Sand Beach to Otter Point The trail turns away from the shore and descends through the forest. A cedar post marks a junction in the trail. For a shorter loop (1.3 miles) , take the trail to the left. It climbs steeply before leveling out and leading back to Sand Beach. For a longer loop (1.9 miles) continue straight. The trail angles back toward the ocean with. 4. Hike Great Head Trail from Sand Beach. Hiking Great Head Trail was my favorite thing we did in Acadia! Great Head Trail is the perfect mix of coastal views, rock scrambling, and forest! And, it's only 1.9 miles (3 km) roundtrip. If you only have one day in Acadia, I highly recommend Great Head Trail because you get to experience Sand Beach.

Sand Beach is a huge sandy beach in Acadia National Park with open views out into the Atlantic Ocean to the south. The beach is a popular roadside destination on the main park loop, and it receives lots of traffic. Despite this, there is plenty of space to grab a patch of sand and soak up the sun. Changing rooms and restrooms are available, but pets are not allowed on the beach from May 15. Ocean Path, Bar Harbor Maine (Sand Beach to Thunder Hole to Otter Trail) Take a leisurely stroll along the Atlantic rocky shoreline with tidal pools and crashing waves. Ocean Path is probably one of the most stunning coastal trails in Acadia National Park. Length: 4.4 miles, out and back to Otter Trail. Difficulty Rating: Easy Sand Beach. , Acadia National Park. Located within a national park, Sand Beach is tucked between two walls of granite, which protect this stretch of the coastline and create an intimate feeling for visitors. Only 265 m (870 ft) long and surrounded by a lavish forest, the beach offers some spectacular views and plenty of space to stretch out and. The Great Head Trail is an excellent starter trail for those new to hiking at Acadia National Park. You'll get some great views of the rocky Mount Desert Island coast and Sand Beach, and while it has some difficult sections, it's not anywhere as extreme as the mountain trails

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Sand Beach is a must see on your trip to Acadia with loads of trails nearby this is one place you can't miss. Sand Beach is located off the Park Loop Road on the east side of Mt. Desert Island. Signs for the beach will make it difficult to miss Ocean Path is one of the best hikes in Acadia National Park! If you want to eschew the climbing and just enjoy a walk along the coast, you could do worse than this trail. Beginning at the Sand Beach parking lot and ending with views of Otter Cliff, this out-and-back trail follows the coast past some of the park's favorites

A rare beach for Acadia, this short stretch of sand covers less than a quarter mile. A little slice of heaven sandwiched in between an unyielding jumble of large multicolored granite rocks. Although Acadia's Sand Beach is manned with lifeguards during the summer and the National Parks Service provides a bathhouse, only the brave take to the. Those familiar with the hiking trails at Acadia say the Precipice Trail is the most challenging trail in the park because hikers must hang onto steel ladder rungs in some parts of the trail. Precipice Trail is the most exposed hiking trail in the park, providing even more challenges than the Beehive Trail near Sand Beach

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  1. AMC authors Jerry and Marcy Monkman call it the wildest part of Acadia because of its rough-hewn oceanside cliffs, deserted beaches, and 18-miles of rugged mixed-use trails. Half of the 8,000-acre island belongs to the lobstering town of Isle au Haut
  2. The trail comes out right above Sand Beach, which is a great place to pick up the Ocean Path. The Ocean Path is a flat walking trail that runs between the ocean and the road. Trail Conditions - 3. Trails in Acadia are always rocky and rooty and can be slick when wet
  3. Acadia National Park is one of the nation's most popular parks. With approximately 3.5 million visitors annually, the park is especially crowded during the summer months when visitation peaks at nearly 700,000 visits per month! While Sand Beach and the Bar Island Trail are often packed, there are places that are considerably less busy
  4. Bowl Trail/Beehive Trail, Acadia National Park Beehive Trail and Bowl Trail Information. Distance (round-trip): 1.6 miles / 2.6 km; Time: 1-2 hours; Rating: Strenuous. Beehive requires ladder/ iron rungs in parts with drop offs (the Bowl Trail is much easier) Elevation change: 520 feet/ 158 meters; Trailhead: Across the street from Sand Beach.

For your first day in Acadia, start out with the Beehive trail. Since this is one of Acadia's most popular trails, plan to start early so you can secure a parking spot and avoid crowds on the trail itself. The closest parking lot to the trailhead is at Sand Beach, which is right across from the Beehive trailhead Search from Sand Beach Acadia stock photos, pictures and royalty-free images from iStock. Find high-quality stock photos that you won't find anywhere else What trails make up the Beehive loop? You'll actually start on The Bowl trail (across from the Sand Beach parking lot), and after .2 or so miles, you'll reach the first fork in the trail. Go right to climb the Beehive trail. Continue straight and you can make your way to The Bowl or up the backside to the Beehive summit

10 Must See Hikes and Adventures in Acadia National Park. 1. The Beehive. The Beehive is one of the most unique climbs in all of Acadia. Although the beehive is less than 540ft in elevation, the trail to the summit is almost completely vertical. If you are afraid of heights, this climb probably isn't the best choice for you The Great Head Trail loops around the Great Head Peninsula and it located near Sand Beach. According to Acadia Magic, when you reach the southern end of the hike, you will have wonderful panoramic views of the rocky eastern coast of Mount Desert Island including Otter Cliff, Thunder Hole, Gorham Mountain, and the churning ocean below The Beehive in Acadia National Park is seen from Sand Beach on June 10, 2012. Difficulty: The trail up the front of Beehive is moderate difficulty, but strenuous for people who are even slightly. Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park offers different landscapes through woodlands, rocky beaches, pristine lakes, and granite peaks such as Cadillac Mountain. Driving through the scenic 27 mile Park Loop Road is like a stop and go for spectacular views.. These photos are from our two day visit to Acadia National Park in mid September 2012 The hike. The Beehive Loop begins across Park Loop Road from Sand Beach, four miles south of Bar Harbor, Maine.A word of warning: Acadia is one of the country's most popular national parks, and Sand Beach is at the heart of the crowds.Arrive early to avoid the masses and to get a parking spot (or take the free shuttle from the Visitor Center). (Note: Park Loop Road is one-way, heading south.

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Sand Beach, on the east side of Mount Desert Island. Ken Canning/Getty Morning. Sunrise comes early to Mount Desert Island, the 108-square-mile island where most of Acadia National Park is located Acadia National Park is known for its rugged, majestic and beautiful coastline.Highlights include Thunder Hole, Sand Beach and Cadillac Mountain. Thunder Hole. Thunder Hole is a bit tricky to capture at the right time to hear the Thunder and to see water splashing up to 40 feet high. There were many times that we arrived at this popular tourist attraction to see barely a small splash. Start With The Schooner Head Overlook. My dad and I were not planning on joining the parking masses at Sand Beach. Though this is an option if you're driving the Park Loop Road (one of the best things to do in Acadia btw!).. Instead we were going to head straight for the trailhead's small parking lot On the Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia's Oceanside Meadows Inn sits across from Sand Cove on its own 200-acre nature preserve laced with trails (from $150). Owners Ben and Sonja Walter-Sundaram have. All of these hikes encompass the best that Acadia has to offer, with sweeping ocean views, dramatic granite cliffs, and landscapes filled with cedar, birch, and spruce. This easy four-mile round trip hike (also known as Ocean Path or Ocean Drive Trail) is the classic introductory hike to Acadia. Starting off at Sand Beach, the path brings you.

Sand Beach, Acadia National Park: Address, Phone Number, Sand Beach Reviews: 4.5/5. See all things to do. Sand Beach. See all things to do Jordan Cliffs Trail between Penobscot East Trail and the carriage road Park Trails not recommended for pets Acadia Mountain Flying Mountain Giant Slide Cadillac Mountain- west face Bubble and Jordan. From the time we started #parkchasing in 2010, watching the sunrise in Acadia National Park ranked high on our national park bucket list.With some of the best views of the Atlantic coast in all of New England, there's a good reason Acadia is famous for mornings. As soon as we planned our Acadia itinerary, we started looking for spots to start the day

O ccupying approximately 47,000 acres across Mount Desert Island and the Schoodic Peninsula in Maine lies Acadia National Park. Although one of the smallest national parks by size, it is also one of the most-visited, hosting more than 3.3 million tourists each year keen to explore the granite peaks, carriage roads, and hiking trails of this Atlantic coast treasure Trail: You can find the Bowl Trailhead off Park Loop Road across from the Sand Beach parking lot. You will go up the Beehive Trail and return via the Bowl Trail (all the iron rungs trails are highly recommended to be one way traffic only). Distance: 1.4-mile loop. Elevation: 488 feet gained - the summit is 520 feet To begin the Great Head Trail hike, you'll want to park at the parking lot for Sand Beach located on the Park Loop Road. From the parking lot, you will cross the beach entirely, which is a nice morning walk in itself, especially on the foggy days Acadia is famous for Trailhead: From the Sieur de Monts entrance to Acadia, turn right onto Park Loop Road. After about 3.4 miles, you will see a turnoff on the left, which you take to Sand Beach. The far end of the parking area is the start of the trail. Distance - 4 miles. Average Time of Hike - 2 hours

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The Gorham Mountian Trail is close to the Ocean Path Trail, making it a popular extension for hikers who want to do two trails in one hike. Though the mountain's peak is at a moderate elevation of 525 feet, it still boasts of amazing views of Sand Beach to the east, Otter point to the south, and the Beehive to the north Acadia National Park. From October 1 to 18, 2020, vehicle reservations. are required to enter the Cadillac Summit Road and Sand Beach Entrance sections of the Park Loop Road. Reservations must be purchased in advance online at Recreation.gov. Reservations will not be sold at the park. All vehicles must display an entrance pass while in the park. Bring lots of water each day! It was in the high 80's and depending on which trails you hike, you may be exposed to the sun along most of the hike. The only water fountain we found was at the bathrooms by Sand Beach. The gift shop by Thunder Hole sells water, but you will pay a premium price This trail is listed in the guidebooks as moderate, but take it from a lazy person, this 1.4-mile hike is easy, not to mention gorgeous. Park in the lower Sand Beach parking lot and the trail head is at the far end of the beach. There is an incline as you ascend, but it's worth it Sand Beach is located along the one-way Park Loop Road. From the Hulls Cove Visitor Center, drive south on the Park Loop Road for 3 miles. Turn left at the fork in the road, following the signs for Sand Beach {not Cadillac Mountain}. Drive for 5.5 more miles along the Park Loop Road one-way section

Sand Beach . There's a reason this is called Sand Beach, because it's the only place that the shoreline is not covered in rocks. This is the perfect place for kids to play and run around, but if you're from the mid-Atlantic states or the south, be prepared for a shock when you jump in the water. Acadia National Park Hiking Trails that. Ocean Path. Ocean Path is a flat, easy trail with stunning views of the rocky Maine coast, Atlantic Ocean, and some of the most popular spots in Acadia National Park. The trail begins at Sand Beach and runs along the side of Park Loop Drive. The trail goes on for two miles (one-way) and ends at Otter Point Breathe in the salty sea air as you stroll along the rocky, pink Acadia coastline. This path delivers stellar ocean views, a thundering inlet, and dramatic cliffs perfect for rock climbing! What You Need to Know. The Ocean Path begins at Sand Beach and continues one-way for 2 miles to Otter Point Cute beach in Acadia National Park. Notes: * Dogs are allowed around Acadia, but not on the beach. * Changing rooms and bathrooms by the parking area. * Parking area fills up fast, it's also the closest parking lot to the popular Beehive trail. If you can't find parking in the lot, there's parking on the road, but it will be one-way Sand beach is connected through some gorgeous trails - Great Head Trail or the Ocean Path that meander Through ocean views, rocky cliffs, and greenery. #3 Thunder Hole A small inlet along the coast is the place where at times of high tides, the water crashes into the rocky cliffs making a thunderous sound and hence the name Thunder Hole

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  1. Sand Beach Parking lot in Acadia National Park. There are restrooms here. In addition, there is beach access and other hiking trails. Directions to Parking Lot. Hiking Tips. If you have a fear of heights, the Beehive Trail is not recommended for you
  2. Sand Beach rests on the banks of Newport Cove and one of the only places where you can enjoy a leisurely swim. It encompasses 290 yards long and features a handful of amenities. Why You Should Go. One of the top things to do in Acadia National Park with kids is taking them on a fun day trip under the sun to this sandy beach
  3. The entire trail is about 2 miles in length (up beehive and back down the bowl trail). 4) SWIM AT SAND BEACH. If you love water or having a prized gem at the end of a rejuvenating hike, then definitely jot dot Sand Beach as one of the top things to do in Acadia National Park. You can also catch panoramic views of this beautiful beach from Great.
  4. imal elevation gain; allow 2+ hours with time for exploring Sand Beach and tide pools along the shoreline
  5. Acadia National Park's Accessibility Guide provides thorough information about constantly expanding efforts to make the park accessible for all visitors. This includes providing ADA campsites and wheelchair-accessible restrooms and facilities at the park's three main campgrounds. Note that 31 steps make Sand Beach inaccessible to wheelchair users
  6. Acadia National Park's Sand Beach. The elevation gain begins almost immediately as you make your through the woods on the Bowl Trail. There's no rock scrambling. You'll be walking up on big rock steps. At about 0.25 mile is a trail junction for the Beehive Trail. Look closely and you'll see people people making their way up the beehive
  7. g , and has somewhat warmer waters. Both Sand and Echo Lake beaches are staffed with lifeguards during the summer season

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While Acadia was the seventh most visited national park in the country last year, Sand Beach never feels too crowded, even though it is only about three hundred meters long. Since there is a slight hike involved to get down to the beach, it tends to stay much less crowded than some of the larger beaches in the country Abandoned Trails Of Acadia national Park is a site dedicated to covering lost and abandoned hiking trails in Acadia. We cover old ghost trails as well as phantom trails, offering visitors to our site more trail listings, more trail details and more maps than any other online site. No Anemone Cave, no Great Head and no Sand Beach, because. This hike takes you along Acadia's pink-granite coastline to Otter Point. Otter Point is a spot where people like to watch the sunset. Ocean Path trailhead is right before the stairs to Sand Beach. Half way along the path you will come to Thunder Hole. There is a side path to take you down stairs to a viewing area Aptly named, Sand Beach is, well, a sandy beach. As one of the only truly sandy areas of coastline in Acadia National Park, Sand Beach is the perfect place to take kids for a day of fun in the sun on a summer's day. The beach itself is located just a short walk from the parking area, so it's easy enough to pack a picnic and towels for an.

View of Sand Beach from Ocean Path Beehive Trail. The Beehive is an iconic hike with major view payoff, but the catch is that much of it is vertical, taking you up the rock face via iron rungs. Two other trails in Acadia have iron rungs: Precipice and Jordan Cliffs. Next time, we'd love to do the Precipice Trail - it's similar to the. Great Head Trail - One of Acadia's shorter hikes, it is approximately 1.4 miles. The trail loops around Great Head Peninsula which lies adjacent to Sand Beach. This hike is of moderate difficulty, consisting of some steep inclines and rocky terrain. The views looking back over Sand Beach and down to Otter Cliffs are simply amazing

Stars Over Sand Beach is a recurring event administered by park rangers where they interpret the stories behind the constellation's names. Common stargazing locations are the Seawall picnic area, Sand Beach, and Cadillac Mountain. Additional reading: Top 5 Reasons to Visit Acadia National Park. Frequently asked questions about Acadia National. Ocean Path Hiking Trail. The Ocean Path trail is for the families and is one of the easier Acadia hikes. It's a fairly simple route, mostly along the granite shoreline from Sand Beach to Otter Point, or vice versa

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Distance: 2.04 Miles Elevation Gain: 1,056 ft. 0.0 Miles: Find the Precipice parking lot and trailhead on the Park Loop Road, 2.5 miles south of Bar Harbor 0.1 Mile: Climb up the first gatekeeper obstacle 0.2 Miles: Head up the rock slide boulder field 0.4 Miles: Precipice Trail meets the Orange and Black Path. Keep left to continue on Precipice Trail, or back out here Precipice Trail is ranked #8 out of 13 things to do in Acadia National Park. unparalleled view of Sand Beach. Unfortunately, the trail isn't one size fits all. area is located north of. The Precipice Trails and a portion of the Champlain/East Face Trail are included in this closure. Bear Brook Trail is open to visitor use year-round. How hard are Acadia hikes? Hiking Trails in Acadia National Park are often interconnected and range in difficulty from easy to strenuous. There are over 120 miles of trails to select from The Trail. Great Head Trail is rated as a moderate difficulty. At a distance of 1.4 miles this trail wraps around the Great Head Peninsula on the east side of Sand Beach in Acadia National Park.From the parking area located on the left side of Park Loop Road granite steps lead down to Sand Beach What To Do in Acadia National Park. Whether you're looking for a secluded sand beach, a memorial day hike, or you want to cruise around in wonder, Acadia has all the gorgeous views to make your visit worthwhile. Take a look at our top ten favorite spots. Summit Cadillac Mountain. Hike the Precipice Trail. Drive Park Loop Road

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*Adapted from Acadia: The Complete Guide. The Beehive Trail. Difficulty: Strenuous Distance: 1.6 miles, round-trip Hiking Time: 1-2 hours Elevation Change: 520 feet Short, steep, and sweet, the Beehive Trail is one of the most popular trails in Acadia National Park.Rising to the top of a beehive-shaped dome above the Park Loop Road, the trail provides unbeatable views of Sand Beach and Great. Sand Beach, in Acadia National Park, is nestled in a small inlet between the granite mountains and rocky shores of Mount Desert Island. This gorgeous 290 yard long beach is one of the most popular points of interest on the island. The thousands of years of pounding surf created a beach that is largely comprised of unique sand of shell fragments. The ocean temperature rarely exceeds 55 degrees. Acadia National Park in Maine boasts 150 miles of trails on its official maps, but that's only a part of what once existed. Matthew Sherrill tagged along with a couple of local history. Beehive Trail Hike Summary. On paper the Beehive Trail in Acadia National Park doesn't look that formidable. You may want to look again. At just over 3 miles in total length and rising a mere 520ft from the trailhead, a good 400 feet of that comes in what can only be described as a granite ladder - straight up. An exhilarating hike - this classic is definitely not for those with a fear of heights Vehicle reservations will not be required for the Sand Beach Entrance corridor in 2021. Top 11 destinations in Acadia National Park and surrounding areas! 1. Cadillac Mountain Towering in at 1,530 feet in height, Cadillac Mountain is the tallest mountain in Acadia and the tallest mountain on the North Atlantic seaboard