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Answer: HUD administers a series of programs that address homelessness in the United States. HUD's Continuum of Care program makes grants to states, local governments and community agencies that allow each of these entities to tailor a program to meet their community's needs Many homeless people take advantage of homeless shelters, not only do homeless shelters provide a safe place to sleep, they also have numerous other services such as job training and soup kitchens to help those who stay there get back on their feet If you are need of shelter, contact one of the above organizations or a religious based org like a Catholic church. In addition, speaking to your local community action agency can be beneficial as they can potentially provide additional assistance. In addition to short term or overnight shelter - learn about assistance for rent or a mortgage I'm currently homeless or sleeping rough. In Lancaster County, we look to place all those who are in need of shelter with the appropriate housing and shelter to meet their needs. The issue is one that permeates throughout the County, with a greater portion of our homelessness population existing outside the city

No I don't have anywhere to stay. If you have nowhere to stay tonight, contact any BeyondHousing office and you will be seen the same day. If you call outside business hours you will be re-directed to the after hours homelessness service. To access the after hours service after 5pm Monday-Friday or over a weekend call 1800 825 95 Emergency Motel Vouchers Online for the Homeless Near Me. Programs that provide homeless people with a temporary place to stay in emergency for a short time of period (1 to 3 nights), usually use a hotel or motel with which the referral agency has prior agreement, but in some cases, temporary accommodation selected by the individual Homeless Shelters Shelters are the first and most obvious choice when it comes down to where you can stay the night. They have their pros and cons, which is why you still see lots of people camping out on the streets instead of staying inside their local shelters. Most places are only free for a limited amount of time, and then they charge a fee Obviously, this is the main problem faced by the homeless. Those who stay in the city are restricted by laws against putting up any kind of temporary shelter. This is why the homeless are so often seen huddling in doorways, alcoves, tunnels, etc Getting a place in a hostel or night shelter As well as getting contact details of hostels and night shelters from your local council, you can also search for somewhere to stay on the Homeless Link site. You'll usually need to be referred to a hostel or night shelter by an advice or support agency

If you are homeless and have health care needs, there may be a Health Care for the Homeless program near you that can help. Health Care for the Homeless programs also provide referrals for other services such as housing, so it may be useful to contact the program nearest you to see what services are available. If You Don't Find A Listing Near Yo Find Homeless Assistance Local agencies provide a range of services, including food, housing, health, and safety. Contact a national hotline or locate an organization near you. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please dial 911 To keep her anonymity, I'll refer to her as Emerald. I met Emerald near a local coop coffee shop, after some friendly conversation I found that she was homeless and needed a place to stay for the night. She had been sleeping at her friend's storage shelter's cold concrete floor since she couldn't sleep in her beat-up car comfortably in the winter

housingservices@mustministries.org. Cobb has 3 Points of Entry, homeless persons may go to any of the organizations for screening and assessment. Intake Hours: Monday - Friday. 10 AM-2 PM. Cobb County. 770-428-2601. The Center for Family Resources. 995 Roswell Street, Suite 100 North Alabama Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. Tina Cook Community Resource Specialist North Alabama Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. 256-230-0880 alcfamilyrc@gmail.com: AL-503 - Huntsville/North Alabama CoC: AL: Montgomery Area Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. Patrick Aiken Case Manager Montgomery Area Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. 334-261-618

Continuing homeless services during community spread of COVID-19 is critical. Make plans to maintain services for all people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. Furthermore, clients who are positive for COVID-19 or exposed to someone with COVID-19 need to have access to services and a safe place to stay, separated from others who are not. Now I'm sure that we can agree that most of us wouldn't CHOOSE to be homeless; however, there are a surprising amount of homeless survival tips out there for how to survive on the streets.. This information will be crucial once SHTF, or if you do find yourself homeless one day due to natural disaster, financial ruin and lack of friends/family ties

For a quick solution if you need of a room for the night, consider an AirB&B which are often cheaper than a regular B&B. 5. Speak to your local council. They have to help if you're legally homeless or threatened with homelessness within the next 8 weeks or you've received a section 21 notice from your landlord Hi I'm Eric Santana Horner. A very obscure, and homeless musician. I have fallen on hard times, after a recent split from my 6 year relationship. I am now living in my car, in California. Everything I own is inside. I am seeking funds to try and rent a room for a month or so. I can quickly find work, afterwards. I am not sure what to ask for here I'm a 55yr old female needing housing assistance. I have no children, still waiting on stimulus check, still waiting on unemployment check, have no money and to top it off, I have no car. I'm about to have a breakdown because I can't find any help and I'm about to be homeless. Someone please, please help me! Like Lik

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  1. The Homeless Shelter Directory offers homeless shelters and homeless service organizations as homeless need a place to stay. This includes all the resources needed to help those in need. The American red cross hotel vouchers are national not-for-profit organization that can offer free hotel room vouchers in the event of an emergency
  2. g homeless then you can request a housing needs assessment
  3. If the council agrees that you are you're eligible, homeless and in priority need it must offer you accommodation. This is likely to be temporary accommodation. It's unlikely you will be able to influence what or where the accommodation is but the council should consider things like your support network and children's schools
  4. Good Counsel was founded in 1985 to help homeless, pregnant women in dire need. Our goal is to help you to have your baby in a safe, loving home while providing the support you need to get back on your feet. We've helped thousands of woman like yourself for over 30 years, and we look forward to assisting you in any way we can
  5. I'm looking to help either a homeless guy looking to get on their feet or a guy working but badly in need of a place to stay. No couples I have a large 1 bedroom apartment with a couch and a sofa sleeper that pulls out to a queen sized bed in the living room I'm willing to let you use while you find a job and/or room or apartment to live in

In 2017, over 553,000 Americans were homeless. 40 million people struggle with hunger and 40.6 million officially live in poverty. Volunteers of America works to prevent and end homelessness through a range of support services including eviction prevention, emergency services, transitional housing and permanent affordable housing The homeless are allowed to stay in a shelter for up to three months. After leaving the shelter and getting settled in an apartment or any other type of temporary or permanent accommodation, they often receive a guidance counsellor or social worker who checks on them from time to time

Most panhandlers in Lancaster County are not typically homeless even though they have a sign that says I am homeless. Similarly, not all homeless are panhandlers. Panhandling and standing on the corner is not illegal. In Lancaster County, most individuals who are panhandlers have options for housing and choose to panhandle to get money 'I have a job but I'm homeless' - the working poor who can't afford to rent. Read full article. When you're working in a professional place and you've got to wear a shirt and tie to work with shoes and look ironed and pressed I don't really want to [stay in a hostel]I don't even know if the shoes are still going to be there in. In order to stay healthy and safe, we suggest staying indoors in a shelter, traveling as little as possible, and keeping a safe distance between yourself and others. If you have a question about accessing shelter or other services please call 1-888-358-2384 , the Crisis Intervention emergency hotline, and leave a detailed message, including. I need help need a place to stay I have a 14year old daughter and two cats emerald and Bella my fiance passed away last year and the landlord is evicting me I'm fighting but loosing hope he saved me from a abusive relationship I am suffering from a mental illness I feel like I'm alone in this world please find me hel Ad ref# 100000302. i have money coming my way every month. I need a place to rest my head because I am homeless I'm not trying to go into the shelter and don't want assistance. i am willing and able to pay and currently looking for work, and i will be attending school this year. Prince. 26, male student

Now there are even tent cities, homeless encampments, in some places. There's also a healthy barter system where you can trade for things you need without money. I'm actually working on a book. Teresa Smith, founder and CEO of a San Diego nonprofit that helps the homeless, said groups that offer safe parking often are approached by people who are living in their cars happily but need a place to park for a few days. I can't tell you how many calls we get from people who want to urban camp, she said Be careful who you take in. A friend and fellow neighbor was moving into subsidized housing and could not take John with her. John was a homeless guy who worked at a temp service but at that time (December 2007) was recovering from surgery and had..

A place that will help me not be homeless any more. I'm under 18 and need shelter. I'm an active substance user and need a place to recover. I've recently been incarcerated for a violent crime and need a place to stay. Where Can I Go For Help. Emergency Shelters Being homeless is an unfortunate circumstance that every man would love to find a solution to. Not ideal for anyone, but if you are homeless, it is quite understandable if you find it difficult to fend for yourself. Safe to say we've done our research qualitatively, and we are ready to share with you some tips that will let you earn money as someone with no shelter or a place to call home 4. For a quick solution if you need of a room for the night, consider an AirB&B which are often cheaper than a regular B&B. 5. Speak to your local council. They have to help if you're legally homeless or threatened with homelessness within the next 8 weeks or you've received a section 21 notice from your landlord

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  1. Have great conversations and a free place to stay - it's a win win! 1. Couchsurfing: Sleep for Free on Local Couches. Couchsurfing makes travel accessible by connecting those willing to welcome strangers to their couches with people who can't afford to stay in hotels all the time
  2. Get a place to stay tomorrow. Get food stamps that same day or next with welfare. Find a job. If you ever fall back into that situation again, use couch surfer. Save money. Find a place to live.
  3. If you need help finding a place to stay while you are sanctioned or suspended, please come into the Crisis Intervention Program at the Coalition for the Homeless. Bronx: Living Room. 800 Baretto Street. Bronx, NY 10474. 718-893-3606. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. By Subway: 6 train to Hunts Point Avenue
  4. for Homeless Providers Serving Lancaster County for 10 Years Lanc Co MyHome is a network of organizations and individuals working together to provide all the people experiencing homelessness within our community with shelter and a place to stay
  5. Hi. I'm Brandy and me and my family are currently in need of help with a place to stay, food and everything else. We have 2 kids and need help. My husband recently got robbed and jumped and they took all our money for our car and our place to stay. We need help. If God finds it in your heart to help please help

We need a place to stay. I need a home, said Desiree Gibson, a homeless woman heating herself by a fire at the park. I don't want to live out here. I'm afraid I might die or get. Do You Need a Place to Stay? If you are a homeless man who needs a place to stay overnight, John 3:16 Mission is here to help you. Our shelter doors are open to all men provided you follow the rules. The Mission's overnight shelter is located at 506 N. Cheyenne Ave. This is just off of North Denver Ave. in downtown Tulsa I'm homeless me and my children and I need to start over so I need to find a good shelter that will help me with tools to survive out in world. Need a place to stay while I save to rent a place. I was offered to go back to my old job starting January 2 in Mesa AZ. Live in Yuma, need to move to Mesa, AZ. Don't have money or transportation I'm staying on the boardwalk. With no tents in sight, a homeless man leaves with his belongings on the second day of a cleanup of homeless encampments on the beach and along Ocean Front Walk.

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I'm trying to find a place. The people at housing have told me they will help me with first, last and security but *I* need to find that housing in my own. I get a total of 350.00 a month, what apartment complex is going to give me the time of day? I'm worried, angry, nervous and frustrated.. I'm *sure* you understand So, I'm going to market myself as an apartment. In preparation for a national expansion, the chain trademarked Flexible-Stay Living to promote its alternative vision for affordable housing In general, the managers at most homeless shelters want to get the beds there filled with people because majority of these places are not free and do need funding to continue operating. Some of this funding does come from people paying to stay there per night or per week, even if the first week or first month is normally free Just because people don't like landlords doesn't mean it's ok to let people stay in their properties forever. Now, I'm not saying I think people should be homeless. What I am saying is the government should be providing landlords with tax credits, payments, loan freezes and interest freezes. If people think landlords are all slumlords, they aren't A Kauai Family Gave Homeless People A Place To Live. He said if the neighboring squatters are allowed to stay, so should the displaced campers that he and his wife invited to live on the.

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In fact, Emma and I lived in a regular motel room for a few months after getting out of the homeless shelter. If you're looking for a cheaper place to live long-term, an extended stay is the way to go. Extended stays are made just for that; extended stays. They often have kitchenettes, larger rooms, more storage and better long-term rates They need a modern shelter that brings together services in one place, making them more effective. And instead of crowding them into makeshift spaces that were never intended to house people, a new shelter should be built with the specific purpose of helping the homeless My name is Zarra williams, I'am 18 years old and I believe that we need to make a change on how the homeless are treated and how the city is giving handouts instead of solutions. The homeless are being constantly kicked out of these beautiful areas such as Memorial park or the park area in Tom Davis Square, where they set up their tents The county plans to keep one hotel open through June for people who test positive for COVID-19 and need a place to safely quarantine. Unlike the other Project Roomkey hotels, which allow guests to stay as long as they need until they get placed into permanent housing, the quarantine facilities only allow guests to stay until they are no longer. One Door and some homeless advocates also have gift cards they are giving to those in need of a place to stay. More: 3 Springfield school board members reflect, offer advice at final meetin

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According to an April report by Kaiser Health News, coroner records show that 3,612 homeless people died in L.A. County from 2014 to 2018, the average age of the deceased being 51 for men and just 48 for women. After speaking to several currently and formerly homeless people in Venice about what skills they had to learn to survive, eight common. He monitors 25 to 30 homeless people, including Gaines, and said most of them want to stay in the city, which can be challenging in a place with limited shelter options If you're having a baby and are homeless, get help finding a place to stay. Make a homeless application. You can apply to the council for help with housing if you're homeless or facing homelessness within 8 weeks.. This includes if you've received a valid section 21 notice from your landlord that ends within 8 weeks Is is there anybody that can help me get home to Vermont I'm stuck in Elkview West Virginia with no place to go and very very little money Is there anybody that could possibly give me a ride I have a dog with me it's a small dog under 20 lb she's very friendly and not aggressive at all she gets along with everybody and Holly animal

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Hi! A little story. I'm 24 years old, I'm currently in hotel type thing, I'm tired of living the homeless life, I just wanna stop jumping from place to place and stay in ONE place. Can anyone please, get back to me by texting me at 437 223 2242, I need someone I can trust and who is LEGIT. I get my child tax on the 20th, and I'm looking for a place until then I'll even put dow -Help finding a place to stay after you leave. If you're actually depressed, they set you up at a crisis bed (which is another free month of a place to stay).-Free therapy + psychologist, if you're actually having trouble dealing with becoming homeless. You don't even need health insurance before you go in Single homeless man in need, seriously (Los Angeles) QR Code Link to This Post I'm a young single straight man looking for a new place to stay at with a lady because I'm homeless currently and need some loving and a place to stay and sleep

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  1. Find the Perfect Place to Stay in 191 Countries on Airbnb. Book Now! Live Like a Local with Airbnb. Worldwide Accommodation Leader
  2. No Veteran Should Be Without a Place to Call Home. VA is committed to ending homelessness among Veterans. Our focus is threefold: Conducting coordinated outreach to proactively seek out Veterans in need of assistance. Connecting homeless and at-risk Veterans with housing solutions, health care, community employment services and other required.
  3. Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem (GPD) Program State, local and tribal governments and nonprofits receive capital grants and per diem payments to develop and operate transitional housing—including short-stay bridge housing—and/or service centers for Veterans who are homeless
  4. Avoid bathrooms frequented by the homeless which tend to be the filthiest and most dangerous (eg. those in subways, public squares, certain restaurants, etc.). Clean, even elegant restrooms can be found in upscale shopping centers, colleges, theatres, airports, office buildings places the homeless generally avoid
  5. I'm homeless and looking for shelter. If you are in need of a place to stay tonight because you do not have housing, contact the county you live in and they will direct you to a shelter. Contact your local coordinated entry provider for an assessment of your housing and service needs. Learn more about coordinated entry by reading this fact sheet
  6. well i am a 25 yr old mother and i am pregnant i am in need desprate need of a place to stay i have a job but it doesn't pay to much. also i have bad credit and an eviction on my record so i was wondering do anyone know where i can get some type of low income housing or section 8. i'm on lake county waiting list but i been on there 5 years

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  1. So I need a temporary place to stay so I can start my job. I look for apartments, even rooms to rent but they all want you to have already here in Maryland. . I'm a Paratransit driver here in NYC I've it would be 5 years in September on this job.. but it's time to relocate and I need a place to stay just to get me started.
  2. The Homeless Can't Shelter-on-Place: Advocates Call for NYC to Put Empty Hotel Rooms to Use The Indypendent April 5, 2020. Homeless People Need Shelter. Hotels Are Empty. Why Aren't Cities Acting? Vice, April 3, 2020 Shelter Providers Say Lack of Protective Gear Puts Workers and Homeless in Danger Politico April 2, 202
  3. A Place to Stay Riley is one of a dozen women so far who have been part of a transitional housing program called A Place to Stay, based out of Catholic Charities. The program is a house in Ithaca.

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I need help really badly I have 3 children I'm homeless staying in a hotel been trying to save up for an apartment it's been hard since I haven't found anything and have to pay 600 every 2 weeks I was only able to pay for one week and have till Saturday to be out of the hotel and very worrie First Place is a family shelter with day services and gatekeeper for Night Shelter. Eugene Service Station. 450 Hwy 99N, Eugene; 541.461.8688. Open 8:30-5, 7 days a week. ESS is a day shelter with services and gatekeeper for programs listed below 7 Places Homeless People Sleep. September 29, 2015 / Meghan Murphy. Photo credit: Daryl Peveto. Often when people imagine what homelessness looks like, they picture an individual who is sleeping rough meaning on the street without any shelter. While this is sometimes the case, homelessness is many different things that impacts people.

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Uyeda Kantrim says the average length of stay varies: Families — which have the highest priority in homeless services — might be at a lot for just a few weeks, while a person under 30 with a job might stay an average of six weeks. The average length of stay is about six months. Each program has different logistics Hope Village is a community of 24 tiny houses under construction for homeless families in Florence. House of Hope provides shelter and temporary housing for those with no place to go and is. Homeless Assistance Program Services Available: Case Management: This service is designed to assist you in identifying your needs and the reasons why you became homeless or near homeless. The focus of Case Management is to provide you with the tools and skills that you need to prevent you from ever being in a homeless situation again

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I think that people who choose to be homeless should not overlook the power of an intelligent charismatic conversation to overcome prejudice and help you find a place to stay for free. I also find it ridiculous that sleeping in a vehicle is illegal most places, but my approach was far easier and less stressful than dealing with cops and robbers Many places expect you to keep calling them every day to let them know you still need help and they won't call back unless there's an opening and no one can tell you when that will be. Say you get through processing and by a stroke of luck, there's an opening. Guess what? You get to stay for maybe 90 days A bridge their bed. And when the summer heat strikes (or the winter freeze threatens), these homeless shelters are there to provide a much-needed break from the sun. If you're fortunate enough to have a place to call home, consider donating your time or resources to your local homeless shelter helping the most vulnerable among us Don'T be afraid to tell a homeless person digging in your can to make sure they clean up the mess. 2. Open up the empty and foreclosed homes to the homeless then pay them half of minimum wage to clean the place when tenants are ready to move in, this could be used as a tax credit for owners. 3 Call them on 0808 800 4444. Homeless Day Centres: They don't offer emergency accommodation, but they can help you find it. Day centres will have housing advisors trained in long- and short-term accommodation and links with local hostels. You can also buy cheap hot food, stay warm, and get internet access. To find a local day centre, use this.

Columbia's Winter Shelter closed for the spring Thursday morning, sending hundreds of the city's homeless back outside at nights. 250 people are headed nowhere, said Billy, a 56-year-old homeless man who'd been staying at the Winter Shelter.The shelter's exact capacity is 240, but the fact remains: Living arrangements are up in the air Sunday, September 1, 2019. I don't have one me and my husband and kids are homeless lost everything and a flood we from house to house and i get disability for 770.00 a month I'm just looking for some help to find a nice lil places for me and my family it's 6 of us my two boys and i have two daughters but one is and school i have no transportation to get them back and forward my husband had 3. Check homeless shelters for room. Homeless shelters typically fill up quickly in the winter months, so if you want to sleep in one for the night, you will probably need to line up early. Many churches and other community organizations operate shelters to help people in need Homeless high school students need access to medical services. Homeless high school students are less likely to have access to a school-based health center than their housed peers (60% to 83% respectively). Only 60% of homeless students have access to a center, yet among those who do, 48% use these facilities compared to 33% of housed students

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  1. I am a disabled 45 yr old hispanic female and I'm now going on 3 yrs of being homeless now and I'm afraid that since it's alit more hotter this summer than last my health will worsen even more than it already is I am on a few housing waiting lists but I need a place to stay at now today can I get some help pleas
  2. During that time I would try to find places to stay; people would take me in for a little while or I would stay in shelters but I also had to sleep on church floors, on the street or in parks in.
  3. Letting authority figures know you are homeless will allow people to help you and get you the support you need. Help is available—In your community there are places that help homeless youth stay in school, obtain services like access to food, showers, and medical care, and provide shelter and a safe place to sleep
  4. Learn more about programs for the homeless on HUD's website. Get Help. If you are homeless or need immediate help to be able to stay in your current place, get in touch with somebody who can help you. See HB101's Homeless Services Map to find a resource in your area
  5. Weinberger has been prodding the county and the city for weeks to do something to protect the county's homeless population from COVID-19's onslaught. We're calling for motel rooms for at least the most at-risk people on the street, he said. There's also a need for a sanctioned encampment where they can get the amenities they.

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I'm 54, female, and I can't stand it. I've tried every where for help, and it's all BS. I have a housing voucher no one takes, or it's not enough, so it's useless. I'm utterly alone, and I keep thinking of buying a bucket and fill it with bleach and amonia, but I'm afraid I won't be able to make myself stay in the car long enough Where to Stay in the Castro: Parker Guest House is beautiful, perfectly located, highly rated, and fairly affordable - so pretty much a home run when it comes to places to stay in San Francisco! Along Broadway, Chinatown turns abruptly into Little Italy and the Transamerica Pyramid pops up around every corner Liam Hassan, 33, hopes to get back into work. He said: I have been homeless on and off since I was 22. At the start of the pandemic, most of us were given somewhere to stay. I stayed at the. Getting stimulus payments to homeless communities. People who are homeless or transient may not know they qualify for the $1,200 Economic Impact Payments (EIP) — also called stimulus checks — that went out last Spring. They might also get an additional $500 for each qualifying child — and they don't need an income to claim the payment Since the start of the pandemic, the motel program has cost roughly $50 million, covered entirely by federal relief dollars; at an average of $80 a night per room, Marcus, at Harbor Place.

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Lett, who was recently without a place to stay himself, is also taking part in the program. Related: Finding solutions for Kalamazoo homeless include overcoming prior trauma, criminal background Sullivan Arena was never meant to be a long-term solution. Still, as the mayor and the Assembly have yet to agree on a plan, some officials suggest it should stay a shelter beyond September The 84-year-old sister started the homeless shelter more than 30 years ago. (CNS/courtesy House of Mercy) Washington — The key to sheltering in place is having a place to go. That has been the driving force behind Mercy Sister Grace Miller's homeless ministry in Rochester, New York, long before the coronavirus pandemic

Prince George could begin removing two homeless camps in its downtown as soon as today as advocates say they need more time to work with the city to find alternative housing for the dozens of. I'm socially inadequate to deal with normal people. That's why I'm homeless, says Jeffrey, who was born in Seattle and grew up at Yesler Terrace. Ever since I was 2 years old, I've told my mom I wanted to live outdoors. I like it out here. I know where everything is and I can get meals when I need them. Cassidy avoids shelters Homeless and at rock bottom: charity fed him, gave him work and found him a place to stay He'd lost his job and his home and was living on the streets of Kowloon. Then Peter Leung discovered.

Worcester officials say homeless need more places to go in daytime . They can also have a place to stay warm and to stay dry and not have some of the kind of consequences that we see in. So, I'm just going to stay in my lane and uh direct where the problem is direct people where they need to go to get things solved. I'm not going to give them a runaround. I'm going to definitely make it a personal touch. Yeah, I know I've been in the hospital and I need to be somewhere resting but guess what? I find solitude in helping others I. He moved into a hotel on the Lower East Side provided by the Homeless Can't Stay Home campaign in April 2020. Before the pandemic, I made money, but not enough to afford a place to live in. 1 of 11. Maura Gonzalez, a homeless woman who lives on the streets of Miami Beach, refuses to go to a shelter even as the coronavirus pandemic remains a threat. Various organizations in Miami-Dade. To Help The Homeless, Some In LA Are Giving Them A Place To Stay Until recently, Helen and Bryan Lopez had been homeless in LA County. Then they moved in with the Rapkin family as part of a small.

That's what I'm supposed to do so I pushed her. Scott was there when Autumn needed support after her grandmother died in April. She was the first teacher Autumn told. Autumn was at a breaking point and nearly quit track. Scott consoled her student and told her she did not need to quit MADISON, Wis. - Madison's Common Council is set to vote on a proposal potentially ending a homeless encampment at Reindahl Park. The proposal, backed by District 17 Alder Gary Halverson, would. If you are considered to be homeless by the council, it may have a duty to provide you with somewhere to live. To find out you'll need to make a homeless application to the housing department of your local council. Making a homeless application can be quite complicated and it would be a good idea to get advice from your local CAB or housing. A permanent shelter in South Kitsap won't be ready for occupancy until the fall. In the interim, Kitsap County will pay $1.3 million to lease the 61-room Midway Inn for one year and move all 75.

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Jacob Hanson works to identify what services students may need, including homeless students. That type of work helped Sesay find a place to call home and much more. She's a high school grad, in.

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